US Sports Betting Sites

Your Guide to US Betting Sites

ByAnthony Cervino

Mar 15, 2024

Legal sports betting in the United States is one of the fastest-growing markets in this country, especially online wagering. Beginning on May 14, 2018, the Supreme Court lifted its ban on sports betting, repealing the PASPA Act (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act) set back in 1992. Since that date, legal sports betting has been growing throughout the United States at a rapid pace.

Although not all states have approved legalized sports betting, there are 27 (AR, AZ, CO, CT, DE, IL, IN, IA, LA, KS, MD, MI, MS, MT, NV, NH, NJ, NY, NM, NC, OR, PA, RI, TN, VA, WV, WY) that have, plus Washington, D.C. and Ontario in Canada also legalized it. Because of the financial gain of the legalization of sports betting via tax revenue, we are seeing more and more states jump on board this fast-moving train.

Expect to see sports betting legalized in the coming months in Maine, Washington, Maryland, Florida, Nebraska, Ohio and South Dakota.

In those states, there is already an approval in place for the legalization of sports wagering. However, there are still many states that are either in the early stages of the process or have yet to begin it at all. Utah remains the lone state unlikely to ever authorize sports wagering, as it has an anti-gambling stance written into its constitution.

Where Can I Legally Bet on Sports?

In the United States, individual states can elect to legalize sports betting under their own discretion following the Supreme Court’s lift of the 1992 federal ban on single-game sports betting, which was repealed in 2018.


On July 1, 2019, Arkansas legalized sports betting, which operates under the Arkansas Racing Commission. You must be 21 to legally place a sports bet in Arkansas and can only place in-person wagers at retail locations in the state. Mobile sports betting has yet to be approved.


Arizona rolled out legal online and in-person sports betting September 9, 2021 just in time for the start of the NFL season. Governor Doug Ducey signed sports betting into law April 15, 2021. Bettors must be 21 or older and are not allowed to wager on high-school sports.


Colorado legalized sports betting on May 1, 2020. Both mobile and in-person betting are legal in the state. Sports betting there is regulated by the Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission and the Colorado Division of Gaming. You must be 21 to place wagers in CO.


Connecticut governor Ned Lamont signed retail and online sports gambling into law in May 2021, and in-person betting began on September 30, 2021. Online gambling started October 19 of that year. Connecticut bettors may not wager on in-state colleges or high schools. Bettors must be 21 or older.


On June 5, 2018, Delaware legalized sports betting, which is overseen by the Delaware Lottery. You must be 21 to place sports bets in Delaware and can only do so in-person at retail locations. Mobile sports betting is legal in Delaware, but is not currently offered there.


On June 28, 2019, Illinois legalized sports wagering. It is regulated by the Illinois Gaming Board. You must be 21 to place bets in Illinois. Both in-person and mobile wagering are legal in the state.


Indiana legalized sports betting on May 8, 2019, and operates under the state’s Gaming Commission. Indiana permits both in-person and mobile sports wagering for people 21 and over.


On May 13, 2019, Iowa legalized sports betting for both mobile and in-person wagering. The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission regulates legal sports betting in the state and you must be 21 to place wagers.


Kansas governor Laura Kelly signed SB84 into law in June, legalizing online and in-person sports betting in Kansas. The state had set a January 1, 2023 date for launch but successfully beat the rollout and began taking online sports wagers within The Jayhawk State on Sept. 1, 2022.


The state legalized in-person sports betting in 2020, and New Orleans Saints wide receiver Joe Horn made the first legal sports wager in November 2021. The state also approved mobile sports gambling in 56 of its 64 parishes, or counties, and it launched January 28, 2022.


Maryland legalized in-person sports gambling in 2021 with governor Larry Hogan making the first legal bet at the MGM National Harbor on December 9. Online gambling was also legalized as part of the agreement, and the state is expected to roll it out in time for the 2022 NFL season.


On December 20, 2019, sports betting became legal in Michigan. Both in-person and mobile sports betting are legal in the state. In Michigan, sports betting operates under the state’s Gaming Control Board. You must be 21 to place wagers in MI.


Mississippi legalized sports betting on August 1, 2018 in retail form only. You can not place mobile sports wagers legally in the state as of yet and must be 21 to place wagers. Sports betting is regulated by the state’s Gaming Commission.


