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Last Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Best Rams Betting Lines 2023

The Los Angeles Rams won Super Bowl 56 - the same year they made the bold decision to trade their franchise quarterback for Matthew Stafford.

The Rams clearly got the last laugh with that trade and are looking at only doing one thing this year and that is repeating as champions. The team did lose key contributors on both sides of the ball headlined by Von Miller, Robert Woods, Andrew Whitworth, Sebastian Joseph-Day, and Darious Williams.

However, the team added star talents in Allen Robinson and Bobby Wagner among others to bolster the roster.

Not only that, the Rams, despite not having a pick in the draft until the 104th overall selection, ended up salvaging a pretty darn good draft class. They acquired what could be a day-one starter with Logan Bruss at right guard. Not to mention their fourth-round addition of Decobie Durant, who could also find a role early on in the nickel corner slot.

In addition to those two, the Rams traded up to acquire Notre Dame star running back Kyren Williams, who is a do-it-all running back that should help out their 24th-ranked rushing attack.

In the later rounds, they found potential starters down the road in UCLA’s Quentin Lake and Montana State pass rusher Daniel Hardy. The Rams may not have stolen the draft or acquired Tyrann Mathieu, Stephon Gilmore, or anyone in that tier on top of what they had, but this team is very capable of repeating this year regardless of those lack of moves.

Rams Futures Betting Odds

Note: These Rams futures bet odds are current as of Monday, Aug. 1 at 2 p.m. ET and courtesy of Caesars Sportsbook. You can find more odds at these US betting sites. But be careful, as many of these NFL futures odds might shift as we get closer to the 2022 NFL season.

  • Win Total: Over 10.5 (-115) / Under 10.5 (-105)
  • Make Playoffs: Yes (-280) / No (+230)
  • Win NFC West (+120)
  • Win NFC Championship (+500)
  • Win Super Bowl 57 (+1200)

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Rams Super Bowl 57 Odds

Rams to Win Super Bowl (+1200)

WAGER: 1 Unit

The Rams have fairly decent odds to win the Super Bowl at +1200.

In what one could consider the weakest conference in football, the Rams on paper really only have to worry about the usual culprits in the Green Bay Packers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and their rival San Francisco 49ers. However, there are other teams like the New Orleans Saints and Philadelphia Eagles to keep watch of.

Quite honestly, the only team that really has the feeling they could be better than the Rams this season are the Buffalo Bills. These are good odds for the Rams, as it’s not too much of a longshot but also not too much of a guarantee.

You will pick up a nice payout should they pull off what a team hasn’t done since 2004, which is of course winning the Super Bowl in back-to-back seasons.

Rams NFC Championship Odds

Rams to Win NFC Championship (+500)

The Rams are tied with the Packers for the second-best odds here. This seems a little lower than they should be considering the Buccaneers are 0-3 with Tom Brady against the Los Angeles Rams.

Either way, they are one of the big three teams in the NFC and these odds will be challenged with their tough schedule this year.

Rams NFC West Winner Odds

Rams to Win NFC West Championship (+120)

WAGER: 1 Unit

The Rams are unsurprisingly the favorite to win the NFC West. The Seattle Seahawks might surprise some folks this year, but they shouldn’t be too much of a worry for the Rams.

As for the Arizona Cardinals, they will be without star wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins for half the season due to a suspension. There is a definite question as to whether or not the Cardinals even make the playoffs now considering they also carry a second-place schedule.

Lastly, the 49ers are the only true threat it seems coming into the season. However, they have a question mark at quarterback. Trey Lance is very talented but there have been some concerns about just how ready he is to take up the mantle.

This Rams team seems primed for a repeat of the NFC West division title barring a key injury or two.

Rams Make Playoffs Odds

Rams to Make Playoffs (-280)

WAGER: 1 Unit

It feels almost impossible for the Rams to miss the playoffs even if they do have a few injuries. Should they suffer a key injury at quarterback, they still would have plenty of help at each position to justify them still making the playoffs.

