How to Spread Bet on Superbook | Complete Guide

ByPat Pickens

Nov 7, 2022

Superbook, the online sportsbook created by the legendary Las Vegas-based Westgate Casino, has been one of the best options for online sports betting since 2021.

Westgate Superbook has been producing odds and betting markets on sports for more than three decades and is passing those wagering options onto the masses with the Superbook Online Sportsbook. A big part of betting on sports online is betting spreads, and Superbook is a super options for bettors of all experience levels to place their spread bets.

If you’re intrigued by Superbook, or have heard of the sportsbook but haven’t yet placed a bet with them, fear not. We’re here to help.

Here’s a look at how to spread bet with Superbook.

How to Bet Spreads on Superbook

Step 1: Create an Account or Sign In

You’ll need to create an account to start playing with Superbook. Click on one of our “Get Bonus" buttons on this page, or visit The Game Day’s Superbook sportsbook review.

Remember to enter real information and that all sensitive info is used only to affirm your identity.

Step 2: Deposit

Insert funds. Remember to use an e-wallet like PayPal or ACH/online banking to avoid a cash-advance fee and ensure an expedited transfer if/when you decide to withdraw.

Step 3: Peruse Odds/Spreads

Click through the vast array of spread bets available on the Superbook app or website. Determine which wager you want to wager.

Step 4: Place Your Bet

Click or tap the bet you wish to make. Enter the amount. Press “Place Bet," and root for your wager to hit!.

What Is Spread Betting on Superbook?

Spread betting is synonymous with sports betting since casinos and sportsbooks have been producing odds on spreads wagers for as long as there has been sports betting. In a spread bet there is a clearly determined favorite and underdog, and while spread betting the favorite must win by at least the number referenced while the underdog tries either to win or lose by fewer than the spread.

Historically a bettor “gives" or “lays" the number of points while wagering on the favorite. He or she would “take" or “get" points if betting on the underdog.

In football, if all things are equal, the home team will be favored by three points, and wagering on the spread will carry about -110 odds, or the sportsbook equivalent of a coin flip, no matter which side of the bet you wager.

Spreads can vary wildly in basketball since there can be lopsided-appearing games, and those that appear close on paper as well.

Nearly every hockey and baseball game has a spread of 1.5 goals/runs because of the close nature of those games. Soccer games/matches will have spreads of 0.5 goals since those are the most likely to finish in a draw.

Because betting a team to win by at least a certain number of points is riskier than choosing it to win by at least one, betting a favorite to cover comes with more lucrative odds than betting a favorite on the moneyline.

Because betting on an underdog to cover a certain number of points is less risky than betting it to win outright, the odds are less profitable than betting an unlikely team to be victorious, especially when wagering on an underdog to cover a double-digit point spread.

How Do Superbook Spreads Work?

Superbook has elite spreads compared to the opposition, which makes it a super option for spread betting.

The Superbook Online Sportsbook gives lines and odds on every game every day, and typically the spreads are a half-point more favorable than the competition.

Favorable spreads make winning more likely, and friendlier moneyline odds make winning more profitable.

Plus, finding spread bets on Superbook’s extremely user-friendly interface is a breeze. Your bet can be placed with just a few clicks or taps, and your payout is instantaneous after your bet settles.

Superbook Spread Rules

Superbook has a few rules with spread betting, including:

  • Pushes: If the final outcome lands on the exact spread number then the bet is voided and the bettor receives his/her initial stake back.
  • Maximum Winnings: The maximum amount a bettor can win in an NFL/NBA/NHL/Soccer spread wager is $1 million. The maximum winnings in a college-basketball or college-football spread bet and MLB run-line bet is $250,000.

Spread vs Moneyline

Spread betting varies from moneyline wagering in a few significant ways. For instance, a team can win outright while failing to cover the spread — in fact, it happens all the time.

A team can lose but still make bettors a ton of money by losing by fewer than the previously determined spread.

Spread betting can be a way to get better odds or a more lucrative payout on the result you believe in or want to root for.

If the moneyline odds on a team to win are -120, but the spread is -1 with odds like -105 or -110, then betting the spread produces a more favorable payout and is the better wager.