On May 3, 2019, Montana legalized sports betting, which is governed by the Montana Lottery. You must be 18 to legally place wagers in Montana. The state permits in-person sports betting at retail locations, while mobile sports betting is limited to the Sports Bet Montana app, which can only be used within the geofenced footprints of those retail locations.


Nevada legalized sports betting and horse racing back in 1949, and until 2018 it was the only state to host legalized sports betting. In Nevada, sports betting is regulated by the state’s Gaming Control Board. You must be at least 21 to bet and can place wagers online and in-person.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire made sports betting legal on July 12, 2019, which is regulated by the New Hampshire Lottery. You must be 18 to place wagers on sports in the Granite State. All of the state’s sports wagers flow through DraftKings, which can be placed online and at in-person retail locations.

New Jersey

On June 11, 2018, New Jersey approved the legalization of sports betting, which is regulated by the state’s Division of Gaming Enforcement. Both in-person and mobile sports betting is legal in NJ, but you must be 21 to place wagers legally in the state and may not wager on any in-state college games or matches or on any of the in-state college teams.

New Mexico

On October 16, 2018, sports betting was legalized in New Mexico, which operates under the Santa Ana Gaming Regulatory Commission. Mobile sportsbooks are not yet legal in New Mexico, but in-person wagers are allowed at retail locations. You must be 21 to legally place sports bets in NM.

New York

The first legal sports wagers in New York were placed on July 16, 2019. New York sports betting operates under the state’s Gaming Commission and is prohibited for people under age 21. Mobile sports betting was approved April 6, 2021 and went live January 8, 2022. Like New Jersey and Connecticut, gamblers may not bet on in-state college teams in New York.

North Carolina

In July 2019, North Carolina legalized sports betting for in-person use only at retail locations on the state’s tribal land. You just have to be 21 to legally place a sports bet in North Carolina. Sports betting is regulated by the state of North Carolina.


Oregon legalized sports betting on August 7, 2019, which is regulated by the Oregon Lottery. In Oregon, sports betting is legal for both in-person and mobile use. You must be 21 to legally place a wager on sports in Oregon.


Pennsylvania legalized sports betting on November 17, 2018. It is overseen by the state’s Gaming Control Board. You must be 21 to place wagers in PA and can do so online or in-person.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island legalized sports betting on June 22, 2018, which is overseen by the Rhode Island State Lottery. Sports betting is legal for both in-person and mobile use. You must be 18 to legally place bets in RI.


On November 1, 2020, Tennessee legalized sports betting in mobile form only. There are no retail in-person locations to legally place a bet in the state. The Tennessee Education Lottery oversees sports betting in the state. You must be 21 to legally place wagers in Tennessee.


Virginia legalized sports betting in April 2020 in mobile form only. There are no retail in-person locations set for wagering in the state as of now. Sports betting is regulated by the Virginia Lottery. You must be 21 to place wagers in VA.

Washington D.C.

On March 25, 2020, Washington D.C. legalized sports betting. It is regulated by the City Council and is legal for both in-person and mobile use. You must be 18 to legally place wagers on sports in Washington D.C.

West Virginia

On August 30, 2018, West Virginia legalized sports betting. It is regulated by the West Virginia Lottery Commission and is legal for both in-person and mobile use. You must be 21 to legally place wagers on sports in WV.


Legal sports betting was rolled out in Wyoming on September 1, 2021, and it is exclusively available online since there aren’t retail casinos available in the state. Bettors must be 18 or older to wager on sports in Wyoming. Betting on high school sports is prohibited.

States Likely To Launch in 2022


Maine governor Janet Mills vetoed the passage of sports gambling in January 2020, decreeing that she was unsure state residents wanted expanded gaming in Maine. However the state legislature presented four bills to enact sports wagering in Maine, and Mills signed LD 585 into law in May 2022, with the goal of in-state betting in place for football season.


Nebraska passed sports gambling in 2020, and governor Pete Ricketts signed it into law in May 2021. But their rollout has taken a while as their government is still finalizing regulations and restrictions — including whether Nebraskans should be allowed to bet on Nebraska home sporting events. All of those hurdles are expected to be finalized at some point in 2022.


Governor Mike DeWine signed sports gambling into law late in 2021, and the Cincinnati Enquirer reports that in-person sportsbook should be available to Buckeye State residents by January 1, 2023. Mobile betting, which was part of the legalization, should be right behind it — though may not be rolled out until 2023.


