Kentucky Sportsbook Promos September 2023

Your Guide to the Best Kentucky Sportsbook Promos

Kentucky will join the dozens of other states in legalizing online sports betting, and The Game Day will help you find the best offers in our breakdown of the top free money offers.

ByPat Pickens

Sep 26, 2023

Mobile sports wagering is coming to Kentucky after the Bluegrass State legalized the practice in July 2023.

The commonwealth has started the clock for sports gambling for residents and visitors, but there is still ample time before bettors may begin placing bets. It is an important time to assess the sports betting landscape in Kentucky since sportsbooks will soon begin offering free site credit to new signups.

Aside from site credit, there are a bunch of other promotions each legal, online sportsbook will give new players. Every sportsbook has a new user offer, like a risk-free bet, first-deposit match, or bet-and-get, and it’s integral to take advantage of each.

What is a Bonus Code? Why Do I Need One?

Confirm whether you need a code to unlock a new user offer at Kentucky betting sites.

A bonus code, or promo code — they’re used interchangeably — is a group of letters and numbers used to unlock a promotion like a welcome bonus. Most who purchase online goods and services should be familiar with the premise.

Some sportsbooks will mandate a bonus code to activate the new offer — usually those sites that offer multiple new-player offers. Some promotions do not require a code.

Best Kentucky Sportsbook Promos

Locals are likely to have the following options after the arrival of Kentucky sports betting launch dates.


  • New Player Offer: Bet $5, Get $150
  • Status: Live September 28, 2023

DraftKings is the most widely available online betting platform in the United States. DraftKings accepts bets in more than two-dozen states and is almost always among the first to roll out when a new state launches.

The self-proclaimed King of Sportsbooks offers a plethora of betting markets across sports and partners with every major league to produce boosts and other deals for marquee sporting events. It also has an aesthetically pleasing app that is easy to navigate.

DraftKings also giving $150 in site credit to new signups who deposit $10 and make a first-time wager of at least $5. The bonus reimburses in multiple free bets, which should give new and novice bettors a good bit of time to play on the app and website.

Caesars Sportsbook

  • New Player Offer: First-bet insurance up to $1,000
  • Status: Live September 28, 2023

Caesars, an industry leader in the casino space, has become a titan in the sports-betting industry with its aggressive nationwide marketing campaign. Caesars is bringing its best offer to Kentucky bettors, giving them first-bet insurance, aka a risk-free bet, of up to $1,000.

The insurance is a one-shot deal, which means you should do your homework. Or you can follow the research done by The Game Day’s betting experts for some ideas on what to wager.

New users must use the promo code to unlock this new-player offer. This deal is thanks to The Game Day’s exclusive partnership with Caesars Sportsbook.


  • New Player Offer: Bet $5, Get $200
  • Status: Live September 28, 2023

FanDuel is America’s No. 1 online sportsbook thanks to its innovative practices like same game parlays and Same Game Parlay+, which empowers players to combine multiple same-game parlays in a long-odds, high-reward single wager.

FanDuel has exceptional odds, thousands of betting markets, an industry-leading mobile app, and a full slate of promotional offers.

New users who deposit to their accounts then place a wager will receive $200 in Bonus Bets with a $5 first wager. It is that simple.


  • New Player Offer: $1,000 Risk-Free Bet
  • Status: Live September 28, 2023

BetMGM is one of the leaders in online sports gambling and regularly among the first new sportsbooks to open operation when a new state launches. In fact, BetMGM has a penchant for giving new players site credit before a new state launches, since the sportsbook regularly offers $200 no-deposit bonuses ahead of new-state launches.

However, if you missed your window to cash in on that, you can still get a terrific risk-free bet up to $1,000 that reimburses in site credit if your initial wager is unsuccessful. Plus, BetMGM has a terrific user interface, loads of free bets and other terrific promos and a great rewards program that users are signed up for on Day 1.

BetMGM requires players to use the promo code “GAMEDAY" when signing up, so be sure to do so to take advantage of the exclusive offer.

Are Kentucky Sportsbook Promos Worth It?

Of course. New-signup offers are generally a sportsbook’s best promotion, and they’re almost always use-or-lose, which means if you open an account and don’t take advantage, the promo’s gone forever.

Why Do Kentucky Sportsbooks Offer Promo Codes?

Sportsbooks give new players promotions as an invite to play but also to test out the site or app. I remember making mistakes and using trial and error while placing wagers in the early days, and it was a huge relief to have bonus funds to play and make those silly mistakes with.

The best online sportsbook offers will let players participate for a while before redepositing.

Who is Eligible For a Kentucky Sportsbook Bonus?

Anyone 18 or older within the state’s borders. In fact, if you’re from out of state, but are going on a trip to Kentucky, you may be able to sign up and take advantage of a new-player offer while you’re in the Bluegrass State.

Sportsbook apps determine where a person is physically located by using geofencing technology. So if you’re wagering online from your phone or tablet, the apps will be able to determine that you’re within the state’s borders simply by authorizing it to track your location.

Kentucky Sportsbook Promo Code vs Bonus Code

Promo codes and bonus codes mean the same thing, and the terms can be used interchangeably. Each site will have its own terminology, but bonus code, promo code, and affiliate code will all lead you down the same path.

Do You Need A Promo Code In Kentucky?

