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Thrillzz Sportsbook is a unique sweepstakes sportsbook that allows you to place social sports picks for free while being able to claim winnings for cash prizes. The site offers unique features, such as the Squads, where you and your friends can join and discuss sports picks while earning Loyalty Points.

ByChav Vasilev

Jun 4, 2024

Overview of Thrillzz Sportsbook

  • Excellent Welcome Bonus

  • Daily Promos For Existing Users

  • Rewarding Loyalty Program

  • Unique Squads Feature

  • Social Aspect To Sports Picks

  • No Android App

  • No Live Betting

  • Limited Customer Service Options

  • Welcome Bonus
  • Mobile Experience
  • Payment Options
  • Support
  • Overall Grade

Thrillzz Sportsbook QUICK FACTS

  • Established:


  • Services:

    Online Social Sportsbook

  • Available In:

    All States Except AL, GA, ID, IN, IA, KY, LA, MI, MN, MS, NV, OH, SC, WA

  • Banking Options:

    Credit Card, Debit Card

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Thrillzz Sportsbook Promo Code

You can use promo code GAMEDAY to get the Thrillzz welcome promotion.

Start by to unlock the offer and complete a quick registration with the promo code GAMEDAY. The process takes only a few minutes, and you will receive your promo funds as soon as you’re done.

The promo is available only to new users, so if you’re already a Thrillzz user, you won’t be able to claim it.

What Does the Thrillzz Sportsbook Promo Include?

As a new user, you can claim the Thrillzz Sportsbook promo of 3 FREE Thrillzz Sweeps, 3,000 Thrillzz Coins, and a 100% match on your first purchase up to $25.

See below for more information.

No-Purchase Bonus

You will receive a no-purchase bonus of 3 FREE Thrillzz Sweeps and 3,000 Thrillzz Coins for signing up.

All you have to do to claim the bonus is to create a new player account.

Wagering Requirements

When you place correct sports picks using Thrillzz Sweeps, you earn Prize Tickets. You can use the Prize Tickets to purchase Thrillzz Coins offers or redeem them for cash prizes.

Unlike sweepstakes casinos, you cannot directly redeem the Thrillzz Sweeps currency. That means there are no wagering requirements, as you must play with Thrillzz Coins to receive Prize Tickets.

Each Prize Ticket can be redeemed for $1; the minimum redemption requirement is 50 tickets.

Terms and Conditions

Important terms and conditions tied to the no-purchase offer include:

  • You must be over 18 to play.
  • Only residents of 36 eligible states can play.
  • The welcome promotion is available to new users only.
  • You must verify your identity before purchasing or redeeming.
  • Your account and promo funds will become inactive after 180 days of inactivity.

We recommend reading the Sweepstakes Rules and Terms of Use at the bottom of the home page to learn more.

First Purchase Bonus

In addition to your no-purchase bonus, as a new player, you can claim a first-purchase bonus.

The promo includes a 100% match of your first deposit up to $25. That means if you make a purchase for $25, you will receive $50 worth of Thrillzz Sweeps.

Wagering Requirements

The wagering requirements for the first purchase bonus are the same as the no-purchase bonus.

See the section above for more information.

Terms and Conditions

Additional terms and conditions you need to know about include:

  • One Prize Ticket can be redeemed for $1.
  • The minimum redemption is 50 Prize Tickets.
  • Thrillzz Sweeps cannot be redeemed. They’re used only to enter sweepstakes.
  • Prize Tickets cannot be used to enter Sweepstakes or exchanged for Thrillzz Sweeps.
  • Prizes over $600 may require additional verification.
  • You can request one redemption per day.
  • The maximum prize per day is $1,000.

Refer to the Sweepstakes Rules and Terms of Use for more information.

How to Claim the Thrillzz Sportsbook Promo Code

Claiming the Thrillzz welcome promo is easy. Just follow these simple steps:

  • to unlock the offer, which takes you to the registration page where you can use promo code GAMEDAY.
    • Note that you must use a mobile device.
  • Press “Play Now.”
  • Choose your sign-up method, which is Google, Apple, X/Twitter, or email.
  • If you opted for email, enter a password and press “Create Account.”
  • Create a username and agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Verify your phone number.
  • You’re all set.

You can start playing using your 3 FREE Thrillzz Sweeps and 3,000 Thrillzz Coins.

If you wish to make a purchase, you must complete additional steps, such as filling in your name, age, and address.

My Experience with the Thrillzz Sportsbook Promo

Claiming the Thrillzz promo is easy and takes only minutes. I claimed mine through The Game Day’s exclusive link on my iPhone.

