Super Bowl Parlay Bets 2024

Frank AmmiranteSenior Sports Writer
Last Updated: Feb 11, 2024

Sunday will mark the arrival of Super Bowl 58, which features two of the preseason favorites in the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers.

It’s been a profitable NFL season for me, so I’m looking to finish the year on a high note during Super Bowl Sunday.

Continue reading for my best, longshot, and special same-game parlays for Super Bowl 58. Check out my X/Twitter account, @FAmmiranteTFJ, to see my full betting card.

Let’s have a big day with my best 49ers vs Chiefs parlays before the Super Bowl kickoff.

To build these SGP tickets, use our top Super Bowl betting promos.

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All NFL gameday odds are current as of Friday, Feb. 9 from the indicated sportsbook.

Best NFL Super Bowl 58 Parlay

Super Bowl 58 Top Parlay (+250)

bet365 Sportsbook • WAGER: 0.5 Units

  • Christian McCaffrey: Anytime TD (-225)
  • Deebo Samuel: Over 2.5 Rush Attempts (-170)

The Super Bowl top parlay starts off with Under 10.5 points in the 1st quarter (For more betting strategies, read our Super Bowl Betting Guide.)

This has been a trend throughout the history of the Super Bowl. In fact, the Under 10.5 has hit in 40 of the 57 Super Bowls (70% hit rate).

The 49ers (1st in Rush EPA) will likely run the ball effectively against the Chiefs (28th in Rush EPA), which could result in a low-scoring 1st quarter.

I’ll also add CMC to score a touchdown to this Super Bowl betting ticket.

This one doesn’t require much explanation, as the star running back has found the end zone 25 times between the regular season and playoffs.

We could also see Deebo Samuel get some work out of the backfield, which is why I’m also on his Over 2.5 rush attempts.

It’s likely that Kyle Shanahan will try to do whatever he can to make it easy on Brock Purdy against a tough Chiefs pass defense.

Handing it off to Deebo to throw off a defense that is expecting a lot of Christian McCaffrey carries looks like a wise move.

Longshot NFL Super Bowl 58 Parlay

Super Bowl 58 Longshot Parlay (+4800)

DraftKings Sportsbook • WAGER: 0.05 Units

  • Kyle Juszczyk Anytime TD (+750)

Let’s have some fun with the Super Bowl longshot parlay.

The big game often involves a few trick plays or surprising production from ancillary players, so why not take a shot?

I’ll kick it off with Noah Gray to find the end zone. The Chiefs’ TE2 has scored two touchdowns this season.

With the 49ers focused on Travis Kelce, maybe we get lucky with Gray hitting paydirt for the third time this year.

Let’s conclude the longshot with a Kyle Juszczyk to score a touchdown.

The 49ers fullback has two touchdowns this season. We sometimes see the 49ers use Juszczyk as a receiver out of the backfield.

I can see a play-action fake to Christian McCaffrey inside the five with a pass to the full-back here.

Plus, Juszczyk’s wife Kristin just got a licensing deal with the NFL to use team logos on her clothing designs after they went viral, so the vibes are high.

Super Bowl 58 Same Game Parlay With CMC & Kelce

DraftKings Sportsbook • WAGER: 0.25 Units (+360)

  • Travis Kelce 80+ Receiving Yards (+125)

WAGER: 0.2 Units

Before reading on, find our latest DraftKings Super Bowl betting promos with which you can bet this SB 58 SGP.

The Super Bowl Same Game Parlay features two stars to go Over their alternate lines.

The first NFL betting play is for Christian McCaffrey to rush for 100+ yards. Kansas City’s weakness is in run defense (28th in EPA).

We could expect a lot of touches from CMC, who averaged 91.2 rushing yards per game and eclipsed the century mark on seven occasions.

I’ll wrap it up with Travis Kelce to put up 80 or more receiving yards.

Simply put, the star tight end has dominated in the playoffs, putting up 1,178 yards in his last 12 games, nine of which featured at least 90 yards.

We’re not asking for a lot here with 100 rushing yards and 80 receiving yards, so fire up these two stars in the big game.

What is a Super Bowl Same Game Parlay?

A Same-Game Parlay, simply, is when a bettor picks more than one outcome to hit in the same game.

For instance, if you think the Kansas City Chiefs will defeat the San Francisco, and Patrick Mahomes will throw for two-or-more touchdowns, you can combine those in a parlay bet for better odds.

FanDuel was the first online sportsbook to enable gamblers to create their Same-Game Parlays.

