NHL Prop Bets Today

Posted: Nov 23, 2022Last updated: Nov 24, 2022

A full 15-game slate of games is on the docket for hockey betting Wednesday night.

Here are the best prop-betting options.

All NHL odds are current as of Wednesday, Nov. 23, at 2 p.m. ET, and courtesy of FanDuel Sportsbook. 

Pat Pickens’ 2022-2023 NHL Prop Betting Record: 9-13 (-4 units)

Best NHL Player Prop Bets

NHL Best Prop Bets Today

Blackhawks vs Stars: Jason Robertson Over 1.5 Points (+160)

WAGER: 1 Unit

The Stars should roll over the Blackhawks, and Robertson should continue his scoring tear. The Dallas forward has a 12-game point streak with eight multi-point games in that span.

Given the plus-money odds and favorable matchup, it’s worth it to bet on Robertson to make that nine in 13.

Capitals vs Flyers: Alex Ovechkin Anytime Goal (-106)

WAGER: 1 Unit

The Flyers are in an awful way. Goalie Carter Hart, who looked like an MVP candidate through the season’s first month, has cratered with the 10th-worst GSAA in hockey (-2.88) in November.  Philadelphia is tied for second-worst in goals allowed this month (25).

That creates perfect conditions for Ovechkin, who has made a career scoring against the Flyers. He has  50 goals against Philadelphia in the regular season and playoffs combined, the fourth-most of any opponent.

He does have just one goal in Washington’s past seven games, which makes Wednesday a great night to break out.  The odds aren’t great, but wins are wins. Ovechkin should score vs the Flyers.

Rangers vs Ducks: John Gibson Over 30.5 Saves (-122)

WAGER: 1 Unit

If you read my NHL best bets for Wednesday, you know I like the Ducks to surprise the Rangers in Anaheim. If that’s the case, Gibson is almost certainly going to need to have 31-plus saves, since Anaheim has allowed the most shots in hockey.

Gibson may need to stop 30-plus whether Anaheim wins or loses. The Rangers have the seventh-most shots and Corsi in all situations this season, but if the Ducks are going to win, he’ll likely need to stand on his head.

How NHL Prop Betting Works

Prop bets are wagers that aren’t tied to the final outcome. As opposed to betting moneylines, totals or spreads, which are also available each night for hockey games, prop wagers can be related to an individual team or player’s performance.

Prop betting is one of the most popular styles of wagering, especially for NHL betting, since it can be difficult to determine who will win on a night-in, night-out basis.

Plus, it is really fun to wager on a star player’s performance especially if he plays for your favorite team.

Best NHL Prop Betting Sites


Caesars is an elite option for hockey betting, including prop wagers. Caesars offers a plethora of prop options for every NHL game every night, including player props like an individual player to score a goal or go over or under in an individual stat category.

Plus, every wager with Caesars gives bettors Caesars Rewards, the sportsbook’s VIP rewards program, which they can use to reimburse for things like meal and hotel credits at Caesars properties.


BetMGM is one of my favorite sportsbooks, especially for prop betting in hockey, because it makes finding prop wagers extremely easy to find. Bettors have a slew of great prop options, including player props, and also empowers hockey bettors to customize their own one-game parlays.

Plus, BetMGM also has a terrific rewards program where bettors can get points that can be redeemed for bet credits and hotel stays at MGM’s properties nationwide.


FanDuel is the No. 1 sportsbook in America and is constantly innovating to make playing more fun and exciting for sports fans. FanDuel standardized same-game parlays when they rolled out the feature in 2018 and offers a robust number of game and player props for every NHL game each day.

With FanDuel bettors can also take advantage of more markets like futures wagers, and the sportsbook is the only one that empowers users to create same-game parlay, where they can combine multiple markets from multiple games for a huge payout.


The DraftKings Online Sportsbook is an official sports-betting partner of the NHL, which makes it a superb option for hockey betting, especially props. DraftKings has a plethora of prop options and a user-friendly interface and lets bettors consult the prop bets via its helpful tabs at the top of the page

Plus, DraftKings makes same-game-parlay betting a breeze and gives users dozens of betting markets to combine with the simple toggle of an icon.


The PointsBet Online Sportsbook is changing the way sports, and hockey specifically, is bet. PointsBet offers two unique styles of betting, traditional fixed-odds betting and its own custom PointsBetting style that rewards bettors for being right and punishes them for being wrong.

PointsBetting is designed for player- and game-prop betting, since the markets available for PointsBetting are props. But if PointsBet-style sounds too intense for you, you may still wager props with fixed-odds style betting too and competitive odds on those wagers too.

