Sweepstakes & Social Gaming Online Casinos

Check out the best sweepstakes and social gaming casinos that give you an array of slots and casino table games that you can play for a chance to win real money!

BySadonna Price

Mar 21, 2024

If you are not located in one of the four states that currently have full scale online casino gaming, you may be feeling a bit left out. Sweepstakes & social gaming online casinos have filled the gap for those of us that are located outside these select states by offering a fun alternative that are legal, but operate slightly different than the traditional online casino.

Sweepstakes & social gaming casinos offer all the fun of casino gaming, including slots, table games, poker and more. You can purchase gold coins and you will often receive free sweeps coins that you can redeem for cash prizes.

We break down how they work, where you can play, our top sweepstakes & social gaming casino picks and everything else you need to know to get started.

What Are Sweepstakes & Social Gaming Casinos?

Sweepstakes casinos, or social gaming casinos, are an iteration of online casinos. You can purchase gold coins and you will often receive free Sweeps Coins that you can redeem for cash prizes.

Sweepstakes and social gaming casinos differ in some ways from real money online casinos. You can play real casino games at sweeps casinos, such as slots, blackjack, roulette, video poker, and more. You can play these games for free or for a chance to win real cash prizes!

How it works is simple: All you have to do is purchase gold coins and you will often receive sweeps coins. For example, you may purchase one million gold coins and you will receive 10 free sweeps coins. These ten sweeps coins can be used to play on promotional mode on the social gaming casino - and if you win enough sweeps coins, you can redeem them for cash prizes!

Let’s dive further into sweepstakes & social gaming casinos and which are the best options for you.

Sweeps casinos and social gaming casinos are legal in all United States, except the state of Washington and Idaho. They are also legal in Canada, except for Quebec. This provides a significant advantage to sweepstakes casinos over the traditional real money online casinos.

Where Can I Legally Play Sweepstakes & Social Casino Online?

Online sweepstakes and social gaming casinos operate in the United States based on national sweepstakes laws. The sites can operate in this manner because games are free to play.

In the United States, sweepstakes and social gaming casinos are legal in almost every individual state, except for Idaho, Washington and Michigan. In Canada, players have access to services in each province except Quebec.

Playing Sweeps & Social Gaming Casinos For Money Prizes

Sweepstakes and social gaming casinos provide free gaming via gold coins that are added to your account upon signing up. Easily use these coins to play games at no cost. If you want to play for cash prizes, you must use the secondary coins offered at the site, including what are often referred to as sweeps coins.

Each operator offers various options when it comes to prizes. Some allow you to redeem coins for cash, while others offer gift cards - and some offer both. If you are signing up with an online sweepstakes casino to win real prizes, keep in mind what the site offers. You want to play games with an operator that offers the type of incentives you are looking for.

It is also essential to consider any rewards or special deals the operator may offer. Some sites provide gold coin packages with free sweeps coins, while others give you daily log-in bonuses that include sweeps coins. Keep that in mind when selecting a site to play at.

Best Sweepstakes & Social Gaming Casinos

With so many sweepstakes and social gaming casinos available today, new players can find it challenging to know which sites offer the best services. At The Game Day, we have researched the industry so our readers have insight into top-rated sweepstakes casinos.

Take a look at a few of our top selections below. These sites provide excellent gaming options, premium gold coin packages, and a streamlined experience. Find an option that suits your casino gaming needs and give it a try!

Chumba Casino

Considered the grandfather of social gaming casinos, Chumba Casino is one of the most recognizable gaming sites available today. Easily create a new account via email or Facebook and log in to enjoy daily bonuses that include Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins.

Play for free with Gold Coins, and as you accrue any Sweeps Coins. This social gaming casino site offers many of the same great slots that real money casinos provide, with the only difference being you can play for free!

Find such top-rated titles as Starburst, Stamped Fury, Pug Royale, etc. The site is home to traditional slot games, jackpot titles, and a few table games. Easily use your mobile device or desktop computer to play games for free with Gold Coins.

If you run out of Gold Coins, packages can be purchased at discounted rates that include Gold Coins. You can often receive free Sweeps Coins.