They have upped the ante again by rolling out Same-Game Parlay+, where bettors can combine multiple Same-Game Parlays — which still isn’t allowed on many online sportsbooks — to spruce up your odds even more.

Betting Options in Super Bowl SGP

There are so many options to include when building your Same-Game Parlay, including:

  • Moneyline bets: Simply choose which team will win.
  • Against-the-spread bets, including teasers: Choose a favorite or underdog to cover a certain spread. Nearly every book will also offer the option to tease, or lower the spread, especially as part of a Same-Game Parlay. Teasers will usually be called alternative spreads when choosing same-game parlays.
  • Totals, alternate totals, per-quarter totals, and more: Choose how many points there will be in the game, tease the total lower, or choose what the Over/Under points will be in a quarter, half, or period.
  • Player props, including teasers, anytime scoring/home runs, and many more: Choose from a litany of options, including anytime touchdown/goal/home run, Over/Under yards/made baskets/shots on goal, teased-down player totals, like Over 50 yards receiving, or 2.5 made 3-point baskets, etc.,

Tips For Building Your SGP

Building a Same-Game Parlay takes research but also forces bettors to play the game out in their heads. For instance, if you bet on a team to score more than 3.5 touchdowns, you can’t expect it to combine with Under 30 points.

It’s smart to tease spreads and totals down to make the parlay more likely to hit. Sure, you may have inferior odds, but parlays are lower-probability bets with longer odds, so taking every advantage is important.

You might think that Brandon Aiyuk will have more than 80.5 receiving yards against the Chiefs but if you tease it down to 60-plus, it’ll make that 4-leg, same-game parlay more likely to hit.

There are a variety of strategies when crafting your SGP. Here are a few:

The Safety Net

Are there only a couple of combined markets you love? Then make your SGP small. Choose the team you want to win and the Under — most sites will even offer you a single-touch option to combine these outcomes without having to click the SGP tab in their app.

It’s OK to start small if you’re a beginner. Soon enough you’ll get to the point where you’re trying to hit multi-leg options. Then you can go to:

Lottery Ticket-style

Some like to load up their cards with a lot of potential outcomes to cash in like a lottery ticket.

For instance, maybe you want to combine Aiyuk to go Over 100 receiving yards, Brock Purdy to throw for Over 300 passing yards, Christian McCaffrey to rush for 100-plus rushing yards, and Travis Kelce to score a touchdown.

The odds of that particular Same-Game Parlay would likely be more than +1000, meaning a $100 bet would net $1,000 or more in profit.

The Heavily Researched SGP

Is there an event you love and want to win big on it? Then dig into the numbers and history to craft an expert-style Same-Game Parlay.

Is Christian McCaffrey playing the Chiefs? Maybe take him to score an anytime touchdown, go Over his projected rushing prop total, and choose his team to win.

Is Travis Kelce playing the Eagles? If so, he can likely see some check-down targets, since San Francisco has an imposing pass rush. That would make it a good spot to take Over on his receptions prop.

The more you know, the easier it is to produce a winning ticket.

How Odds Are Calculated in a Super Bowl Same Game Parlay

The odds for an SGP are a bit different than regular parlays. Sportsbooks give you worse prices on correlated outcomes and better odds on contradictory choices.

Let’s take a look at an example, using DraftKings Sportsbook:

If I take Purdy Over 243.5 Passing Yards (-115) and Aiyuk Over 62.5 Receiving Yards (-115) it would pay +140 odds.

However, if I took two props from different games at the same odds, I’d get approximately +200.

This is because Purdy and Aiyuk are directly correlated as the quarterback and wide receiver. If Purdy goes Over, there’s a good chance that Aiyuk does, as well.

On the other hand, if I took the Chiefs Moneyline (+100) and Under 21.5 Points (+130), I’d get +800 0dds. If I did a parlay of two separate games with those odds, they would pay me at a +360 price.

This is because if the Chiefs are held to 21 points or fewer, it’s unlikely that they’ll win the game, giving it a negative correlation.

You can create SGPs with negative correlations as a way to enhance your odds. However, be careful because the odds are higher for good reason — it’s harder to hit.

What Betting Sites Offer Super Bowl Same Game Parlays?

Just about every online sportsbook — including our top Super Bowl betting apps — offers Super Bowl Same Game Parlays now, including:


DraftKings refers to it as a Same-Game Parlay and makes dreaming up your own as easy as clicking a tab and putting as many markets together as possible.

The sportsbook has a simple interface for building your Same-Game Parlay and offers a variety of teases for props, game lines, totals, stat combos, and many more, making it one of the best apps for Same-Game Parlay use.

To create one, simply click on the Super Bowl matchup, turn on the Same Game Parlay slider, and you’re ready to build.