Similarly, if you are considering wagering on an underdog to cover a 1-point spread at -110 or -115 odds, take it to win outright at +100.

For instance, if the New York Jets are a 7-point underdog against the Tennessee Titans, you could wager on the Titans -6.5 or the Jets +6.5 in spread betting.

The Titans would need to win by at least seven points in order to cover the spread, and the Jets would need to lose by six or fewer or win outright in order to make spread bettors winners.

The Titans moneyline odds likely would be about -240, and the Jets’ would be about +200, meaning a New York win would produce $2 in profit for every $1 wagered.

A Titans win would net moneyline bettors $0.42 for every $1 bet, but wagering on the Titans to cover 6.5 would net them $0.91 per $1 wagered at the -110 spread odds, which is why betting the spread is a more profitable option.

Underdog vs Favorite

The favorite is the team that is perceived to be more likely to win, and the underdog is the team determined to be more likely to lose.

When betting, a favorite will always have minus-moneyline odds, and the underdog will often have plus-moneyline odds.

The favorite can also be determined as the team with the minus before the spread number in the table that says “spread."

Underdogs will have a plus-sign in front of their number while spread betting.

What Is an Alternate Spread?

Superbook will give bettors the opportunity to wager on alternate spreads for every game, as well, with corresponding odds based on the likelihood of the favorite and underdog to cover.

For example, if you believe the Titans could cover 8.5 points against the Jets, you could wager on them to do so at +140. If you felt the Jets could win or cover 4.5 points, you could wager that at the same odds.

However, bettors typically use alternate spreads to get a more favorable line, especially while parlay betting, since teasing down a spread is less lucrative than betting the spread listed.

For example, if you didn’t trust the Jets to cover 6.5 you could take them to cover 8.5 at -150 — which are great odds for a parlay wager.

If you weren’t sure the Titans could cover 6.5 but wanted to take them to cover 4.5, you could do so too with odds of about -140.

Alternate spreads are useful at building a cushion.

You’ll still win if the team covers the listed spread, but if you’re unsure about the spread on either side you can take the less-profitable odds and the more favorable number.

Betting the Jets at +8.5 with -150 odds would yield $0.67 profit per $1 wagered. Betting on the Titans -4.5 at -140 would produce $0.71 for every dollar you bet.

Superbook NFL Point Spreads

Superbook lists point spreads for every NFL game from the Hall of Fame game in August through the Super Bowl in February.

We do not advocate betting spreads in preseason football games — lest your 5-point outcome be doomed from a mistake made by a sixth-string player — but Superbook has it there if you want to bet.

Superbook begins offering Week 1 spreads within hours of the NFL schedule release in the spring then continues to give gamblers spreads of the current week — as well as the subsequent two weeks in the future — to wager on.

Super Bowl

Superbook empowers gamblers to spread bet on the Super Bowl months before the big game is even settled, offering moneyline odds plus spreads and totals on the hypothetical game far ahead of when the matchup is actually set.

Plus, Superbook lets bettors wager on futures, meaning which team will win each conference or ultimately lift the Lombardi Trophy. Plus, when the matchup is finally set, Superbook provides loads of prop-betting markets to consider for the big game.

Spread Bet Strategies

Target market inefficiencies. Usually sports fans, especially those interested in betting, have strong opinions, and we all know when we see a spread that doesn’t make sense.

If there’s a justifiable reason — like an injury or a star player is sitting — then we can make the determination to stay away. If it doesn’t, mash it.

Research obviously helps with determining what to bet. Check Twitter for injury updates, and be sure to consult The Game Day’s robust amount of analytical content on games every day. We won’t steer you wrong (too often).

Make sure you’re choosing the most lucrative option that makes sense.

Why would you bet an underdog to cover one point when you could choose it to win outright? Why would you wager a favorite on the moneyline when betting it -1 will result in extra profit?

Betting live spreads is a great way to profit, especially when you can smell a comeback.

Live spread betting is more conducive to basketball betting, since things can shift drastically, but Superbook’s spreads are constantly evolving as the game is going on which means betting a live underdog to get back into the game is a great way to win.