In addition to Chumba Casino being restricted in Washington, Idaho and Quebec, all social gaming casinos are, Chumba Casino is also restricted in Michigan.


One of the most well-known online sweepstakes casino sites offered today is Pulsz. Operated by Yellow Social Interactive, the site provides quality online slot gaming for free. Open a new account, play with Gold Coins, and earn a few Sweepstakes Coins that can be redeemed for real prizes.

At Pulsz Casino, players have access to a long list of slot games. Everything you could imagine is offered at the site, including classic titles, megaways, jackpot games, themed options, etc. The site also includes a shortlist of table games with baccarat, blackjack, and roulette options.

With hundreds of slot games on offer, there is no shortage of exciting casino content at Pulsz. There are also a handful of table game options if you want to take a break from reel spinning and try something new. Unique to Pulsz is the VIP Points system.

As you play and purchase Gold Coin packages, VIP Points are earned, and you move up the VIP level system. Earn better package deals as you climb the VIP ladder!


Similar to Chumba Casino and Pulsz, Funzpoints is an online sweepstakes site offering slot games and a few extras for players to enjoy. The site is set up differently and provides almost a cartoon-like website that may not be pleasing to players familiar with other brands like Pulsz.

Funzpoints offers a unique experience with its Standard and Premium mode. Players can choose either option to access special features, including ad-free gaming and real money prizes.

A unique aspect of Funzpoints is that there are locked games. This is similar to the gaming experience at b spot. Players must complete specific actions, such as purchasing Gold Coins, to unlock more gaming options.

Once you join Funzpoints and log in, you will need to select Standard or Premium play. In Standard mode, you still have a chance to participate in jackpot drawings and win real cash prizes. However, gaming options are limited to a handful of titles.

You must also watch ads with games until a purchase of Gold Coins is made. All game wins are in real cash in Premium mode, and all games are unlocked. Play slots ad-free with more booster games and an unlocked trophy room.

Easily switch back and forth from Standard and Premium mode as you like. There are daily rewards offered to each player, including a spin of the wheel to win Gold Coins which are known as Funzpoints, and tickets. The tickets earned can be used for jackpot drawings to win cash prizes.

Luckyland Slots

Launched in 2019, LuckyLand Slots is a product operated by VGW LuckyLand Inc. and a sister site to Global Poker and Chumba Casino. The social gaming casino looks similar to Funzpoints and offers daily rewards with gameplay provided via desktop or Android app.

As the name suggests, players can expect to find slot games at Luckyland Slots. The online social gaming casino has a good selection of games on offer with the option to take part in tournaments. Most social gaming casinos do not offer tournaments, allowing Luckyland Slots to stand out. Scratch cards are also available at the site, giving players additional gaming options to select from.

Choose any game you like to play with Gold Coins. Sweeps coins can also be used to play games, and you can redeem sweeps coins for cash prizes once you have accrued 50 sweeps coins.

The site also offers quality tournament options for players who like to spice up real spinning. Find the available options in the tournament section of the site or within the web page banners.

In addition to Luckyland Slots being restricted in Washington, Idaho and Quebec, as all social gaming casinos are, Luckyland Slots is also restricted in Michigan.

Fortune Coins

One of the newer online social casino sites to hit the market is Fortune Coin. It offers a slot gaming experience with plenty of titles to choose from. Find classic slot games featuring 7s and jokers, or play the jackpot games for a chance to win fortune coins, which act as the brand’s gold coin currency.

There are over 50 casino games here with no download required. Simply play within a web browser whenever you like. Exclusive first-time offers are up for grabs for new members with plenty of ways to earn and purchase more fortune coins when needed.

Scratch Carnival

With Scratch Carnival, players are in for a different kind of social casino experience. The site offers scratch-off games that provide gold coin wins, collectibles, carnival coins, and puzzle pieces. The site is a gaming provider but also has an interactive element where you create your own carnival, complete with custom rides.

Build a dream carnival while scratching your way to prizes. Any combination of rides, food stalls, and decorations can be made within an individual’s carnival. It’s a unique concept that will appeal to players that are focused on an interactive experience rather than a casino environment.

