NFL Quarterback Power Rankings 2024

Last Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Never has the quarterback position been this loaded. If you’re in AFC, well, the task is daunting no matter what team you are on. The quarterback play is superb, and the youth movement is real.

Assembling a ranking for these quarterbacks is no easy task these days, even if the No. 1 spot is obvious. From there, there are plenty of worthwhile options to pick from.

Here are our rankings of NFL quarterbacks, starting at No. 1 and ending at No. 50.

QB Power Rankings 1-10

1. Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs

He’s only 27 years old, fresh off another Super Bowl and seemingly still full of limitless potential.

While there are plenty of worthy challengers to Mahomes’ throne, none have the ability and resume he has at this point in his career. His physical skills are unbelievable, and his creativity is unmatched.

He’s surrounded by great coaching and great talent, which helps. But Mahomes might already have a Hall of Fame career assembled while still having so many brilliant years ahead.

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2. Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals

The knee injury ending his early rookie year is now a distant memory. Burrow has become a monster for the Bengals, and he’s done so despite playing behind an offensive line that has been certifiably “meh” at times.

At 26, it feels like a Super Bowl is a matter of time. As long as Cincinnati continues to load up on offensive talent, Burrow should continue to thrive.

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3. Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles

His new contract, which is a massive one, is well deserved. And it’s hard to believe that Hurts, who was once a “project” QB, is now a massive offensive force.

His 35 touchdowns last year was a massive leap upward, and he accomplished it despite battling an injury for much of the year.

I wouldn’t have believed you if you had told me three years ago that Hurts would be in this spot. Now? It feels more than earned. The Eagles are ranked No. 2 in our NFL power rankings.

4. Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills

In a strange way, Allen feels like the quarterback capable of challenging Mahomes for the top spot. And yet, here he is down at No. 4.

He scored 42 touchdowns last season, which is remarkable. He also threw 14 interceptions, had some really weird moments and suffered from lapses we didn’t see in prior years.

The talent is simply sensational; he just needs some small refinement. It wouldn’t shock me to see Allen surge again after next season.

5. Justin Herbert, Los Angeles Chargers

In terms of pure “wow,” Herbert has it. He’s still just 25, 6-foot-6, and nearly 240 pounds. If you were building a QB in a video game, he would look and play like him.

Regarding performance, it still feels like the best is still to come. Although his completion percentage increased, Herbert threw for fewer yards and touchdowns last year. This year, a new ceiling could be approached. The Chargers are slotted No. 10 in our NFL offense power rankings.

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6. Aaron Rodgers, New York Jets

If you’re going to have Rodgers this high, you must have a good reason. The thumb injury certainly impacted Rodgers in 2022. As did the loss of his best offensive weapon.

At 39 years old, age is likely to become a factor. But the Jets, assuming the offensive line holds up, should allow him to thrive.

Time will tell if this placement is bullish for good reason or not.

7. Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens

At long last, his contract disputes are settled, and his immediate future is clear. Jackson will again power the Ravens, which will be a show no matter how this season goes.

He’s still just 26, has won an MVP and has exciting new weapons on offense to work with, which feels like a long time coming. But can he stay healthy? And how long can his brilliant, chaotic playing style keep up?

When he’s healthy, there’s nothing like him in the NFL. Period.

8. Trevor Lawrence, Jacksonville Jaguars

Oh, he’s coming.

In fact, this feels like the last time Lawrence will be ranked this low for a while. The Jaguars’ starting QB, still just 23 years old, found it last year. He scored 30 touchdowns in his second season and will have Calvin Ridley to throw to this year.

How much better will he get? That’s the most intriguing part. However, Lawrence feels like an emerging superstar poised to climb these ranks for years.

9. Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys

These days, the Prescott discord is polarizing.

On the one hand, the Dallas QB accounted for significant production when healthy last year, scoring 24 touchdowns in 12 games. On the other, Prescott became a turnover machine. His 15 interceptions were the most he’s ever had, and he hit it in far less than a full season.

The talent is still intact, and Prescott can deliver a special season. In terms of forward movement, however, the 2023-2024 season will tell us plenty about his status as a top-10 quarterback.

10. Tua Tagovailoa, Miami Dolphins

Tagovailoa could push for a much higher ranking if not for his concussions. Before last season came undone, he looked like a bonafide MVP candidate with the Dolphins.

Even in limited action, the 15-year-old threw 25 passing touchdowns last season. Essentially every meaningful passing statistic also improved. But can he stay healthy?

If so, he looks like a potential top-five QB in the future.

QB Power Rankings 11-20

11. Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings

The narrative of Cousins and his actual output often differ, and there’s no question he’s earned his QB ranking here. In the past four seasons, Cousins has thrown 123 touchdowns. And he has not thrown fewer than 25 TDs in a season since 2014.