How To Pick the Best NHL Prop Betting Sites

Variety of Props

The most important factor when betting on sports is that there is the wager you wish to make.

Fortunately, most of the sportsbooks above will give bettors a robust number of prop markets, especially player props for hockey. From there you can determine what bets you love and which ones you want to not wager on.


The best odds will produce the best payout. It is sometimes as simple as that.

Given that sportsbook odds are not always standard — FanDuel will sometimes offer -104 odds when other sportsbooks offer -105 or -110 — it is integral to shop for odds on the betting market you wish to make. Having a sportsbook account, and funds in multiple sportsbooks, is integral for this fact.


Finding your preferred betting market is almost as important as getting great odds. Plus, you’ll want to find those prop markets easily too so you can wager them before the odds change.

Logging in should be seamless too without too many steps, particularly if you’re a regular bettor, again so you can place your wager fast before the number and odds change.

Welcome Bonuses 

Every sportsbook offers a welcome bonus, such as a risk-free bet, bet-and-get or first-deposit match. Taking advantage of these bonuses is integral since they’re one-shot deals that you’ll lose if you don’t use.

A prop bet is as good a wager to make on a risk-free bet, especially if it’s one you love.

NHL Prop Betting Promotions


Every sportsbook offers odds boosts, especially on player and game props, each night.

Some sportsbooks, like DraftKings, will boost odds on prop bets that are likely to hit in an effort to give users more playable funds. Others will boost odds on more questionable props or on prop parlays for marquee regular-season and playoff games.

Betting boosted props can be enticing, but be sure to be responsible and do your homework when assessing boosted props.

Best NHL Prop Bets

Race to 3 Goals

The winning team in the NHL often is the first to score three goals, and if you can successfully predict which team that will be, you’ll likely get great odds — even better than moneyline odds.

NHL Player Props

It can be tough to predict which player will score in an individual game each night. But every sportsbook has other player props like over/under shots, points, power-play points and even goalie saves.

The player props get ratcheted up in the playoffs, but each sportsbook listed above will also offer player-prop options for every game in the regular season too.

NHL Prop Betting Strategy

Do your homework. Seek out trends, like how a player performs against a specific opponent historically or if a star player’s style of play matches his opponent’s deficiencies.

For example, if the Tampa Bay Lightning are facing off against an opponent that allows a lot of shots, taking advantage of Steven Stamkos or Nikita Kucherov’s shot prop is essential.

Keep in mind that trends regress, especially in hockey, which is why there is inherent risk to sports betting. But if you do your homework and seek out trends then you’ll win more often than you lose.

Benefits of NHL Prop Betting Online

Betting hockey props online is the best way to wager on NHL props for a variety of reasons. For example, you can shop for the best odds since the best odds produce the best payouts. Or you can seek out the most favorable number that is most likely to hit.

Betting on NHL props online is more convenient than wagering at a brick-and-mortar sportsbook since users can place their bets from their couch, bed or even the car — though we recommend not betting while driving.

Plus, online sportsbooks boost odds on props, which bettors are not entitled to when wagering in person.

How to Place an NHL Prop Bet Online

To place an NHL prop bet online, please follow these steps:

  • Register at your preferred sportsbook or log into your sportsbook account
  • Deposit funds into your account
  • Consult any promotions or odds boosts for prop bets
  • Use any welcome bonus funds or opt-in to take advantage of any promotions like risk-free bets or bet-and-gets
  • Click the NHL tab on each sportsbook and tap the game you are interested in wagering on.
  • Consult the odds and prop numbers then research trends to determine if they are good or bad bets to place
  • Choose your wager
  • Place your wager and root for it to hit

Where Can I Legally Place NHL Prop Bets Online?

  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut (no betting on in-state college teams)
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Louisiana
  • Michigan
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey (no betting on in-state college teams)
  • New York (no betting on in-state college teams)
  • Pennsylvania
  • Tennessee
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia
  • Wyoming

Choose More Than One NHL Prop Betting Site

As stated above, prop betting odds and numbers vary from site to site. Having funds in multiple sportsbook sites enables odds and number shopping for the most lucrative and conducive wager.

Plus, also as referenced above, odds boosts set sportsbooks apart. Having funds in multiple sportsbook sites lets users take advantage of those lucrative boosts since they vary each day.


Pat Pickens

Pat Pickens is a seasoned sportswriter who has covered the NHL since 2013 for various websites, including The New York Times,,, USA Today, the Associated Press and many others. His debut book, titled "The Whalers" about the history of the NHL's Hartford Whalers, was released in October 2021. His greatest successful wager was an LA Kings puck-line bet (+200) in Game 1 of the 2012 Western Conference Final.

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