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ByFrank Ammirante

May 11, 2023

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world with several leagues to choose from across the globe. Whether you want to stay local and bet on MLS or look overseas to the EPL or Serie A, there’s no shortage of options with soccer.

This makes the odds comparison tool even more important to help increase your chances of being successful in soccer betting. Each betting site provides odds on every game and since there are so many, you could find some discrepancies to target for your advantage.

Sportsbooks have different odds, so using this tool can help you find the best value for your bet. You’re also able to see how the line has moved over time, which is important with soccer betting. This is because an important player could have been injured or sharp money could be targeting a specific side, causing the line to change.

You could also find opportunities for arbitrage betting with soccer, where you bet both sides in a game to secure a small profit. The odds comparison tool allows to speed up the process of finding the best lines, so you can capitalize on this arbitrage if you’re fast enough.

Be sure to take advantage of this tool because it will really guide you towards a path of success in soccer betting.

Soccer Odds Explained

Soccer odds can seem overwhelming at first, especially with some unfamiliar bet types, but it’ll be easier to understand after we break it down.

Let’s take a look at odds from Bet365 for the 2022 MLS Cup as an example:

  • Moneyline: San Jose Earthquakes (+155), Draw (+240), New York Red Bulls (+170)
  • Point Spread: San Jose Earthquakes +1 (-225), New York Red Bulls -1 (+450)
  • Asian Handicap: San Jose Earthquakes +0.5 (-210), New York Red Bulls -0.5 (+170)
  • Goal Total: 2.5 Goals (Over +102/Under -121)
  • Both Teams to Score: Yes (-134), No (+100)

If you’re betting on the moneyline in this game, you also have the option to choose a draw. This means that the game would remain tied after 90 minutes. If it’s in a tournament game that goes to extra time, it will be considered a draw. In this case, if I bet on the Earthquakes to win (+155), I would get $155 on a $100 bet.

The point spread refers to the winning margin in the game. In this game, we have some good value on the Red Bulls at -1 (+450). This means that they need to win by more than one goal for this bet to cash. If they win by only one goal, it would be considered a push and I would get my money back. I’d win $450 on a $100 bet if this won. You can also take alternative point spreads at higher winning margins for greater payouts.

The Asian Handicap is similar to point spreads. In this example, if I took the Earthquakes at +0.5 (-210), I would win my bet if they won or tied the game after 90 minutes. The cool thing about the Asian Handicap is you can also take plus or minus 0.25 and 0.75. For example, if I took the Earthquakes at +0.25, I’d win my full stake if they won the game, but only half of the stake if they tied. If I selected the Red Bulls at -0.75, I’d get a half-win if they won by 1 but a full win if they won by 2. I’d lose the bet entirely if they tied or lost the game.

The goal total refers to the combined number of goals scored by both teams. If I took the Under in this game, I would need the final score to combine for either zero, one, or two goals. I’d lose the bet if three or more goals were scored. You can also bet on team goal totals if you’re more interested in focusing on one side.

Both teams to score is a unique bet that is popular in soccer. This is a good option if you think the game will be competitive and relatively high-scoring, but you’re not comfortable taking the Over on the goal total because you feel like it’s too high. If you believe a team is going to completely dominate the game, it’s a good idea to select “No" on this bet.

You’re also able to bet on Same Game Parlays with player and team props in soccer games. These may include shots on target, goalscorers, total corner kicks, and much more. It’s a great way to combine different props as a way to secure higher payouts.

Finding the Best Soccer Betting Lines

Let’s take a look at what to look for when examining different betting lines in soccer. Below you’ll find an explanation to guide you with each bet type.

What to Look for in Soccer Moneyline Odds

A moneyline bet is when you choose either team to win or a draw after 90 minutes. This bet type is more challenging in soccer because of the tie element that doesn’t exist in other sports.

The favorite has minus odds (-200), which means that you stake more than your potential win, while the underdog has plus odds (+170), where you can win more than your allotted risk. In this example, if you bet on the favorite, you’d risk $200 to win $100, but if you chose the underdog, you’d win $170 on a $100 wager.