Superbook often will have the best spread and odds on each spread, but be sure to shop around with other sportsbooks for more favorable odds and numbers on the spread bets you’re hoping to make.

Also, be sure to take advantage of odds boosts and other promotions that Superbook offers that will give you the most bang for your buck.

Spread Betting for Beginners

Spread betting can seem confusing for novice bettors, and even though this breakdown is thorough, it still might leave you with questions.

The best way to get comfortable betting with spreads is by doing it. Place a small amount on a favorite you love to cover — or an underdog who you think can win or keep the game close.

Or if you’re not ready to put up real money yet, make a virtual bet — do some homework, peruse the spread/odds and act as if you placed the wager then see how it plays out.

If your gut is right, you’ll realize you were on the right track and can place a bet with real money next time. If it wasn’t, you can go back to the drawing board and feel grateful you didn’t part with real funds.

Don’t be afraid to tease spreads, especially while parlay betting. It is almost impossible to successfully combine more than two -110 wagers, especially in a sport like football where sportsbooks have the odds down to a science.

Teasing, another name for betting alternate spreads, can shift the advantage more toward your favor.

But most importantly: Have fun and be responsible. We bet on sports for the added tangible bonus of winning while watching the games we love.

There’s no sense risking your house or livelihood trying to get rich. If it happens organically then that’s great. But otherwise stay within your means.

How to Calculate Spread Odds?

Spread odds are almost always between +100 and -120, especially with football and basketball where the spreads are fluid.

Hockey and baseball spreads can be more lucrative, especially in playoff NHL games where betting a team to cover 1.5 might be +200.

A plus-money wager will result in that amount of profit in a $100 wager, and minus-money bets are the amount needed to bet to win $100 in profit.

A -110 wager is generally accepted as a coin flip or 50-50 wager, since all casino games favor the house.

Fortunately, when spread betting, Superbook will give bettors the exact odds and payout before they place their wagers. That means gamblers will know exactly what they stand to win.

Why Are Spreads a Good Bet?

Spreads are an integral part of gambling on sports and can be an important way to get more favorable odds. As referenced above, betting a -140 moneyline favorite when you can wager it to cover -2 at -110 will net you an extra $0.20 profit per dollar bet.

Sure, sometimes you’ll get hosed by a one-point game or a push, but if you believe your team will win, you should be willing to bet it to cover at least a few points.

Plus, as referenced above, there is great value to be had in live spread betting especially in the NCAA basketball tournament and NBA playoffs where comebacks are prevalent.

Wagering on a team to cover +12.5 in the first half is a great way to get value, especially with the -110 odds that undoubtedly will come with it.

Can Spreads Be a Bad Bet?

Sometimes. Coaches play to win and not necessarily cover the spread, which adds to the risk of laying any number of points.

The Kansas City Chiefs famously had a lengthy non-cover streak from 2020-21, and if you were a Chiefs fan trying to win on them covering, you probably lost big even though the Chiefs were one of the most successful teams in football in that span.

We generally do not advocate betting huge spreads too, lest you bet a team to cover 14 points and get hosed by a backdoor cover.

Certain teams are renowned for their slow starts and tendency to play down to the competition, which makes hoping for them to cover two touchdowns can be super-dicey.

What Sports Are Available for Spreads?

Every team sport and most individual sports. But definitely not every sport.

Tennis will have spreads for matches, where bettors can wager on a player to cover -1.5 sets.

Playoff series will also feature spreads like the favorite to win by at least 1.5 or 2.5 games.

But if there is a pro team sports game, or a North American college or minor-league game, happening then Superbook will give you a spread bet to wager.

Soccer spreads are usually 0.5 goals and are almost always in 90-minute betting — meaning not in extra time or penalties.

Is There Bet Insurance on Spreads?

Rarely. Superbook will reimburse your initial second-chance bet when it offers that promotion and will sometimes offer bettors a reimbursed stake on qualifying parlays that fail by exactly one leg.

But otherwise with spread bets you’re usually on your own.


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