Global Poker

A sister-site to Chumba Casino and LuckyLand Slots, Global Poker is a social gaming site created specifically for poker fans. The brand offers poker options in ring game and tournament formats. The site operates like a standard online poker room, but players use gold coins and sweeps coins instead of wagering with cash.

Unlike its counterparts, Global Poker focuses mainly on poker gaming. There isn’t another social gaming site that focuses on poker as Global does. The site provides a one-of-a-kind experience complete with tournament options, and special events. Members of the site play against other members, which sets the brand apart from other social gaming and sweepstakes-style sites.

A wide range of online poker gaming variants are on offer at Global Poker, including:

  • Texas Hold’Em
  • Omaha
  • Omaha High/Low
  • Bounty Poker
  • Jackpot Sit’N’Go
  • Crazy Pineapple
  • Surge Poker

Take part in special tournaments and promotions, including Gold Rush, Daily Hundo, Sunday Scrimmage, Bonanza, etc. Along with poker options, the site also provides a few slots and table games if you want a break from the virtual felt to try something new.

In addition to Global Poker being restricted in Washington, Idaho and Quebec, as all social gaming casinos are, Global Poker is also restricted in Michigan.

b spot

b spot is a unique casino because it’s not exactly a social casino. The casino site operates based on the federal Interstate Horseracing Act. The site has created a system that ties horse races to casino games. Horse race bets are connected to casino games, and once you play the game, the result is based on the outcome of the horse race wager.

To start, players buy a wager pack in a denomination such as $10 or $20. Confirm a bet or dig into the racing details to select an option you feel may be more profitable. This includes reviewing the track of the race and the horse the best is placed on.

Next, players receive an amount to play games with based on the horse wager. Play the game and reveal your gambling winnings as you spin slots or play bingo or scratch cards.

It seems like an odd concept, but once you try it, you will see just how fun it is to combine horse racing and social casino games.

How to Choose the Best Sweepstakes & Social Gaming Casino

There are several factors to consider when selecting a sweepstakes or social casino. You may miss out on quality features that enhance gameplay if you go in blindly. Take a look at the top factors we feel go into selecting the best sites. Choose wisely, and you will reap the rewards, including welcome bonuses, daily deals, and seamless gameplay.

User interface

The first aspect to consider is the user interface. The site must work well for you to play online casino games. Operators like Chumba and LuckyLand Slots offer a clutter-free interface that is easy to navigate. Games load smoothly, and all aspects of the site are within viewing range, such as the Buy button for gold coin packages and gaming categories.

Welcome Bonuses and Daily Deals

Another factor to consider is welcome bonuses and daily deals. Most sweepstakes and social gaming casinos provide welcome offers to players. The deal includes gold coin packages with free sweeps coins at discounted rates. Pulse and LuckyLand are two brands that continually offer discounted rates on their gold coin packages.

Daily deals are another aspect to consider. Sites like Luckyland and Chumba Casino provide daily bonuses. It might not seem like much, but each day you can accrue bonus gold coins and often you will receive sweeps coins.

Game Selection

Players should also consider the game selection that a site is offering. Are you more of a slot player or table games? What about poker? The types of games you like should dictate which site you choose. Chumba Casino offers slots and table games, while Funzpoints focuses more on slots and scratch cards. Poker fans should stick with Global Poker for ring games and tournaments. Review what types of games are offered by a site before setting up a new player account.

Mobile App

How important is mobile gaming to your experience? Most sites offer mobile services via a web browser but do not have a mobile application. Operators like Chumba Casino and LuckyLand offer Android apps, making it easier to play games on the go.

How Do Sweepstakes & Social Gaming Casinos Work?

Sweepstakes and social gaming casinos are based on sweepstakes laws, so players are allowed to enjoy casino games at no cost. Join a sweepstakes site and you will receive Gold Coins upon sign up.

You will also often receive Free Sweeps Coins. The Gold Coins are what you use to play games without the ability to win prizes. Change to promotional mode and you can use Sweeps Coins if you want to play for cash prizes.

It’s that simple. It costs nothing to play, but if you run out of Gold Coins and want to purchase more, you can via Gold Coin packages. The packages include a set number of Gold Coins plus free Sweeps Coins.