In-person sports gambling was legalized in Fall 2021 when the state struck a deal enabling the practice at the casino on the Oneida Nation’s land in Green Bay. More casinos are expected to offer legal sports gambling in 2022, and online sports wagers should be legalized and rolled out in 2022 as well.

Possible States In The Near Future


The Alabama state Senate passed a measure in spring 2021 for a lottery — Alabama doesn’t have a state lottery at all — and for casino-style gaming, including sports betting. Yet, the legislation stalled in the House of Representatives. There is belief that the lottery and sports betting will take off at some point in 2022, but we’ll believe it when we see it.


Governor Brian Kemp is a staunch opponent of legalized gambling, which is why sports wagering hasn’t taken off in the Peach State. Still, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that the state is hoping to pass bills that feature enhanced gambling, including on sports, in 2022, and lawmakers are hopeful that they can override Kemp’s near-certain veto by letting the public decide via a ballot question in November.


Sports gambling is popular with Kentucky governor Andy Beshear, meaning the only thing holding up the wide rollout inside the commonwealth is the legislature. Legislation has been introduced, and with pressure due to neighboring Ohio’s legalization in 2021 and the state’s famous horse-racing industry, expect 2022 to be the year the practice finally gets passed.


The state’s House of Representatives passed legislation in the summer of 2021, yet it was not even considered by the state senate. The gaming commission is conducting a study to assess the benefits of passing sports gambling, with a deadline of June 30 to present the results. The hope is the study will push the senate to act and thus pass sports gambling at some point in summer 2022.

Prior to 2018, offshore sportsbooks and betting accounts were essential for placing sports bets. However, with sports betting becoming legalized in more states, they are no longer necessary.

Cons of Offshore Betting Accounts

Some offshore sportsbooks have been around since the infancy of the internet, but they are not regulated by the United States, leaving you unprotected as a result. Here are some other cons to consider when it comes to offshore betting sites:

  • Despite their past popularity, offshore betting accounts are illegal in the United States, which means they are not governed and regulated by the US.
  • Offshore betting sites are not held to acceptable operating standards and do not protect their users or their money.
  • Since offshore sportsbooks are illegal in the US, they are more susceptible to suspicious activity.
  • Limited deposit and withdrawal options.
  • No guarantees that you will get paid upon cashing out.

Pros of Legal Betting Sites in the United States

On the other hand, legal wagering on sports in the US has its advantages:

  • You Will Get Paid: Because the government oversees sports betting, there are ample laws and regulations to protect the consumer and his/her money.
  • Legal Banking Transactions: Since you are legally wagering and the government is overseeing all operations of the industry, you don’t have to worry about shady banking practices. There are multiple ways to deposit and withdraw funds from your sports betting account such as online banking, PayPal, and credit/debit cards.
  • More Betting Options: Because sports betting is legal in the United States, you can place wagers on almost anything under the individual sportsbook’s discretion, which is often more comprehensive than offshore accounts.
  • Free Bets and Promotions: Contrary to most offshore betting markets, legal sportsbooks in the US often offer their customers aggressive promotions and rewards to keep the user coming back.
  • You Are Helping the United States’ Economy (Sort Of): The US government makes tax revenue off legal sports betting, which is better than helping the people who run illegal sportsbooks.

Best US Sports Betting Sites

DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings has been around as a daily-fantasy site since 2012, but their online sportsbooks were not launched until August 2018 thanks to their partnership with Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ. Because of its well-known brand, it didn’t take long for DraftKings to become a powerhouse in the mobile sportsbooks and online casino realm.

Not only can you wager with DraftKings in more than a dozen states — it is the most widely available sportsbook in the United States — but they also have some of the best promotions and rewards on the market. While DK’s odds aren’t always the greatest, it balances things out with boosts and other perks to keep the customer coming back.

FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel Sportsbook came to fruition back in 2018. Similar to DraftKings, FanDuel began as a DFS site years before launching its mobile sportsbook. They may not have a poker room, but FanDuel does offer an online Casino powered by Betfair and online horse-racing odds via TVG.

FanDuel Sportsbook has various similarities to DraftKings, including its share of customer perks, rewards, and boosts. FanDuel’s odds are sometimes too high for the expert sports wagerers, but with so many betting options at FanDuel there is something for everyone.

