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Posted: Nov 4, 2022Last updated: Nov 4, 2022

Baseball betting outcomes can be random, but there’s still another way to win big.

Getting odds on the deciding outcome can be difficult, but prop betting odds for baseball are often (-110), which means a coin toss. Plus, betting on props is a great way to support your favorite players.

But how does prop betting on baseball work? Is there a strategy behind it? What’s the best site to use for prop bets? That’s where we come in.

  • First, Matt Williams offers today’s best MLB prop bets, with tips on the best wagers to place along with the best sportsbooks for today’s best odds.
  • Then, Pat Pickens outlines the best MLB prop betting tips to use all season — including which sportsbooks you should typically use, what prop betting means, and other strategies.

MLB Props: Saturday, Nov. 5

The Philadelphia Phillies and Houston Astros square off in Game 6 of the World Series on Saturday.

The Phillies will send right-hander Zack Wheeler to the mound against Astros’ southpaw Framber Valdez.

  • For prop bets, be sure to check out Matt Williams’ Game 6 predictions between the Phillies and Astros.

Best MLB Player Prop Bets Today

Check out the best MLB player prop bets to make with our props comparison tool. Click on a game below to see all of its prop bets.

Learn more about prop bets and the best sportsbooks for prop betting.

How Baseball Prop Betting Works

Prop betting in baseball is where gamblers wager on other outcomes aside from who wins and loses, the run-line spread, or the total. There are player props, and game props, and can be non-game-related props if there are special events.

For instance, if you are planning to watch the New York Mets vs. the Atlanta Braves and don’t trust the Mets to win with Max Scherzer on the mound but still want to cash in on him pitching you can bet his strikeout Over/Under prop. Or if there’s a player on Atlanta with good career number’s against Scherzer, you can bet on him to get a hit or drive in a run during the game.

If Scherzer’s Over/Under for strikeouts was set at seven, and he struck out 8, Over would be the winning bet. If you bet on Matt Olson to have a hit or an RBI against Scherzer and he achieves that, then that Over bet will hit too.

Best Baseball Prop Betting Sites

Betting baseball props is easy with no shortage of legal online sportsbooks. Here are a few of our favorites:

BetMGM Sportsbook

BetMGM is an exceptional option for prop betting baseball, with a slew of available markets and props for every MLB game each day.

The BetMGM also offers loyalty rewards to users as well as advice and a live-stream option for certain marquee games and events. Users can watch their games in real-time and get the most accurate and dependable info to make informed betting and win big.

FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel is another exceptional option for baseball prop betting, particularly since users can parlay multiple props in a Same-Game Parlay. FanDuel, which invented the Same-Game Parlay, has become the top sportsbook in the U.S. as a result of this prop-heavy betting option.

But wait, there’s more. FanDuel also recently released Game Parlay+, which enables bettors to combine multiple props from multiple games to win even bigger. FanDuel is the only sportsbook that offers that at the moment, and that feature should entice prospective bettors to participate in their service.

Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars is a terrific option for betting on props in all sports, but especially baseball. Caesars is well-known for its terrific app and regularly boosts odds for props or parlays for marquee games.

With Caesars Rewards, users can also accrue points and use them for dining, hotel stays at Caesars properties, as well as sports tickets, which means you can win big while also watching your online account soar.

Fubo Sportsbook

Fubo sportsbook is only available in a couple of states at the moment, as it was only founded in Fall 2021, but it is becoming a leader in prop betting, especially for baseball.

Fubo boasts a partnership with Major League Baseball and enabled bettors to sync the sportsbook to their streaming accounts, thus making live betting the game you’re watching a breeze.

BetRivers Sportsbook

BetRivers has a wide variety of prop betting options for baseball bettors and gives new and novice gamblers a helpful guide to betting as well as tips and advice so they can make the best decision possible.

The BetRivers app also provides more than 100 markets for every MLB game each day, and the sportsbook has an exceptional welcome offer where new users who make their first deposit of up to $250 will receive a 100 percent match.


DraftKings has a ton of betting options for every sport, especially baseball, and makes turning those props into a Same-Game Parlay a breeze. DraftKings lets users combine many markets from the same game with the simple toggle of an icon.

The DraftKings online sportsbook is the most widely available option nationwide, meaning if you’re in a state where online betting is legal you’re undoubtedly able to use their app.

How To Pick the Best MLB Prop Betting Sites

Ease of Use

It’s important to feel comfortable with the sportsbook that you choose to use. Whether it be the layout of their website or the ease to deposit and withdraw funds, it can make a difference in your overall experience.

Welcome Bonuses & Promotions

Keep an eye out for these bonuses or promotions as they could prove to be profitable. As far as welcome bonuses go, some sportsbooks will offer free wagers to new customers. With regards to promotions, they can include boosted odds to potentially make wagers more profitable for customers.

Variety of Props

A wide variety of props means more opportunities to win money. Not only does that mean offering game, team, individual, and season-long props, but offering more of them. A wider variety of props could also lead to added entertainment as you follow along with your wagers.