Some sportsbooks will mandate a promo code. Fortunately for you, if you click to the specific sportsbook landing page on our website, it will inform you if you need a promo code or not to unlock the best offer.

Best Kentucky Sports Betting Bonuses

Deposit Match

A deposit match bonus is my preferred sportsbook promo because it will double the amount you have to play with without breaking your bank. For instance, if a sportsbook offers a 100 percent match up to $500, you can deposit $500 and have $1,000 in playable funds.

Deposit matches have dwindled as new-player offers and been replaced by risk-free bets and bet and gets. However, if you find a deposit match you should take advantage.

The only caveat for a deposit match is there is usually a playthrough minimum before you can cash out. Some sportsbooks will require 5x or 10x playthrough, but the best deposit matches will require players to play through the bonus once before they can remove their money.

Risk-Free Bet

Risk-free bets are the most popular new-user promo. In a traditional risk-free bet, players whose initial wager fail will be reimbursed with their initial amount for a second bet.

However, there is a second type of risk-free bet that reimburses in site credit. That means if your first wager of up to $1,000 fails, you will still have that amount in bonus site credit available to continue playing on the sportsbook app.

Risk-free bets can vary by name. They are sometimes referred as no-sweat bets or first-bet insurance, and that terminology may continue to evolve. The logistics vary slightly based on each wager’s name, since first-bet insurance is almost always a second bet equal to the first amount.

First Bet Match

A first-bet match is similar to a risk-free bet but not exactly. In a first-bet match, a sportsbook will match the amount of your first wager in site credit whether the initial bet wins or loses.

The benefit is if your first bet wins, you keep the stake and profit and still retain the bonus site credit.

Bet & Get

A bet and get is another very popular offer, and it’s a great one especially for new users who aren’t flush with playable funds. In a bet and get, users are typically required to deposit a small amount, like $10, and place an initial first wager of $1 or $5, then the sportsbook will credit their accounts with free bets.

DraftKings, BetMGM, and FanDuel almost always offer a bet-and-get promo to new users, and they are super offers to take advantage of. A bet and get can enable a new user to play on the app for weeks or even months without parting with more than the initial small deposit.

No-Deposit Bonus

A no-deposit bonus is as it sounds. It gives users site credit without having to insert their own funds.

The process typically is a user signs up, affirms his or her identity, then will see either a free bet credit or a small amount of site credit, like $10, in his/her account.

No-deposit bonuses are ultra-rare in sports betting. However, BetMGM does offer a lot of site credit to new signups, like $200, ahead of a new state’s launch date.

How To Pick the Best Kentucky Sportsbook Promos

Picking your preferred sportsbook promo is a matter of determining how you want to play. If you want a high-risk, high-reward promo, take a stab at a site that offers first-bet insurance and see if you can cash in in two wagers. Or you can take advantage of seasonal offers, like ahead of NFL and college-football season when sportsbooks will change up their offers to invite new users to join.

A bet and get is the best type of offer for players who want to get in on the game but might not have a ton of money to lose. A deposit match would be ideal for those types too, since the 100 percent deposit matches will double your playable funds from the start.

Each new-user offer is worth taking advantage of since each is the best offer the sportsbook is going to give you.

How To Bet With Kentucky Sportsbook Bonuses

Play! Bonus funds are a great way to learn the lay of the sports-betting land and determine which sportsbook you prefer playing with.

Plus, you can learn which betting markets are your favorites. Do you want to cash in on players doing exceptional things? Then you like prop betting. Do you enjoy rooting for comebacks, especially for a team you love, try live betting.

Sportsbooks give bonuses to users to invite them to play and learn. That’s the best way to use bonus funds.

And if you win big, that’s just a bonus.

Do Kentucky Betting Bonuses Have Restrictions?

There are some limitations on wagers in Kentucky. For instance, you must be at least 18 years of age and be within the state’s borders to take advantage.

Some bonuses will mandate a minimum odds, usually -200 or shorter, for an initial risk-free bet or bet and get. Be sure to read the fine print.

What Are Wagering Requirements?

Wagering requirements are how many times you are required to play through the bonus in order to cash it out. For example, if a sportsbook is offering players a first-deposit match up to $100 with a 1x playthrough, that means you’ll have to wager $100 before it becomes transferable back to your bank.

If you get a 5x or 10x playthrough minimum, that means you’ll have to play through the site credit 5x or 10x before you can cash out. Fortunately, the sportsbook tracks your progress, and you can still withdraw the initial deposit or have it in your account while you’re playing with bonus funds.

Free Bets vs No-Deposit Bonuses in Kentucky

Sportsbooks usually give out free bets as loyalty for playing on the site or as a reimbursement for a lost wager on a risk-free bet. Aside from the new-user risk-free bets, some sportsbooks like DraftKings, will offer existing players risk-free wagers like same-game parlays.

No-deposit bonuses are offered to new players just for signing up. A no-deposit bonus is usually site credit and not a free-bet credit.

Use More Than One Kentucky Sportsbook Promo

As stated above, new users should try to take advantage of multiple promotions. Sportsbooks typically throw their best offers at new users, and once they’re gone they’re gone.

Players who sign up for multiple sportsbooks will get multiple exceptional offers then they can continue to odds shop on the markets they want to wager. I always have funds in multiple sportsbook accounts so I can find for the best odds on futures, moneylines, props, and of course while live-betting.


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