It is important to note that most sites operate with a Gold Coin and Sweeps Coin format. However, the options may be called something else. Take Funzpoints, for example. The site uses Standard Funzpoints (Gold Coins) and Premium Funzpoints (Sweeps Coins). The format is the same, but the terminology is a bit different.

Most sites allow you to redeem Sweeps Coins for cash prizes. However, sites like Zitobox will provide you with gift cards instead. Be sure to read reviews at The Game Day on each site to know what the casino offers to know what to expect when you start playing casino games.

Sweeps Coins For Free

Because Sweeps Coins give you access to real cash prizes, they are what you want to obtain at online sweepstakes casinos and social gaming casinos if you want to redeem your winning for cash prizes. There are a few ways you can receive Sweeps Coins for free.

First, when you create an account, Free Sweeps Coins are provided along with Gold Coins. It is usually a small amount but helps start you on the right track. Join sites like Chumba Casino, and you may often receive free Sweeps Coins each time you log in via daily bonuses.

Sweeps Coins are also offered via Gold Coin packages. Review the BUY section of an online sweepstakes site to see what they offer. Most providers have packages of Gold Coins with set amounts, plus free Sweeps Coins. Once you make the purchase, the Sweeps Coins are added to your account.

Some operators will provide Sweeps Coins based on mail-in promotions. You have to mail a letter to the operator to receive sweeps coins. This option falls in line with traditional sweepstakes and social gaming contests in the US.

Take advantage of all of these options to add more Sweeps Coins to your overall total for premium rewards.

Gold Coins To Play Sweepstakes Slots and Social Gaming Slots

Gold Coins have many uses at Sweepstakes and social gaming casinos. First, you earn Gold Coins upon signup and can continue to receive more with daily sign-ins depending on the casino you choose.

Use the Gold Coins to play as many online slots as you like and other game types when available. Gold Coins do not have a monetary value.

Gold Coins may be used for sweepstakes drawings or other contests, even tournaments, depending on the online casino you visit. Always check the promotions or news pages of online operators to see how you can utilize your gold coin total.

Sweeps Coins For Free

There are a few ways to receive sweeps coins/sweeps cash for free.

First, when you sign up, in addition to gold coins, select sweepstakes casinos will give you some.

Another way you can get free sweeps coins is by buying gold packs. When purchasing, you will often receive sweep coins.

Gold Coins To Play Sweepstakes Slots

The methods you can get free gold coins are far more accessible than sweeps coins.

You will receive some for free upon signing up for an account for gold coins. Promotions will offer extra when purchasing. Some sweepstakes and social gaming casinos offer daily login promotions or throughout the day.

These gold coins cannot be redeemed for cash or gift cards, but you may be able to use them to enter large sweepstakes and social gaming contests in which you can win sweeps coins that can be redeemed for cash prizes.

Sweepstakes & Social Gaming Slots for Real Money

Because sweepstakes and social gaming casinos are known for their slot gaming, it is not surprising to find that most brands offer a wide selection of games. Hold & Win, Exclusive titles, Megaways, and Classic Games are all on offer. Easily find a title that suits your playing style, whether you like to keep it simple with three reels or enjoy major features like free spins and bonus rounds.

Below we have highlighted a few of the gaming categories that players prefer. Take a look at what’s on offer to see what will work best for your gaming needs.

Progressive Sweeps Slots

A progressive slot game is a title that offers a special jackpot prize. As players spin the reels of progressives, the jackpot will grow. The prize increases until a player lands it. The jackpots consist of gold coins, and in most cases, prizes range from the five-figure mark to well over nine figures!

Check out a few top-rated online sweepstakes and social gaming sites below that offer progressive jackpot games!

Chumba Casino

Currently, Chumba Casino has 16 progressive slot games. Four games are connected to two separate progressive prizes to see the total boosted at a faster rate. Titles on offer include Stampede Fury, Stampede Fury II, Wild Roads, and Western Gold.