Odds on Props

This is very important. It’s not uncommon for multiple sportsbooks to list the same line on a prop. However, the odds can be different. For instance, if DraftKings has the odds on a Mookie Betts hits prop at -110 but BetMGM is boosting it +115, it’s worth it to put your money down at BetMGM. MLB Prop Bets are Available?

We already mentioned Over/Unders for strikeouts for starting pitchers as a prop betting option for baseball. Here’s a list of other standard prop betting for baseball:

  • Over/under for Runs, hits, RBIs, total bases, stolen bases, and strikeouts. Typically set at 0.5, will each hitter/batter accomplish that.
  • Anytime home run hitter. Will an individual hitter hit a home run?
  • Will the game go to extra innings?
  • Alternate totals. If the Over/Under for runs is set for 8.5, you can bet lower or higher options at longer or shorter odds.
  • Race to a certain run total. Which team will reach a certain run threshold first?
  • Which starting pitcher will have the most/least strikeouts, walks, hits allowed, etc., Pitching props are widely available for starters but may not be featured if there is an opener.

Baseball Prop Betting Promotions

Prop betting promos like boosts are great enticements for users to bet. If the deGrom strikeout prop, or a Jose Altuve Over 1.5 hits in a game, is boosted to plus-money at one online sportsbook that is a good reason to choose a particular sportsbook over another.

One type of promotion is an odds boost. This is where a bettor receives more lucrative odds for a typical prop bet to hit.

For instance, some sportsbooks might produce curated prop parlays, like enabling bettors to wager on Max Scherzer and Yu Darvish to combine for more than 14.5 strikeouts in a game featuring the Mets and San Diego Padres. Or maybe one would boost the odds on Trout and Aaron Judge to each drive in a run in a game between the Los Angeles Angels and New York Yankees.

Other prop boosts could be for enhanced odds on Randy Arozarena to hit a home run for the Tampa Bay Rays in a specific game.

There are also welcome bonuses that are often offered for new members, including initial deposit matches up to a certain dollar amount.

Best Baseball Prop Bets

The best baseball prop bets are the ones you love, and the second-best baseball prop bets are the ones you love that are boosted. So be sure to peruse each sportsbook app daily to try and find those boosted props in events you love.

Maybe a star pitcher like Max Scherzer’s Over/Under for strikeouts one night a single sportsbook is boosting 5.5 to +100. Take advantage of that boost and the extra 10 percent profit you’ll gain. Or perhaps a solid hitter like you’ll be getting a hit is boosted from -125 to +110 on one sportsbook, that’s one well worth taking advantage of.

Props are great because they can hit even if the outcome you think will happen is completely wrong.

Baseball Prop Betting Strategy

Search for matchups you like and markets that seem attainable. Start small then build your way to the three- and four-leg prop parlays that more seasoned gamblers can put together.

If your favorite team has an unfavorable matchup, but you think one of your favorite players will do well, it benefits you to wager on a player prop. There’s no wrong way to choose a prop.

The key in betting is to look for statistical trends. Fortunately, many sportsbooks will offer trends and stats on their online platforms these days.

Common sense also pays off too. For instance, say the Los Angeles Dodgers are playing their first of a three-game series against the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field, and you know that home runs fly out of the ballpark in Denver. It would be wise to consider a player home-run prop for one of the Dodgers’ top power hitters — like Betts, Max Muncy Bellinger, or someone else who has been recently driving the ball.

Benefits of MLB Prop Betting Online

Prop betting on baseball is so much better online. For instance, so many props are boosted online, which provides a bigger payout than those made at a physical sportsbook. Payouts are faster online too, giving users more playable funds to put toward other potential wagers.

Plus, users can shop for the best odds across a slew of sportsbooks as opposed to being confined to a single location, thus ensuring the largest possible payout.

How to Place a Baseball Prop Bet Online

Placing a prop bet is simple. Here’s a list of steps to do so.

  • Register at preferred sportsbook. Be sure to click GET BONUS at the top of this page to ensure the max new player bonus.
  • Peruse the prop betting options for each MLB game
  • Find the one you like the best
  • Tap it to add it to your bet card
  • Insert the amount you want to wager
  • Press “Place bet"
  • Root for it to hit!

Where Can I Legally Place “MLB Prop" Bet Online?

Betting on baseball props is legal anywhere online sports betting is allowed. Here’s a list of those states:

  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Louisiana
  • Michigan
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • Tennessee
  • Virginia
  • Washington, D.C.
  • West Virginia
  • Wyoming

Choose More Than One Baseball Prop Betting Site

Having funds in more than one online sportsbook enables bettors to odds shop to find the best odds possible for their preferred baseball prop bet. But you can only do that if you have money in more than one online sportsbook, which is why keeping funds in multiple accounts is integral.

Choosing multiple sites to place bets on props allows you to search for a variety of different props. Also, it’s important to search for odds across multiple sites to help maximize your potential profits.

Various sites also offer different promotions daily, so being registered with multiple sportsbooks would allow you to take advantage of those opportunities. — PAT PICKENS


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