When you see two teams with similar moneylines, that’s telling you that it’s a closely contested game that can easily finish as a draw after 90 minutes. This can be a great spot to find value on an outright winner, but the bookmakers are telling you that a tie is the most likely outcome.

If you’re betting on a game that projects to be lopsided, you’ll find that the favorite is really high-priced, ranging from -200 to even as high as -1000. In this example, it’s a good idea to look towards the point spread if you like the favorite because it’s too risky to lay such high juice. On the other hand, it’s a great spot if you like the underdog due to its terrific value.

What to Look for in Soccer Spread Lines

This is a bet type where the favorite has a minus (-) spread, meaning that they need to win by more than the assigned winning margin, while the underdog has a plus (+) spread, where they can win outright or lose by less than the spread.

Soccer spread bets are good to target if you like a heavy favorite. For example, if you think that Chelsea (-350) will win at home against Burnley in the English Premier League, it’s a better idea to take them on the spread at -1 (-150) to lower your risk. This means that they would only need to win by 2 for you to win your bet.

You likely won’t find any discrepancies in the spread itself with soccer betting, but you can find some differences in the moneyline attached to the spread. On one sportsbook you could see Chelsea -1 (-150), but another one might have them at -135. This slight difference in price can make an impact in the long run, so be mindful here.

You’re also able to choose alternative point spreads with any soccer game. If you think a favorite is going to blow out the other team, it could be a good idea to sprinkle some money on them to win by two or even three goals for higher payouts.

Keep an eye out for what a team needs in a specific game. For example, in a tournament group stage setting, it’s beneficial for a team to win by multiple goals because goal differential plays a role in seeding. On the other hand, if it’s a knockout round, a team may have no incentive to push the pace for a win by two or more goals.

My advice would be to avoid underdogs on point spreads because they tend to come at overpriced moneylines. If it’s a heavy underdog that you’re getting at a reasonable price, then you can definitely choose them. However, in most cases, it’s best to target the Asian Handicap if you’re looking at the underdog.

What to Look for in Soccer Asian Handicap Lines

There are two ways that I like to use the Asian Handicap. The first one is when I’m betting on an underdog. I might think that they’ll win the game, but I don’t want to get burned if it ends up in a draw after 90 minutes. In this case, I’d take the underdog at +0.5 on the Asian Handicap, where my bet would win if the team won or tied the game.

It’s always a good idea to put larger funds on the +0.5 in Asian Handicap and a smaller amount on the moneyline for the team to win the game. It’s the worst feeling to correctly handicap that an underdog will keep a game close, only for it to end up in a draw. This covers you for that worst-case scenario.

The other way that I’d use the Asian Handicap is if I like a favorite to win, but I’m not comfortable in choosing them to have a winning margin of two goals or more. This is because goals can be hard to come by in soccer, so it’s difficult to win these types of bets. Therefore, I’d take that favorite at -0.75 to cover my bases.

This means that if my team wins by only one goal, I’d still get win half of my stake. I’d win my full amount if they won by two, but this is just a great way to make sure that I don’t lose if I correctly pick the winner but not the winning margin.

What to Look for in Soccer Goal Totals

When deciding on whether to bet on the Over or Under, you should first compare the odds among sportsbooks to find the best line. While they won’t differ too much, you could find one game with a three-goal total on one site but 3.5 on another sportsbook. That half-goal means a lot in soccer.

You’re more likely to find differences in the moneylines attached to the Over or Under. You could see the Over at -150 on one site but -140 on another, so be sure to take advantage of the cheaper line.

After you’ve compared odds, you should check to see the style of each team. Are they more defensive or do they push forward in a free-flowing style? Be mindful of what each team needs in that specific game. For example, in a group stage tournament setting, a team may only need a tie to go through. This leans to the Under because they don’t have an incentive to win the game, so they can play a more defensive style.

If you think a game will be close but don’t want to choose the Over, you can opt for the “Both Teams to Score" prop instead. Likewise, if you believe a game will be a blowout but you’re not confident that one team will score enough to bring the total Over, you can pick “No" on a “Both Teams to Score" bet.