BetMGM Sportsbook

Naturally, BetMGM is owned by MGM Resorts International in Paradise, Nevada. Launched in September 2019, BetMGM is one of the largest and most recognizable online sportsbooks in the industry.

Available in both online and mobile formats, BetMGM is one of the most extensive sportsbooks on the market in terms of the variety of betting markets, promotions, and rewards. BetMGM also features some of the deepest NFL Futures betting options around.

Before signing up, be sure to check for the latest BetMGM promo avalable.


PointsBet was founded in 2015 and is one of the newest online betting platforms in the industry. It also features its own unique style of betting called PointsBetting that no one else offers. PointsBetting punishes bettors for being extra-wrong and rewards them if their preferred wager is correct.

In addition to PointsBetting, the Australian-based betting platform also offers custom bets that they call “Name a Bet,” which empowers bettors to choose their own wager.

Since arriving in the US at the beginning of 2019, PointsBet has aggressively partnered with multiple sports leagues and teams and is one of the fastest-growing platforms on the market.

Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars, which purchased London-based William Hill sportsbook in August 2021, has one of the most widely available and user-friendly sports gambling experiences anywhere. Caesars provides terrific odds and a plethora of promotions like boosts, betting insurance and much more.

Caesars is available in a lot of states and has secured partnerships with just about every league and sport in the world, meaning if you want to bet on a sporting event played somewhere on Earth, Caesars will have it available.

BetRivers Sportsbook

BetRivers betting app is a sister site of SugarHouse and is also based out of Pennsylvania. It was founded in December 2018 and expanded online in June 2019. They both offer similar promotions, rewards, and features.

BetRivers is expected to take over the naming rights to SugarHouse, however, despite SugarHouse being the original brand. Contrary to SugarHouse, BetRivers is legal in PA, IN, IL, MI, IA, CO, VA, and WV.

Unibet Sportsbook

Unibet was founded in Malta in 1997 and is live in 100+ countries for sports betting, online poker, and their online casino. Unibet expanded to the US in 2019 thanks to their partnership with the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, NJ.

In addition to offering their customers US and international sports to bet on, Unibet offers horse racing and virtual sports as well.

bet365 Sportsbook

bet365 is touted as one of the largest online sportsbooks in the world and has layers upon layers of active promotions through a wide variety of markets. Founded in the United Kingdom in 2000, bet365 came to the US in 2019.

In addition to what you normally find at the majority of online sportsbooks, bet365 also offers live streaming, live betting, and virtual sports betting.

How to Choose the Best US Online Sportsbook

Thanks to the internet, there are many sportsbooks that you can choose from. However, not every sportsbook may be right for you. Here are some things you should consider when choosing your ideal legal sportsbook in the United States:

What Do You Want Out of a Sportsbook?

If you are new to sports betting, you probably don’t want it to be complicated. You may want to choose a sportsbook that is more simple and streamlined.

However, if you are experienced and want to bet on just about anything, then the more popular brands like DraftKings and FanDuel may be right for you.

What Sports Do You Want to Bet on?

Although all sportsbooks will feature the major sports to wager on such as NFL, NBA, and MLB, not all will carry cricket and snooker. If you want to wager on something more niche like entertainment or the Olympics, you will need to dig deep because only select books will feature those events.

Promotions and Rewards

If you know you are going to be an active and avid sports-better, then you will want to find a sportsbook that offers a healthy dose of promotions and rewards, as they’re basically free money. The more you play, the more you get.

Betting Options and Features

While most sportsbooks will carry your everyday wagers such as points spreads, totals, and moneylines, not all of them will feature parlays, teasers, and live betting. You also won’t find cash out and parlay building options everywhere, either.

Banking Options

Not all sportsbooks will feature the same deposit and withdrawal options. Some will only have credit, debit, and banking options in order to deposit, while others will have PayPal, Skrill, and ACH/eChecks.

There are even fewer withdrawal options. If you are picky about sportsbook banking options, I would really dig deep here.

Desktop versus Mobile

You’d think that by now, most live online sportsbooks would feature both desktop and mobile applications. However, that is not the case by any means. While many have both, some do not. At WynnBet, for example, you can only place bets on the app.

Where Can I Place Bets In Person?

  • Arkansas
  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Louisiana
  • Michigan
  • Mississippi
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Tennessee
  • Washington D.C.
  • West Virginia
  • Wyoming

Sports You Can Bet On

In the United States, you can place bets on just about any sporting event worldwide. While not all states feature everything and some states do not allow wagering on the Olympics or collegiate sports that operate within their state lines, most allow the vast majority.