Each game has a ticker that shows the amount of the progressive on offer. Progressive jackpots are paid in Gold Coins. Prize amounts can grow quite large, including options for jackpots in the nine to eleven-figure range. Easily check the ticker of a progressive slot before playing to see how much you can win.

LuckyLand Slots

LuckyLand Slots also provides jackpot games, with 11 titles currently on the site. As you scroll through the available games, you will see the jackpot titles listed with tickers at the top with the jackpot amounts.

Prizes can reach astronomical heights here, with jackpots ranging from the nine-figure range to as high as 168,000,000 Gold Coins! Gold coins are won when playing in standard mode, giving you more coins to play with at the site. Progressive jackpot games include Neon Valley, Immortal Moon, Adventure Party, Winner & A Movie, etc.

Most Popular Slots

No matter which sweepstakes casino or social gaming casino you choose, there will be popular slots at each site. Players have found their favorites, coming back to spin the same time again and again. Each provider will highlight the favorites in the Featured section so that members can see what everyone is playing.

Popular slots may be a player favorite due to the jackpot prize, game theme, or features. Check out a few of the most popular slots we have found at sweepstakes casinos below!

Funzpoints’ Java Cafe

This slot game features everything coffee, from beans and espresso to pie and cappuccino. Enter the coffee shop and spin the reels of the 20 payline slot known as The Java Café. Land three logo symbols on the reels, and you will trigger a random number of free spins of the game, from 1-10. During the round, the logo becomes wild and will substitute for other icons to create wins.

The game also includes a bonus round. Land The Java Café symbol on the 1st, 3rd, or 5th reels to trigger the round where you select from coffee cups. Choose wisely and receive a bonus prize. Spin the bonus wheel and find a multiplier attached to your latest win!

LuckyLands’s Atlantis

Atlantis offers an underwater adventure that players have come to love. The slot was created by ReelPlay and offers a 6×4 game grid with an extra reel at the top. Along with unique features, this slot includes a Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand Jackpot prize!

Earn prizes for a two, three, four, five, or six of a kind combination. The mighty King Triton is the highest paying icon, offering the top prize in the game next to the dolphin and octopus. The game also includes a wild icon that substitutes for other symbols and a bonus round for added win potential.

Sweepstakes & Social Casino Games

Besides slots, you can check out the following:

Table Games

Though primarily slots, sweepstakes casinos have now expanded the amount of casino games on offer and this includes table games. The most popular choices are:

  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Video Poker


Blackjack, also called 21, can be found at multiple sweepstakes casinos. The game is easy; simply draw closer to 21 (or have 21) than the dealer without going over that numeric value. Like at all sweepstakes casinos, you can play for fun with Gold Coins or for a chance to win real money with Sweepstakes Coins.


Roulette is one of the most popular casino games in the world. It’s a simple game with big payouts, so its popularity makes sense. Now, you can find roulette at some sweepstakes casinos. All you need to do is predict where the ball is going to land on the wheel, whether it be a number, color, or odds and evens.

Video Poker

Though there can be a multitude of different versions of video poker, the classic version is “Jacks or Better". In this version, the player is looking to make the best five-card hand. The better the hand, the better the payout. The game is played in two rounds. First, the dealer deals the player five cards. Then, the player must decide which cards to hold or discard. The dealer will then replace the discarded cards. After this round, the player must have jacks or better to qualify for a win.

Online Poker

Unlike video poker, online poker allows players to play against each other. Global Poker is the sweepstakes casino that offers this type of gaming. The types of poker games available at Global Poker are Texas Hold’Em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, Bounty Poker, Jackpot Sit’N’Go, Caribbean Poker, and Crazy Pineapple.

You can play weekly or daily poker tournaments, as well as ring (cash) games.

Sweepstakes & Social Gaming Casino Apps

It is not common to find a casino app for sweepstakes and social gaming. Most operators provide services via a web browser. However, a handful of providers do offer an app format. Check out your options below.

Chumba Casino

Members of Chumba Casino have access to an app for Android devices, making it easy to enjoy slots and table games via a single integrated platform. The app can be downloaded in the Google Play Store.

The app is known as Chumba Lite and offers the same great gaming options as the website. If you are an iOS user, just log in to your account via Safari or Chrome to play on the go via mobile.