I opted to sign up using my email and had to create a password and a username. After agreeing to the terms and conditions, I submitted my registration and was prompted to verify my phone number. Once I did that, my registration was done and I could explore the site, which is clean and organized.

I browsed around a little before deciding how to use my promo funds. Once I was ready, I quickly placed a few picks, including boosted ones. The process was similar to that of a real money sports betting sites.

I didn’t win anything, but that’s because I opted to place predictions on the underdogs. As I was not using my money, the promo funds were an excellent way to try my luck on a few long shots.

Overall, I had a great experience with the promo and found that claiming it was straightforward and effortless.

How to Check Your Promo Funds

Your Thrillzz Coins, Thrillzz Sweeps, and Prize Tickets balance is displayed at the top of your screen.

Since there are no wagering requirements, the available Prize Tickets are eligible for redemption or purchase as long as you meet the minimum requirements.

Do Thrillzz Sportsbook Promos Expire?

While promo funds don’t expire, your account will become inactive if you haven’t logged in for six months. That means Thrillzz can close your account, and you will lose any Thrillzz Coins, Thrillzz Sweeps, and Prize Tickets you have.

The Best Way to Use Your Thrillzz Sportsbook Promo Code

See below for a few tips on ways to get the most out of your Thrillzz promo funds.

Place Picks on Your Favorite Teams

This should go without saying, but the best way to use your promo funds is to place picks on the teams you follow and know most about. Knowledge about a team and the league significantly improves your odds.

Use Odds Boosts

Take advantage of available odds boosts. These are events with higher-than-average odds, increasing your potential winnings.

Participate in Leaderboards

Make sure you take part in leaderboards. Climbing to a top position gives you bragging rights and could award you free Thrillzz Sweeps.

Join a Squad

Take advantage of the Squads feature. It’s a fun way to discuss sports picks with other players and form a community. You might even get a tip from someone more knowledgeable about a team or a league. In addition, participating in Squads helps you earn Loyalty Points.

How to Redeem Your Thrillzz Sportsbook Promo Winnings

Before you can redeem, you must have at least 50 Prize Tickets. In addition, you must verify your identity by completing the required KYC process.

Once you’ve verified your information and collected enough coins, you can redeem by following these steps:

  • Go to the redemptions page under your user settings.
  • Select how many Prize Tickets you wish to redeem (50 minimum).
  • Select your redemption method.
  • Submit your request.

Allow Thrillzz a few business days to process your request.

Thrillzz Sportsbook Promos for Existing Users

Your opportunities to earn free virtual currency do not end once you’ve claimed your welcome bonus. Thrillzz provides several opportunities for existing users to get Thrillzz Sweeps.

Learn more about a few common promotions below.

Daily Login Reward

Each day you log in to your Thrillzz account, you can claim a bonus, which includes Thrillzz Coins and Thrillzz Sweeps.

The reward increases as you climb to higher levels of the loyalty program, so the more you play, the more you earn.


Participate in leaderboards for a chance to win prizes and bragging rights.

Refer a Friend

You can earn 20 FREE Thrillzz Sweeps for each friend you refer to Thrillzz. To claim the bonus, your friend must use your unique referral code, register, and make a purchase of at least $20.

You can refer up to 10 friends, meaning you can get up to 200 FREE Thrillzz Sweeps.

Social Media

Follow Thrillzz on social media to learn about upcoming promotions and participate in contests and giveaways.

Mail in Request

You can get 2 FREE Thrillzz Cash by mailing a handwritten request to Thrillzz. The best part is, there is no limit on how many requests you can send.

To find more details, go to the Sweepstakes Rules.

Thrillzz Sportsbook Rewards

When you join Thrillzz, you’re automatically enrolled in the loyalty program.

As you make sports picks, you earn Loyalty Points. Additional ways to earn Loyalty Points include the Squads feature and participation in leaderboards.

As you collect Loyalty Points, you climb different loyalty program tiers. Benefits include increased daily login rewards, Thrillzz Sweeps bonuses, and access to exclusive promotions and events.

Can You Get FREE SC Through a Mail-in?

One way to get FREE Thrillzz Sweeps is to mail a request. You must handwrite (not print) the request and mail it to Thrillzz.

There is no limit on how many requests you can send, except that you can put one request card in an envelope. For each successful request, you receive 2 FREE Thrillzz Sweeps.

Note that there are specific requirements for what you must write. That includes word-by-word text, ink color, type of envelope, and more.

To learn more, check section 4.3, labeled “Alternative Method Communication,” inside the Sweepstakes Rules at the bottom of the home page.