What Other Soccer Lines are Available?

The most popular soccer lines are on the three-way moneyline (road win, draw, home win), point spread, Asian Handicap, and game total. However, there are several more options to choose from, such as player props and Same Game Parlays.

One of the most popular player props is to select the goalscorer in a given match. You can choose a player to score at any time or even be the first or last scorer in the game. This is great in soccer because it’s a low-scoring sport, so it’s easier to pick the player to score first. These lines have higher moneylines, giving you terrific value on your bet.

You can combine props like this one into a Same Game Parlay for higher payouts. This is a great bet type because you can put together correlated outcomes for higher payouts. For example, if you think that Barcelona will dominate a game, you can take the Over on their corner kicks and shots on target. This makes sense because if they’re controlling a match, they’re likely to have more corners and shots.

The bet type selection in soccer is robust, featuring other choices like “Halftime/Fulltime Result," or correctly choosing the exact score in a match. These bets are harder to win, but they’re fun because they have such high odds, giving you that chance at a high payout.

Finding the Best Soccer Lines at US Online Sportsbooks

Finding the best soccer lines at US online sportsbooks is like searching for the best price on a given item. You want to save as much money and eliminate as much risk as possible. If you’re choosing a favorite, you want the moneyline to be higher, even if it’s only a few cents. Likewise, you want it to be higher if selecting an underdog.

If you only use one sportsbook for soccer totals, you could lose $4.55 for every $100 bet if it’s -110 on both Over and Under, giving the house a 4.55% edge. On the other hand, if you use multiple sites, you might find -102 on the Over and -105 on the Under, downgrading the house edge from 4.55% to 1.69%, since you’re only getting an expected loss of $1.69 per $100 bet.

Any type of savings is beneficial for your bankroll in the long run. You want to be as profitable as possible, so this makes line shopping a prudent play.

Best Sportsbooks with Soccer Odds

How to Use the Soccer Odds Comparison Tool

Using the Soccer Odds Comparison Tool makes it easy to find the best value while betting on soccer. You’ll see each game listed in an organized fashion, allowing you to toggle between the moneyline, total, and point spread. You’re also able to look at some of the best value on player props as well.

The best part about this tool is that you don’t need to sign up for another account to see other odds - it’s a one-stop shop for your best bet needs. This makes it a much more convenient process.

When deciding on a bet, all you need to do is find the matchup and enjoy the hard work we’ve laid out for you in finding the best lines. If you already have an account at the sportsbook with the best line, place your bet. However, if you need to make an account, simply click our link to access their welcome bonus.

How to Sign Up to an Online Sportsbook

Signing up for an online sportsbook is an easy process. You’ll find the steps outlined below.

  • Step 1 - Click the icon: Choose your desired sportsbook and click the icon provided on the website. This will bring you to the sportsbook’s home page, where you can access their welcome bonus.
  • Step 2 – Register for an account: Now you can input your personal information, promo code (if necessary), and photo identification to verify your account. Wait for a confirmation for your own records.
  • Step 3 – Deposit funds: The last step is to deposit funds into your account. You can do this through several platforms, such as Credit/Debit, Checking/ACH, eWallets, and much more. Once this is done, you’ll see your money immediately reflected in your account. If your site has a first-deposit match, these funds will appear in your account as well.

Make sure to sign up for multiple sportsbooks. Not only can you shop for the best lines, but you can also take advantage of their generous new player offers. These betting sites are competing for your action, so you can really rack up bet credits through first-deposit matches and second-chance bets.

First-deposit matches are when the sportsbook matches your first deposit up to a maximum amount in bet credits. A second-chance bet is when the sportsbook refunds your first bet if it loses. It’s great because it eliminates the financial risk in a wager, allowing you to feel secure with your first choice. These are awesome ways to get off to a strong start in your sports betting venture.

It’s important to remember that these are one-time offers, so try to take advantage of them when you’re able to max out the bonus. This gives you the most value, allowing you to continue to stack that bankroll.

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