He’s an incredibly solid QB, whether some want to admit it or not. With that being said, this is his potential ceiling moving forward.

12. Daniel Jones, New York Giants

At just the right moment, Jones delivered an excellent season for the Giants, scoring 22 touchdowns, running for more than 700 yards and climbing the ranks of quarterbacks along the way.

He was paid for those efforts, which will likely change the way we view him in the future. However, with a QB-friendly coach and some better pieces on offense, Jones will likely continue his climb upward.

13. Jared Goff, Detroit Lions

It’s been a rollercoaster, to say the least, these last few years, although Goff’s 29-touchdown season for the rejuvenated Lions last year was a massive leap upward.

He’s still just 28, and he’s suddenly surrounded by talent. As Goff goes, so will the Lions. And both should be able to shine come fall.

14. Geno Smith, Seattle Seahawks

Although his path to the top 15 has been fascinating, his placement is anything but. Smith is deserving of his status after an excellent year for the Seahawks, securing a lucrative contract as a result.

He’s still just 32 years old and has excellent weapons around him. It would not shock to see Smith continue to lift his ceiling upwards.

15. Kyler Murray, Arizona Cardinals

If I’m being honest, Murray is a difficult player to rank. He’s coming off a serious knee injury and will likely miss games this fall. He’s also been erratic despite having some incredible physical tools.

Time will tell if this is too high or low for Murray, although legitimate concerns surround how his size and rebuilt knee will carry him forward.

16. Deshaun Watson, Cleveland Browns

On the topic of perplexing players, enter Watson.

The history has been well documented, and Watson’s return to the field last year was wildly inconsistent. Watson didn’t look like the player he was with the Texans last year, and time will tell if this is the new norm or a product of significant time off.

Cleveland has added some nice pieces to the offense, which should help. Watson, meanwhile, will try to return to form this year

17. Derek Carr, New Orleans Saints

His last two seasons were a cut below the norm for Carr, a perfectly “good” quarterback now on a new team. That new team, New Orleans, will certainly benefit from the stability at the position.

Consistency has been Carr’s greatest asset, which is why he finds himself in the rankings at this spot. He’ll always be a top-15 QB and need help to push for the top 10. But he also feels like a player good enough to win.

18. Jimmy Garoppolo, Las Vegas Raiders

Speaking of changing teams, enter Garoppolo. He’ll replace Carr in Las Vegas, and the change of scenery should do him well.

Injuries, of course, have greatly impacted Garoppolo’s production over the past few seasons. On the one hand, he’s still just 31 and produced some fabulous moments. On the other, he’s thrown 25 touchdowns in a season just once.

Vegas feels like a good fit—if he can stay on the field.

19. Justin Fields, Chicago Bears

By this time next year, Fields could push for a spot in the top 10. He has that kind of physical ability, having delivered three games in 2022 in which he ran for 130 yards or more.

But what about his passing? It’s a legitimate concern, and the Bears’ upgrades on the offensive side will eliminate this as an excuse moving forward.

There is so much to like about his game. And yet, it’s reasonable to question how quickly (or if) it will all come together.

20. Matthew Stafford, Los Angeles Rams

Like many on the list, injuries significantly affect Stafford’s ranking.

As a whole, 2022 was a lost year for the Rams’ QB, who was brilliant for the Rams in 2021. Historically speaking, Stafford has been superb. But he’s now 35 and coming off a serious injury that has lingered for some time. The best is likely behind him; we’re still determining how much is left.

QB Power Rankings 21-35

21. Brock Purdy, San Francisco 49ers

He was the last player drafted in 2022, although his impact on the 49ers was massive. A torn UCL is the only thing that slowed the rookie down, although the future appears bright.

22. Russell Wilson, Denver Broncos

What happened? New team? New system? Age. Whatever it was, it didn’t go well in Denver during his first year with the franchise. Year two has to be better, right?

23. Ryan Tannehill, Tennessee Titans

He’s aging quickly, and injuries once again forced Tannehill out of action last year. He’s delivered some big moments, but how many more does he have left?

24. Jordan Love, Green Bay Packers

He’s thrown three touchdown passes and has some enormous shoes to fill. But he has also been allowed to grow as he waits and learns. Love will have a chance to climb much higher if he performs.

25. Mac Jones, New England Patriots

His first few years have been up and down, although 2022 had more downs than ups. His 24 interceptions in two seasons are concerning, although he has obvious ability as well.

26. Jacoby Brissett, Washington Commanders

He will never be a franchise QB, but he’s a wonderful luxury for a team that needs a competent backup. Sam Howell will get first crack, although Brissett will have a shot to start.

27. Kenny Pickett, Pittsburgh Steelers

Over the last month of the season, the signs were there for Pickett in his rookie year. He struggled at times, but the growth was evident. Year 2 for the young QB will be a critical one.