Where Is Thrillzz Sportsbook Available?

Thrillzz Sportsbook is available in 36 U.S. states. Unfortunately, you cannot play in the following states:

  • Alabama
  • Georgia
  • Idaho
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi
  • Nevada
  • Ohio
  • South Carolina
  • Washington

Is the Thrillzz Sportsbook Promo Worth It?

The Thrillzz Sportsbook promo is definitely worth it. By signing up, you get free promo funds, which you can use to place social picks for fun or win cash prizes. In addition, the sportsbook will match your first purchase up to $25, essentially doubling it.

And not only is the promotion worth it, but Thrillzz is also worth playing at. While there has been an increased number of sweepstakes casinos, social sportsbooks are far less available.

Thrillzz is an excellent alternative to real money sportsbooks, especially in states like Alabama, Georgia, or South Carolina, where real money options are illegal.

Thrillzz is a relatively new site that launched earlier this year. It’s operated by Thrillzz Inc., a Tennessee-based company, a subsidiary of Thrillzz Games Studio LTD, an Israeli company. However, in the short time it’s been operating, it has created a well-performing social sportsbook platform.

In addition to the promo code, this guide will review the sportsbook in the following sections to help you determine if it’s worth signing up and claiming the promotion.

Thrillzz Sportsbook Hands-on Experience

For this review, I went through the process of becoming a new user. I started by signing up on my phone, as a desktop version is unavailable. Note that there’s no dedicated Android app, so you must go through your mobile web browser unless you use an iPhone.

The sign-up process took only a few minutes, and I was able to claim my welcome promo. Once I created my account, I browsed the app and saw available picks, including NBA and NHL playoffs and many soccer options.

As my beloved Miami Heat are already out, I placed a small pick on the Dallas Mavericks and Luka Dončić to eliminate the Minnesota Timberwolves. However, as a big soccer fan, I focused on the upcoming Champions League final and placed a few more future picks.

I then explored the Thrillzz app and completed the required personal information to make purchases. I made sure to claim my deposit match offer and made a small purchase using my credit card. The process was straightforward and only took a minute.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience at Thrillzz and found the site easy to understand and use. While there is no Android app, the mobile web version worked well, and I encountered no issues.

What Is Thrillzz Sportsbook & How Does It Work?

Thrillzz is a sweepstakes sportsbook that differs from real money sportsbooks.

Playing at Thrillzz is always free, and you don’t have to make a purchase. You can play either for fun or enter sweepstakes, and instead of cash, the site uses virtual currencies to place sports predictions:

  • Thrillzz Coins: Used to play for fun. They don’t have any monetary value, and you cannot win anything.
  • Thrillzz Sweeps: Used to enter sweepstakes. When you make correct sports predictions, you win Prize Tickets.
  • Prize Tickets: Awarded as prizes for accurate sports picks using Thrillzz Sweeps. You can redeem Prize Tickets for cash prizes or Thrillzz Coin offers.

Through your no-purchase bonus, you get FREE Thrillzz Sweeps and Thrillzz Coins to get you started on the site. While not required, you can buy extra Thrillzz Coins offers. Meanwhile, you won’t be able to purchase extra Thrillzz Sweeps. Instead, you can get more via various promotions such as daily logins or Thrillzz Coins purchases.

When you play in promotional mode with Thrillzz Sweeps, winnings will be awarded as Prize Tickets. Once you collect enough tickets, you can redeem them for cash prizes or buy more Thrillzz Coins offers, which usually award you extra Thrillzz Sweeps.

Is Thrillzz Sportsbook Legit?

Thrillzz is a legit sweepstakes sportsbook that operates under U.S. sweepstakes laws. The site is available in 36 states.

Can You Win Real Money Playing at Thrillzz Sportsbook?

Yes, you can redeem Prize Tickets for cash prizes. You win Prize Tickets as rewards for correct sports predictions when using Thrillzz Sweeps.

Play Casino Games With the Thrillzz Sportsbook Promo

Currently, Thrillzz does not have casino-style games; it only offers sports picks.

Regarding your choices of sports picks, you have an extensive selection of sports and leagues:

  • Football (NFL, NCAAF)
  • Basketball (NBA, NCAAB, WNBA)
  • Baseball (MLB)
  • Hockey (NHL)
  • Soccer (MLS, English Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, UEFA Champions League)
  • UFC
  • Golf (PGA, LIV)
  • Boxing (WBA)
  • Tennis (ATP, WTA)
  • Motorsports (NASCAR, F1)

For a site that combines social sportsbook and sweepstakes casino, you can try Sportzino Casino.