Two of the biggest reasons why professional sports leagues are forming these partnerships are expanded revenue and fan engagement. Now, major sports leagues are even selling off states to sportsbooks for content purposes.

Here are all of the sports you can legally place wagers on in the United States:


Since sports betting was legalized in the United States in 2018, it was only a matter of time until major sports markets followed suit and capitalized financially with partnerships, especially the NFL.

The Dallas Cowboys were the first NFL property to venture into sports betting, striking a deal with Oklahoma’s WinStar Casino. Since then, other organizations such as the Baltimore Ravens, New York Jets, and Las Vegas Raiders have also taken a dip in the sports betting pool.

In April 2021, the NFL announced its first partnerships in the sports betting market, inking deals with DraftKings, FanDuel, and Caesers as official sports betting partners.


The NBA has been one of the most active professional sports leagues to venture into the sports betting arena. In July 2018, the NBA partnered with MGM Resorts International — the first partnership between a major US sports league and a bookmaker.

Since then, the NBA has developed numerous partnerships with sports betting properties such as FanDuel, The Stars Group, PointsBet, and DraftKings. Individual NBA teams that include the Philadelphia 76ers also have their own partnerships with bookmakers.


The NHL has struck partnerships with multiple sportsbooks operators in the United States, starting with MGM Resorts in 2018. Since then, the NHL has struck deals with DraftKings as well, plus its individual teams have deals with Caesars, Unibet, PointsBet and others.


MLB is currently partnered with multiple sports betting properties. Similar to the NBA and NHL, MGM Resorts is an official partner of the league.

MLB also inked deals with FanDuel and DraftKings. Individual MLB teams that include the Washington Nationals and Chicago Cubs have also struck deals with sportsbooks.


Even the PGA is involved in sports betting. Today, the PGA Tour has multiple sports betting partners that include BetMGM, FanDuel, DraftKings, and PointsBet.

Other available sports to bet on include:

  • Soccer (MLS & International)
  • Motor Sports (NASCAR & Formula 1)
  • WNBA
  • Tennis
  • Table Tennis
  • UFC
  • Boxing
  • Aussie Rules
  • Cricket
  • Darts
  • Cycling
  • Lacrosse
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Snooker
  • e-Sports

Are There Any Online Betting Restrictions in the US?

In the United States, Online Sports Betting is governed and regulated by each individual state. Therefore, there are no federal restrictions.

However, here are some examples of restrictions that you may find in an individual state:

  • In Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and others in which sports betting is legal, you can not bet on in-state college teams. Placing wagers on high school sports is also prohibited in every state, and some states have restrictions on betting on political races too.
  • In Arkansas, you can only place wagers on sports at retail locations, not online.
  • In Iowa, you can not place prop bets on in-state college athletics.
  • In Illinois, you can not place wagers on minor league teams or in-state college athletics.
  • In some states, you must be 18 years old to bet while in others, you must be 21.