Something absolutely catastrophic would have to happen for the defending champions to miss the playoffs this year. The -280 odds even still seem a little low.

Rams Win Total Bets 2023

Rams: OVER 10.5 Wins (-115)

WAGER: 1 Unit

The Rams have the toughest strength of schedule, which includes six games against the NFC West, meetings with the top teams in the NFC, and potentially coming across the best five AFC teams in the league. It’s not smooth sledding or an easy road for the Rams.

However, at -115 odds, just banking on the Rams to win 11 games is a pretty good bet with all the talent they have.

Rams Prop Bets 2023

Exact Super Bowl Outcome: Rams defeat Bills (+4000) at BetMGM Sportsbook

WAGER: 1 Unit

In my mind, this feels like the Super Bowl.

The Bills have an incredibly exciting core group of players on both sides of the ball, a great young coach in Sean McDermott, and what might be the best quarterback in football with Josh Allen.

I think the Rams will win the Super Bowl due to the experience factor of being there, which would be for a third time under McVay. Stafford in Year 2 seems like a serious problem for teams, and they really don’t have any needs on their roster.

We saw what happens when a young star quarterback goes up against Raheem Morris‘ defense, and most notably, Aaron Donald.

At +4000 odds this feels like a very good bet as it’s two teams that are young, consistent, and are well put together.

Allen Robinson to Lead NFL in Receiving Yards (+10000) at Caesars

WAGER: 1 Unit

This is my big bold prediction. Robinson is coming off the worst season of his career and everyone is acting like he might have hit a wall. I seem to remember hearing the idea if Robinson had a real quarterback throwing him the ball he would be quite literally unstoppable.

Well, he does now, and ironically it’s the quarterback who was said to be potentially elite if he went to a good team. This is the closest Stafford has come to having a Calvin Johnson-built wideout.

I think many will be betting on Cooper Kupp but do not be surprised if Kupp gets all the focus of defenses this year that it opens up the door for Robinson to lead the team and even the league in receiving yards. Trading away Woods for a 2023 sixth-round pick was a head scratcher, but the Rams tend to do these types of moves and it works out in the end.

Going out and getting Robinson felt like a different unlikely Rams move. I think Robinson was the key ingredient in taking this offense to the next level.

The odds at +10000 odds are way too good to pass up on here for a player that had 1,400 yards with Blake Bortles at quarterback.

How to Bet Rams Moneylines

An NFL moneyline wager is the most straightforward football bet you can make. All you have to do is pick the team that you think is going to win a given game, and if they do, you win your bet.

Since all the team has to do to cash your bet is win, you will see the odds for NFL moneylines fluctuate based each team’s implied probability of winning (or losing) that game. A favorite will be identified by a minus symbol (-200), whereas an underdog is represented by a plus symbol (+200).

If the Rams are a (-200) favorite, you have to bet $20 to win $10. If they’re a (+200) underdog, you can win $20 off a $10 bet.

  • 2021 Rams Moneyline Record: 12-5

How to Bet Rams Spreads

Spread betting is the most popular way to bet NFL games, as it presents two evenly priced options, regardless of the talent disparity between two teams. The spread, which is set by oddsmakers, is essentially the number of points the favorite is expected to win by against the underdog.

If the Rams are 3-point favorites over the 49ers, the spread would look something like this: Rams -3 (-110) vs 49ers +3 (-110).

In this scenario, the Rams would have to win by more than a field goal to cash your bet. If they win exactly by three points, your bet is a push and you would receive your initial stake back.

  • 2021 Rams Against the Spread Record: 8-9

How to Bet Rams Over/Unders

If you don’t have a lean on the Rams spread or moneyline for a specific game, you can still get involved by betting on the total number of points scored.

Oddsmakers will set the line for how many total points they expect to be scored, and then you can bet on either the Over or the Under.

If you have faith in the Rams offense and foresee a lot of points being scored, then you’ll want to take the Over. If you think it will be more of a defensive game, then take the Under.

  • 2021 Rams Over/Under Record: 9-7-1


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