ZitoBox Casino

At ZitoBox Casino, players have access to an application for both Android and iOS devices. Download the app in seconds and access your account with the click of a button. The app works on all devices, including tablets and smartphones. Users can also opt to continue playing via a web browser.

LuckyLand Slots

LuckyLand Slots does have an app available for Android users. To download the app, visit the LuckyLand site with your device and begin the download process. The app requires you to change security settings on your device to allow it to function correctly.

Once the app is on your device, you can play slots as much as you like. The app makes it easy to locate all the games and features in one place. Operation is similar to the desktop version, so mobile gaming is familiar to members of the site.

For iOS users, log in to your account via web browser, and you can play from anywhere. The Safari web browser works well to load the HTML5 games. Smartphones and tablets are compatible with the iOS web browser for LuckyLand.


For Android users, Pulsz also offers an application option. The online sweepstakes app can be downloaded to a smartphone or tablet. Be advised that players have rated it poorly within the Google Play Store due to glitches and freezing. You might be better suited to play at Pulsz with a web browser.

Banking Methods At Sweepstakes & Social Gaming Casinos

Banking methods are offered at sweepstakes and social gaming casinos to make it easy for players to purchase more Gold Coins if they choose to do so. Gaming is absolutely free with Gold Coins and you’ll often receive Sweeps Coins upon signup, as well as daily bonuses provided by some operators.

If you choose to purchase Gold Coins, you will see banking methods listed under the Buy section of the site. Each site offers similar methods, though some may have more options than others. Review the available methods at your selected provider to ensure the options meet your purchase needs.

Purchase Methods

  • Debit/Credit Card: Use a debit or credit card to purchase Gold Coins. Simply enter your card number and complete the transaction based on the directions provided by the casino.
  • PayPal: Utilize your existing PayPal account to purchase packages at online sweepstakes and social gaming casinos like Chumba Casino or Pulsz. Existing funds can be used, or the bank account information connected to your PayPal.
  • Online Banking: Some sweepstakes and social gaming casinos also offer online banking as a payment method. See if your financial institution is listed by reviewing the online banking section of a site.
  • Skrill: Use this popular e-wallet to add Gold Coins to your sweepstakes and social gaming casino account. It takes only minutes to complete a transaction. Skrill has the added feature of being able to convert to USD from many international currencies including crypto.

Redeem Methods

Each site is different when it comes to redeeming prizes at sweepstakes and social gaming casinos. Some may offer cash prizes while others supply gift cards and others offer both. Below are general options you can use to redeem prizes at top-rated operators.

Be sure to read through our reviews of particular online sweepstakes and social gaming sites or visit the operator to see what options are open to you for redeeming prizes.

  • Online Banking: Some casinos allow you to redeem cash prizes through online banking. Connect an existing account to the sweeps site to remove funds.
  • Skrill: The e-wallet is another excellent option for redeeming prizes. Funds will be added to your existing Skrill account once a transaction is started.
  • Gift Card: If an online casino offers gift cards, you will need to click the redeem button within your account. Use the credits to redeem a gift card based on points or sweeps coins. The selection of gift card options wilfbel vary based on the site.

Avoid Illegal Offshore Casinos

Illegal offshore casinos are readily available but should be avoided by players. These casinos are not licensed or regulated and can lead to significant issues among consumers, including selling personal information and failure to pay out winnings. Protect yourself and your finances by sticking with legal gaming options like sweepstakes sites.

Below are a few of the many reasons players should avoid illegal offshore casinos:

  • Unlicensed and Unregulated in the United States: While you can access offshore casinos, these are not licensed or permitted in the United States. This means the operators are not subject to oversight by a regulating body, leading to issues such as nonpayment of winnings.
  • Payment Problems: One of the main issues with illegal offshore sites is payment. The provider is not bound by law to pay you any wins. It is not uncommon for a player to win a big jackpot only to run into issues trying to withdraw the prize.
  • Pirated and Unsecure Games: Offshore sites are also known for providing pirated versions of quality online casino games and unsecure options. Never play counterfeit games as it can lead to unfair spinning and can include rigged random number generators.


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