Bet Types Available

  • Moneyline: A Moneyline bet is a wager in its simplest form. Also classified as a straight bet, you are betting on one team (side) or another to win.
  • Point Spread: A Point Spread bet is the margin of victory when wagering Against the Spread (ATS). You are betting on the margin of victory between two sides. For example, if the Cowboys are favored to beat the Giants by (-3.5) points, but you think the Giants will win outright, you would place your money on the side of the Giants getting (+3.5) points. If the Cowboys win by any margin less than 3.5 points or the Giants win outright, then you would win the bet.
  • Totals: A totals bet is another one of the elementary forms of sports betting. Also classified as an Over/Under wager, you will place your money on the side (Over or Under) of the total points scored. For example, if the Cowboys versus Giants game has a total of 49 points scored and you think the total will fall at 47, then you would place your wager on the Under.
  • Props: A Prop bet can pertain to individual players or teams. For example, Alvin Kamara’s touchdown total of (1.5). If you think Kamara will score two times, then you would place your wager on the Over. For team props, if you think the Saints will score a safety, you can place your wager on Yes. If you don’t, then you are putting your money on no.
  • Live Betting: You can place wagers while a game or an event is happening. While the lines are ever-changing according to the flow of the game, you can place your wager at the right time to get the best odds to fit the outcome that you think will occur at the end.
  • Futures: A Futures wager can pertain to player or team totals at the end of a season. For example, a futures wager can be on the Super Bowl winner any time in the offseason. It can also be on NFL MVP or Rookie of the Year awards. You can also find futures on team win totals, in or out of the playoffs, and pretty much anything that has an outcome depending on the sportsbook that you use.
  • Parlays: A Parlay bet is a wager with multiple legs. You must hit all legs of the Parlay in order to win the bet. While a Parlay is much more difficult to hit compared to a standard bet, the odds and return are drastically better than the norm. For example, you can take the Cowboys to win and parlay that with the Bears and the Saints to win. If all three teams win, you win the Parlay bet and will likely have a tremendous payout, especially if one of the winning teams was an underdog.
  • Teasers: A Teaser is similar to a Parlay bet. A Teaser is a wager with multiple legs and all parts of the bet must hit in order for you to cash. In a Teaser bet, you can use combinations of the Point Spread and the Total. A Teaser differs from a traditional Parlay because in a Teaser, the user can shift the odds of the bet by essentially buying anywhere between 4-10 points — depending on the sport. However, because the adjusted lines make the wager easier to hit, the odds are much lower than your traditional Parlay.
  • Points Betting: Points Betting is a type of wagering found exclusively at PointsBet. With Points Betting, your winnings and losses remain undetermined until the end of the game. The more you are right, the more you can win. However, the more you are wrong, the more you can lose. While you don’t know how much you can win or lose, you will know your potential max win and potential max loss at the time you place the Points Betting wager.
  • Round Robin: A Round Robin bet allows you to make several Parlay Bets with one wager. This type of bet allows you to place all combinations of outcomes on your bet slip in a timely manner. In a three-team Round Robin, you will win your bet if two out of the three teams win, contrary to a traditional Parlay in which you will need all legs of the Parlay to win in order to cash.

Payment Options for US Bettors

Here are the most common deposit and withdrawal methods available in the United States:

Deposit Methods

  • Credit Card (AMEX, VISA, MasterCard, Discover)
  • Debit Card
  • Check
  • Money Order
  • ACH/eCheck
  • Google Pay
  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin
  • PayNearMe (CVS, Family Dollar, 7-Eleven)
  • Neteller
  • Wire Transfer
  • Online Banking
  • Skrill
  • Cash at the Casino Cage
  • Play+ Prepaid Card
  • Individual Sportsbook/Casino Cards
  • Venmo (FanDuel only)

Withdrawal Methods

  • ACH/eCheck
  • PayPal
  • Wire Transfer
  • Skrill
  • Cash at the Casino Cage
  • Play+ Prepaid Card
  • Individual Sportsbook/ Casino Cards
  • Money Order
  • Couriered Check
  • Venmo (FanDuel only)