Thrillzz Sportsbook Odds

The odds at Thrillzz are competitive and similar to other social sportsbooks such as Sportzino and Fliff.

I also compared Thrillzz odds to real money sportsbooks and found it offers better odds for some events.

Thrillzz provides the following social betting types:

  • Moneylines
  • Spreads
  • Totals
  • Futures
  • Parlays
  • Props

In addition, make sure you take advantage of the odds boosts, which could potentially award you higher payouts.

What Makes Thrillzz Sportsbook Different From Other Sweepstakes Casinos?

Thrillzz is different than most sweepstakes sites as it offers sports picks rather than casino-style games. It also differs from other social sportsbooks like Fliff in a few ways.

First is the Prize Tickets currency. It’s an interesting approach as it replaces wagering requirements, and you can see exactly how much you can redeem. Also, the Prize Tickets can be used to purchase Thrillzz Coins offers, which is a plus.

Another unique feature is the Squads, where you can form a group with friends or other players across the U.S. and compete with your Squad members for bragging rights. The feature is an excellent way of creating a community.

Should You Play at Thrillzz Sportsbook?

Yes, Thrillzz is an excellent alternative for real money sportsbooks. You can play for fun using Thrillzz Coins or enter sweepstakes with Thrillzz Sweeps for a chance to win cash prizes.

While relatively new, the social sportsbook offers various sports and leagues, including the NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, UFC, and international options like the English Premier League.

As a new player, you can get a no-purchase bonus and a 100% deposit match bonus, which alone are worth joining for. Another great feature is the Squads, which allows you to team up with friends or other players.

That said, Thrillzz can also improve in a few ways. The first is by creating a mobile app for Android or a desktop version. It’s common for sweepstakes casinos not to have an app, but they are generally available on computers.

Also, Thrillzz could add live betting, an essential part of sportsbooks.

Overall, I believe Thrillzz is worth joining and playing at, as it’s an excellent choice for social picks. While it’s accessible via mobile web only, the site performs tremendously and offers a smooth experience.

How To Join Thrillzz Sportsbook & Get the Promo

Joining Thrillzz is easy, but you must use a mobile device.

To sign up, just follow these steps:

  • Press “Get Bonus” to visit the registration page.
  • Click “Join Now”
  • Enter your email, create a password, or sign up with your Google, Apple, or X/Twitter account.
  • Create a username and agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Enter your phone number to receive a verification code.
  • Enter the code and submit your registration.
  • You’re all set.

You will receive 3 FREE Thrillzz Sweeps and 3,000 Thrillzz Coins. Before you can make a purchase, you must enter additional information, such as your full name, age, and address. Also, you must complete the KYC verification process before you can redeem. That includes uploading a government-issued ID, proof of address, and validation of your Social Security Number.

We recommend completing these steps after signing up so you save time later.

Banking Methods

While real money sportsbook banking options are more plentiful, Thrillzz offers more convenient purchase and redemption methods than many sweepstakes casinos.

For purchases, you can use major credit or debit cards, an online bank transfer, or the Skrill digital wallet. For redemptions, you can use Skrill or an online bank transfer.

The minimum redemption is 50 Prize Tickets. Before redeeming, you must verify your identity by completing the KYC process.

Once you submit your request, expect it to be completed in a few business days. If you use Skrill, the transfer will take less than a day, but you must then transfer the money to your account.

Bank transfers take a few business days and, according to the site, could take up to 60 days in very rare instances.


  • Credit or Debit Card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX)
  • Online Bank Transfer
  • Skrill


  • Online Bank Transfer
  • Skrill

Customer Support

For common questions, visit the Thrillzz FAQ page. If you can’t find an answer to your question there, you can message Thrillzz customer support:

  • Direct message in the app
  • Email at
  • X (formerly Twitter) @ThrillzzSupport
  • Phone: 1-888-595-3712

You can find the FAQ page and the message center under the “Contact Us” page at the bottom of your home screen.

Self-Exclusion & Player Safety

Thrillzz Sportsbook has a dedicated Responsible Gaming page at the bottom of your home screen.

You will find information about Thrillzz’s steps to help you play responsibly, a problem gambling quiz, and links to support groups and organizations.

If you wish to close your account or learn about other responsible gaming resources and tools, email customer support at

Does Thrillzz Sportsbook Have A Casino or Poker Site?

No, Thrillzz Sportsbook only offers social sports picks.

If you’re looking to play casino games or poker, you can visit our guide on the best sweepstakes casinos.


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