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MLB Power Rankings 2022 | Ranking All 30 Baseball Teams This Season

Posted: Sep 18, 2022Last updated: Sep 18, 2022

As the MLB season enters the home stretch, many teams are making their move towards the playoffs while others are falling flat at the wrong time. Let’s see where every team stands with our updated MLB power rankings.

Below we’ll highlight some of the biggest risers and fallers since our last power rankings, followed by our full 2022 MLB Power Rankings (ranked from worst to first).

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Trending Up

3. Atlanta Braves (88-55)⬆️ 1 (4 to 3)

While the Atlanta Braves might be behind the New York Mets in the NL East standings right now, I trust them 10 times more right now than I do the Mets. New York’s lineup is suspect at best right now, while Atlanta can put up 10+ runs on you any given night. Not to mention the pitching is much more comparable than one might think.

12. Cleveland Guardians (76-66)⬆️ 2 (14 to 12)

Don’t let the Cleveland Guardians get hot! Cleveland is 8-2 in its past 10 games, doing so with the youngest roster in all of baseball. There’s something about this franchise where they tend to have a solid pitching rotation regardless of the turnover, which could bode very well for them in the playoffs.

Trending Down

9. Tampa Bay Rays (80-63)⬇️ 2 (7 to 9)

It’s not the best time to have a below .500 week, but it’s really a 3-horse race for the 3 AL Wild Card spots as of right now. The Tampa Bay Rays shouldn’t have too much to worry about, especially with Tyler Glasnow on the road to making his much-anticipated comeback.

16. Minnesota Twins (72-70)⬇️1 (15 to 16)

With a 4-6 record in their past 10 games, the Minnesota Twins find themselves on the outside looking in the AL Wild Card and AL Central races. Joe Ryan is an absolute stud and the lineup is better than some might think, but I’m not putting my money on the Twins to make the postseason.

23. Los Angeles Angels (61-82) ⬇️ 4 (19 to 23)

I don’t think there’s been anything more tragic than what the Los Angeles Angels are doing while having arguably the two best players in baseball. Maybe it’s ownership, maybe it’s coaching, maybe it’s bad luck. But one thing is for sure: Anaheim is wasting the careers of two of the greatest players ever.

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MLB Power Rankings

30. Washington Nationals (49-94) ↔️

29. Pittsburgh Pirates (55-89) ↔️

28. Oakland Athletics (52-92) ↔️

27. Detroit Tigers (54-89) ↔️

26. Cincinnati Reds (57-86) ↔️

25. Kansas City Royals (57-87) ↔️

24. Miami Marlins (59-85) ↔️

23. Los Angeles Angels (61-82) ⬇️ 4

22. Chicago Cubs (61-82) ↔️

21. Texas Rangers (62-81) ↔️

20. Colorado Rockies (62-81)⬆️ 3

19. Arizona Diamondbacks (68-75)⬆️ 1

18. San Francisco Giants (69-74) ↔️

17. Boston Red Sox (69-74) ↔️

16. Minnesota Twins (72-70)⬇️1

15. Baltimore Orioles (75-67)⬇️ 3

14. Chicago White Sox (74-70)⬆️ 2

13. Milwaukee Brewers (76-67) ↔️

12. Cleveland Guardians (76-66)⬆️ 2

11. San Diego Padres (78-66)↔️

10. Philadelphia Phillies (80-63) ↔️

9. Tampa Bay Rays (80-63)⬇️ 2

8. Seattle Mariners 80-62)⬆️ 1

7. Toronto Blue Jays (81-63)⬆️ 1

6. St. Louis Cardinals (84-60) ↔️

5. New York Yankees (87-56) ↔️

4. New York Mets (90-55)⬇️ 1

3. Atlanta Braves (88-55)⬆️ 1

2. Houston Astros (94-50) ↔️

1. Los Angeles Dodgers (98-44) ↔️


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