US Online Betting Sports Betting Timeline

  • 1992: The United States Congress passes the PASPA Act (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act) which bans single-game sports betting in the country.
  • 2011: The state of New Jersey passes legalized sports betting at state racetracks and casinos in Atlantic City.
  • 2012: The NCAA, MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL sue NJ to cease sports betting.
  • February 2013: A judge in the US District Court for NJ grants an injunction to keep the state from having legalized sports betting.
  • September 2013: NJ appeals the state’s February ruling to the Third Circuit but loses again.
  • September 2014: NJ alters its sports betting laws based on direction from the Third Circuit.
  • October 2014: The NCAA and pro sports leagues immediately file with federal courts to block NJ sports betting again,
  • November 2014: NJ loses in district court.
  • November 2015: NJ loses for the second time at the Third Circuit.
  • August 2016: NJ loses for a third time at the federal appeals level.
  • June 2017: The Supreme Court hears NJ’s case.
  • December 2017: The Supreme Court hears NJ Governor Chris Christie versus the NCAA.
  • May 2018: NJ wins as the Supreme Court rules in favor of NJ sports betting and against PASPA.
  • June 2018: Delaware becomes the first state outside of Nevada to legalize single-game wagers.
  • June 2018: New Jersey passes its latest sports betting law and the first NJ sports wager is taken at Monmouth Park and at the Borgata Casino in New Jersey.
  • June 2018: Rhode Island and West Virginia legalize sports betting
  • August 2018: Via DraftKings, the first sports bet outside Nevada is taken in New Jersey..
  • August 2018: Mississippi legalizes sports betting.
  • October 2018: New Mexico legalizes sports betting.
  • November 2018: Pennsylvania and Arkansas legalize sports betting.
  • January 2019: Washington D.C. approves legalized sports betting, but it does not go live until the spring.
  • May 2019: Montana, Indiana, and Iowa legalize sports betting.
  • July 2019: Arkansas and New York take their first sports bets.
  • August 2019: Oregon accepts its first sports betting wager.
  • December 2019: New Hampshire accepts its first sports bet.
  • March 2020: Sports wagering arrives in Illinois, Michigan, and Montana.
  • May 2020: Colorado launches legal sports wagering.
  • June 2020: Washington D.C. launches legal sports betting.
  • November 2020: Sports betting is legalized in Tennessee.
  • January 2021: Virginia takes its first legal sports bet after passing the bill in April 2020.
  • March 2021: Sports betting is legalized in North Carolina and Washington.
  • April 2021: Arizona legalizes sports betting, and Wyoming legalizes online sports betting.
  • May 2021: Nebraska legalizes sports betting. Connecticut governor Ned Lamont signs sports gambling into law.
  • June 2021: Louisiana signs sports betting into law.
  • September 2021: Connecticut, Arizona and Wyoming roll out retail sports gambling.
  • October 2021: Connecticut enables online sports gambling
  • December 2021: Maryland rolls out in-person sports betting, with governor Larry Hogan placing the first legal wager at MGM National Harbor.
  • January 2022: New York and Louisiana roll out legal, online sports gambling.
  • May 2022: Maine signs sports betting into law and will be legalized July 31.
  • June 2022: Kansas signs in-person and online sports betting into law with an estimated rollout of January 1, 2023.

Future of Sports Betting in the US

Since sports betting was legalized in 2018, it has taken off and is now legal in nearly half of US states. However, not all states are buying in as rapidly as others. There are currently 21 states — 22 if we include Washington D.C. — that have legalized sports betting in some form (retail, mobile, or both).

While sports betting still has a ways to go to become fully embraced by the vast majority of the United States, several more states are currently in the process of legalizing it:

  • Florida
  • Kansas
  • Maine
  • Nebraska
  • South Dakota
  • Washington

The aforementioned list of states all have passed bills to legalize sports wagering in some form, but it is not yet operational there.

The following states have presented bills, but they have yet to be passed or voted on:

  • Alabama
  • California
  • Georgia
  • Kentucky
  • Massachusetts
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • North Dakota
  • Oklahoma
  • South Carolina
  • Texas
  • Vermont

The following states have not introduced a recent bill:

  • Idaho
  • Wisconsin
  • Hawaii
  • Utah

Many states have the wheels in motion to pass a bill to allow sports betting in some manner. However, not all states are likely to present or pass a bill at all.

Currently, there are four states that are stagnant. Idaho and Wisconsin have yet to publicly announce bills to legalize sports betting, whereas Utah and Hawaii are the only two states in the country that prohibit all forms of gambling.


Anthony Cervino

Anthony Cervino is an NFL Writer and Betting Analyst for The Game Day. He is also a lifelong NFL savant and self-proclaimed league historian. In the industry, Anthony has excelled in both the fantasy football and sports betting space with fantasy his proverbial bread and butter. Anthony has made appearances on SiriusXM, amongst other publications. He is also the co-creator of the FF Faceoff (Faceoff Sports Network) and the FF Faceoff Mental Health Podathon partnered with the Hayden Hurst Foundation. Industry Clout: 15th most accurate ranker in the FantasyPros ECR for both draft and in-season accuracy (2019) | 8th most accurate ranker in the FantasyPros ECR for sleepers (2020) | 13th most accurate ranker in the FantasyPros ECR for in-season accuracy, including 2nd at quarterback and 3rd at tight end (2021).

If you or someone you know has a gambling problem and wants help, please call 1-800-GAMBLER.

21+ and present in OH. Gambling Problem? Call or text 1-800-GAMBLER (CO, DC, IL, IN, LA, MD, MS, NJ, OH, PA, TN, VA, WV, WY).

Call 877-8-HOPENY or text HOPENY (467369) (NY).

Please Gamble Responsibly. Call 1-800-NEXT-STEP (AZ), 1-800-522-4700 (KS, NV), 1-800-327-5050 (MA), 1-800-BETS-OFF (IA), 1-800-270-7117 for confidential help (MI).

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