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MLB Betting Odds

Betting baseball can be more confusing than other sports, but The Game Day is working to make it less overwhelming. With the MLB odds comparison tool, betting on your favorite game or team will ensure you get the best odds and payout for your wager.

The MLB odds comparison tool will also curate expert picks for good-value props and provide bettors the sportsbook that is offering the best odds. Gamblers can click right through those links and land on that sportsbook’s page, enabling fans to make those bets instantaneously.

Aside from giving bettors the best odds and props, the odds-comparison tool also serves as an essential information guide since gamblers can affirm the start time and television network of each game each night.

MLB Odds Explained

Baseball odds vary night to night since the starting pitcher has such a profound impact on each game. Major League Baseball mainstreamed plus/minus-100 betting since the moneyline odds varied so drastically and each game’s typical run-line is 1.5, and when newspapers would print odds they would only include the moneyline and over/unders.

Odds may vary from site to site since sportsbooks are looking for ways to differentiate themselves, which is why the odds-comparison tool is integral.

The odds comparison tool also offers links for bettors to wager instantaneously before lines move. Lines typically move when there is more action on one team or if there’s a key injury or lineup scratch that is unveiled before the game. In baseball, maybe a key hitter gets a night off or a Jacob deGrom-caliber pitcher gets scratched from his start due to a minor injury.

Finding the Best MLB Odds

There are three really popular ways to bet on baseball, and fortunately, the odds-comparison tool makes gambling each way extremely easy.

What to Look for in MLB Moneyline Odds

Baseball moneyline odds can be extremely lopsided, since teams can be mismatched and the runline spread doesn’t typically change from game to game. If all things are equal, each team would be -110 to win, but depending on who the starting pitcher is for each team an inferior team could be favorite on the road against a superior opponent since the pitcher can have that big an impact on a game.

For instance if the Mets are hosting the superior Atlanta Braves, but deGrom is New York’s starter, the Mets might be favored at -170 and the Braves winning might have +130. But the next night, when deGrom is not on the hill for the Mets, the Braves could be -200 with the Mets fetching +150 odds.

What to Look for in MLB Spread Lines

Run lines are typically 1.5 for each game, since even the most lopsided games could be decided by one run. There are enhanced odds to bet each team -1.5 or +1.5.

For instance, betting the New York Yankees -1.5 against the Detroit Tigers might have +120 odds, even if the Yankees moneyline odds would be -200. The Tigers might be -150 to cover 1.5 even if they were +150 to defeat New York.

What to Look for in MLB Totals

Most over/under bets start at 7.5, but MLB totals, like those in football and basketball, can vary depending on many factors. We mentioned the starting pitchers in each game, but ballpark factors, potential weather — since it’s harder to hit on cold nights and easier to on hot ones — and obviously the offensive potency of each team can have an impact on the total.

For instance, a game featuring the Los Angeles Dodgers and Colorado Rockies at Coors Field could have 9.5 or 10.5 as an over/under. A Mets vs. Chicago Cubs game on a windy, frigid night at Wrigley Field could be 6.5 or lower.

If an over/under is set at 8, and the game ends 5-3, that is a push and the bettor retains his original bet.

What Other MLB Bets are Available?

There is more to bet than just moneyline, run line and totals. There are player props, like anytime hits and anytime home runs, as well as props for pitchers — like the over/under number of strikeouts each may have in a single game.

Betting online offers prospective bettors seemingly unlimited options, and they are simple to find as opposed to visiting in-person sportsbooks that have spatial limitations and make gambling props more intimidating. Finding props and parlaying them online is as simple as a few clicks.

Sportsbooks also will curate a prop and a moneyline bet for a single-game parlay and may even boost the odds to make the winnings that much greater. Each online book also enables gamblers to live bet, meaning they can track a game’s progress and bet on a team to rally as the odds get more favorable.

Finding the Best Odds at US Online Sportsbooks

Shopping for odds is integral since the whole goal of sports gambling is getting the best possible payout. Winning a -102 bet, meaning betting $102 to win $100, vs. -110 may not seem like much. But over time those bets will add up and make your pot grow incrementally.

For example, over time, if you win 20 $100 bets at -102, you would win $98 in profit for each winning bet for a total profit of $1960. If you won the same 10 $100 bets at odds of -110 the profit from each bet would be $91, with a total of $1820. This means, by price shopping and getting the better -102 lines, you ended up making an additional $140 using our odds comparison tool.

Best Sportsbooks with MLB Odds

How to Use the MLB Odds Comparison Tool

The odds-comparison tool enables fans to find the odds for each game each night while giving prospective bettors the option to peruse moneyline odds, run-line odds and over/unders. The odds-comparison page offers fans the best odds but also the odds at each major sportsbook.

Plus fans can click through to the landing page for each sportsbook and either sign up or login to place the wager before the odds drastically change.

Remember, odds shopping requires money in multiple sportsbooks. Plus each sportsbook offers a new signup bonus — some of which don’t even require a deposit — which is basically free money.

How to Sign Up to an Online Sportsbook

Signing up for an online sportsbook is a snap. Here are the steps:

  • Choose which sportsbook you want to sign up for, click on their link in the odds comparison tool.
  • Register a new account using your information — remember sensitive info is secure and is only used to verify your identity.
  • Deposit using the promo code “GAMEDAY” to cash in on the sign-up bonus or risk-free bet. For more information on new player bonuses, check out our Best Bonuses page.
  • Place a bet and watch to see if you win.
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