28. Andy Dalton, Carolina Panthers

Dalton will likely start for the Panthers while first-overall pick, Bryce Young, gets acclimated. While just a fringe starter for a QB-needy team, he’s an ideal bridge QB in his current spit.

29. Jameis Winston, New Orleans Saints

He still hasn’t turned 30, although injuries have certainly impacted Winston’s ability to contribute. He’ll back up Carr in New Orleans in 2023, serving as one of the best backups in football.

30. Marcus Mariota, Atlanta Falcons

The Eagles added Mariota this offseason, and he’ll serve as the backup for Jalen Hurts next year. While his best years are behind him, he could certainly help Philly in a pinch.

31. Bryce Young, Carolina Panthers

Young, the highest-ranked rookie on our rankings, will come into the league undersized. What he lacks in stature, however, he makes up for in presence and accuracy. It might take time, but he’s going to develop.

32. Taylor Heinicke, Atlanta Falcons

Heinicke signed with the Falcons and will serve as the backup for Desmond Ridder. He’s a solid option for a team still not completely sold on its starter.

33. Baker Mayfield, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Maybe, just maybe, Mayfield isn’t done just yet. In small doses, he played well for the Rams. Now with the Bucs, he could have a chance to fly up the rankings if he sees the field.

34. Trey Lance, San Francisco 49ers

He’s a mystery, plain and simple. Coming off a significant injury, Lance has yet to play meaningful snaps. Still, he’s just 23 years old and full of ability. Stay tuned.

35. Mike White, Miami Dolphins

You could make an argument that this is too low for White, who looked, at times, like a legitimate starting QB. With Tagovailoa’s injury history, White gives the Dolphins tremendous insurance.

QB Power Rankings 36-50

36. Gardner Minshew, Indianapolis Colts

In his career, Minshew has 46 touchdowns and 15 interceptions. His production has been minimal in recent years with limited snaps, although that could change with the Colts this fall.

37. C.J. Stroud, Houston Texans

The second rookie QB to make the list, Stroud will be a fascinating young player to watch. How quickly he sees the field will be determined, although he is poised to skyrocket up this list in time.

38. Davis Mills, Houston Texans

The Texans committed to Shroud in the draft, although Mills hasn’t exactly been horrendous through two years. In 28 games, he’s thrown 33 touchdowns, which isn’t too shabby when you consider the team he’s played for.

39. Sam Darnold, San Francisco 49ers

In limited snaps last year, dare I say, Darnold played decent football. He’ll now enter a fascinating QB room in San Francisco with a chance to see the field more.

40. Desmond Ridder, Atlanta Falcons

In five games last season, Ridder showed some promise. The rookie threw only two touchdowns, although time will tell what kind of player he will be. In Atlanta, at least, he will get his chance.

41. Sam Howell, Washington Commanders

The Commanders are quite high on Howell, which doesn’t tell us much. Well, at least not yet. His one start of the year was decent enough, and he’ll have a chance to prove much more this season.

42. Teddy Bridgewater, Free Agent

He doesn’t have a team just yet for 2023, although Bridgewater still has a home in the top 40. While he only attempted 79 passes last year, he has been consistent in limited roles.

43. Mitch Trubisky, Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers saw enough in Trubisky to award with a contract extension this offseason. He’ll continue serving as Pickett’s backup for the next few years. While his career has been up and down, he’s certainly a competent reserve.

44. Colt McCoy, Arizona Cardinals

At 36 years old, McCoy is over a decade into his football life. Life as a backup has treated the bank account just fine, which will likely stay the case for a while longer.

45. Jarrett Stidham, Denver Broncos

Stidham is on his third team in four seasons in the NFL. While limited, he did throw for 365 yards as a member of the Raiders. The Broncos hope, if called upon, he’ll be able to deliver.

46. Anthony Richardson, Indianapolis Colts

In a few years, this ranking could look very off. For now, however, Richardson simply has much more polish to obtain, and he likely will. If he can, the physical tools will be staggering to stop.

47. Carson Wentz, Free Agent

Although currently teamless, Wentz should find work before next year. However, the fact that it’s still in question showcases just how far he has fallen.

48. Bailey Zappe, New England Patriots

As a rookie, Zappe looked poised, at least in small doses, to win the starting QB job with the Pats. Time will tell if that’s possible, although he’s certainly someone to watch.

49. Cooper Rush, Dallas Cowboys

Filling in for Prescott last year, Rush was largely OK. While his three-interception performance against the Eagles was less than ideal, his comfort with the team is meaningful.

50. Matt Ryan, Free Agent

Although he’s working on television, technically, Ryan has yet to retire. If that is the case, he holds a spot on the rankings, albeit the final spot.


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