FanDuel appropriately named single-game combined markets a Same-Game Parlay and has the most widely available combinations thanks to their seemingly endless array of teasing options.

Dreaming up a Same-Game Parlay is as easy as clicking on a game in the app, and clicking on the Same-Game Parlay tab at the top to develop hundreds of potential outcomes that can be combined.

Unlike other books, FanDuel also allows bettors to combine two-or-more outcomes in multiple games to make their own Same-Game Parlay+.


BetRivers provides Same-Game Parlays with a slew of markets and the option to tease down spreads and totals as well.

They offer prospective bettors tips and historical trends to consider for every game every night and give users about 100 outcomes to combine for each professional game and every sport you can think of.

Just click on the game you want to combine outcomes for then tap the Same-Game Parlay option at the top to create yours.


BetMGM offers bettors a One-Game Parlay for every pro game every night and curates a list of examples for novice bettors to latch onto but also enables gamblers to create their One-Game Parlay with props, teases, totals, and regular moneyline bets.

While BetMGM’s SGP generator may seem a bit convoluted at first — you’re required to log in to build your own — once you get the hang of it, you can power out several One-Game-Parlays in a short time.

Plus, BetMGM has tips and also live streams for games so you can track the status of your SGP as it’s going.


Caesars also refers to theirs as Same-Game Parlays and offers teased spreads and total lines, though not as many teased player props as sites like DraftKings or FanDuel.

But Caesars also offers many great parlaying options plus will periodically throw in profit boosts, parlay insurance, or other unique promos — like free jerseys if you bet a certain amount of money on your favorite sport in a fixed amount of time — to make sure you win extra big with your Same-Game Parlay.

Same Game Parlay vs Standard Parlay

Same-Game Parlays are great, especially for single-game nights or marquee events — like Monday and Thursday Night Football, various playoff/championship games, the Super Bowl, or NBA games on Christmas.

If there is a major event in sports there typically will be more betting options and the more betting options, the better the event is for a Same-Game Parlay.

Standard parlaying is great for days with multiple marquee events, like the opening rounds of the NCAA men’s and women’s basketball tournament, the wild-card or first-round of the NHL, NBA, or MLB playoffs, or other nights with multiple games.

Benefits of SGP

Same-Game Parlays make single-event games more interesting but also enable great odds on games where you don’t want to pick a winner or loser.

If you love a matchup in a game — like if A.J. Brown is going against the Kansas City Chiefs — and think there will be a ton of points scored, choose his Over in receiving yards, anytime TD scorer, and the game Over to cash in.

Same-Game Parlays were created with the parlay bettor in mind for an event like the Super Bowl when there’s nothing else happening in the sports world. Plus, with most prop bets carrying -110 odds or worse an SGP is a great way to win big when there is only that one marquee event.

Crafting an SGP is also fun for the analytical bettor who likes to dig into facts and learn about likely prop events.

For example, if you know that Patrick Mahomes is taking on the best pass defense in the NFL in the Eagles, you may opt to look at the Under on his passing yards prop.

Super Bowl SGP Example

  1. Log into the preferred app or online sportsbook of your choice
  2. Deposit money and be sure to choose our promo code to get the best new signup bonus.
  3. Click on the NFL tab and the Super Bowl game. If you are betting with DraftKings, be sure to toggle the “Same-Game Parlay" icon at the top.
  4. Peruse the various prop options. For the Super Bowl, there are a lot more than for even regular-season or postseason NFL games.
  5. Click on each outcome you think will be successful and when prompted put the amount of money you’d like to bet in the “parlay" field.
  6. Watch the game and root for your Same-Game Parlay to hit!

Promotions with SGPs

Same-Game Parlays are still relatively new in sports gambling, and every sportsbook is trying to promote its version.

This means there are odds boosts for the ones curated by each app and some sites will give profit boosts or risk-free offers for Same-Game Parlays of a certain amount of money.

Caesars and DraftKings have historically offered free bets to users who put together Same-Game Parlays of three-or-more legs with +300 or longer odds that fail.

Some sites, like BetMGM, have been known to boost odds on Single-Game Parlays, meaning if you put together a three-leg parlay with each leg coming in at -110, the odds might be more like +650 instead of +595.

FanDuel has made Same-Game Parlay insurance a standard for new bettors. Their Same-Game Parlay insurance will reimburse users with site credit when exactly one leg fails.

Find the site and promo that best suits your betting needs then take advantage. Plus having a little money in multiple gambling sites is a great way to get better odds and take advantage of each site’s new-signup bonus.


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