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Last Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Best Nets Betting Lines 2023

The Brooklyn Nets have suddenly found themselves on the right end of the equation, as Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are both set to return for the 2022-23 season. This comes after a lengthy period of speculation regarding their playing futures following Durant’s trade request.

Now, the Nets are officially back in win-now mode, and there’s certainly a reality in which they win the NBA Finals in 2023. Between Durant, Irving, and Ben Simmons, there’s no shortage of star talent on this roster.

But will they be able to come together (and more importantly, stay together) when the going gets tough? Or will all of the offseason drama be this team’s undoing?

Let’s take a closer look at the Nets betting odds for the 2022-23 NBA season.

Nets Futures Betting Odds

Note: All NBA gameday odds and lines are current as of Monday, Sept. 19 at 4 p.m. ET and courtesy of FanDuel Sportsbook. You can find more odds at these US betting sites. Be aware that these NBA futures odds may change as the season approaches.

  • Win Total: Over 51.5 (+116) / Under 51.5 (-142)
  • Make Playoffs: Yes (-2000) / No (+920)
  • Win Atlantic Division (+210)
  • Win Eastern Conference (+370)
  • Win 2023 NBA Finals (+700)

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Nets NBA Finals Odds

Nets Win 2023 NBA Finals (+700)

Brooklyn’s chances of winning an NBA title are getting more realistic by the day. After being labeled as a longshot earlier in the summer, the Nets now have the third-shortest odds to win the NBA Finals this year, trailing only the Boston Celtics (+500) and Milwaukee Bucks (+650).

Still, I’m employing a wait-and-see approach with this team at the moment. The value on this prop shouldn’t increase too dramatically by the halfway point of the season, and I’m hesitant to back them at this price before seeing how they look together.

Nets Eastern Conference Odds

Nets Win Eastern Conference (+370)

This isn’t a bad bet to make at this point. The Nets are all about potential, and they certainly have what it takes to bring down some of the other heavy-hitters in the East (Celtics, Bucks, Heat) en route to the NBA Finals.

However, unless you foresee Brooklyn going on a tear during the regular season and becoming the unquestioned team to beat once the postseason rolls around, I would hold off on placing this wager for now.

Durant, Irving, and Simmons each have a long history of various availability issues, and a team’s odds of winning the conference are largely dependent on seeding. I’m not saying the Nets won’t win the East, but hold tight on making this bet for now.

Nets Atlantic Division Odds

Nets Win Atlantic Division (+210)

The Nets will be tested often this coming season, and a big part of that has to do with who their divisional foes are. The Celtics, 76ers, Raptors, and Knicks make up the remainder of the Atlantic, and unfortunately for Brooklyn, every team but New York will be in contention for an NBA title.

The Celtics and 76ers each won 51 games last year, and both teams have improved since their 2021-22 campaigns came to a close. Even with the trio of Durant, Irving, and Simmons playing as often as possible, there’s a non-zero chance that Brooklyn could end up finishing behind either one of these two teams in the standings.

The value isn’t quite there at (+210) odds, so once again, I’m not biting just yet.

Nets Make Playoffs Odds

Nets Make the Playoffs (-2000)

I’m willing to fade the Nets in a few categories, but this isn’t one of them. Brooklyn still managed to forge its way into the postseason in 2021-22, and that was with just 29 games from Irving, 55 from Durant, and 44 from not-so-James Harden.

The East has gotten better, yes, but so have the Nets. It’s not worth making this bet at (-2000) odds since it would take a whopping $2,000 bet to win $100, but even that would be a better wager than picking the Nets to miss the playoffs at (+920).

Nets Win Total Bets 2023

Nets Under 51.5 Wins (-142)

I could genuinely go either way on this one. On paper, the Nets absolutely have the talent to go Over 51.5 games this season. Durant is arguably the best scorer the game has ever seen. Irving is as crafty a scorer as they come. I’m also anticipating a bounce-back year for Simmons.

With that said, the Heat posted the best record in the East last year, and they won 53 games. This conference has only gotten tougher since then (see: Cleveland Cavaliers, Atlanta Hawks), so unless Brooklyn finishes as the top seed, 52+ wins is a pretty high bar to clear.

The payout looks nice at (+116) odds, but taking the Under is a much safer — and better — wager to make.

Nets Prop Bets 2023

Ben Simmons Wins Defensive Player of the Year (+2700)

Get that sour taste out of your mouth and get ready for a big spoonful of optimism.

When healthy and engaged, Ben Simmons is one of the most versatile defenders in the NBA. He earned First-Team All-Defensive honors in two of his four seasons, can effectively lock up players at virtually every position, and led the league in steals in 2019-20.

He’ll be asked to do far less on offense in Brooklyn now that he has Durant and Irving to lean on, which means his defensive load should skyrocket. Simmons can and should be defending the opposing team’s best player each night.

The expectations for Simmons have never been lower. If he can return to his pre-injury/holdout form on the defensive end of the floor, he’ll play well above the buy-in price for this prop and will be one of the main faces in the Defensive Player of the Year race all season long.

How to Bet Nets Moneylines

New to basketball betting? Consider starting with moneylines, which are some of the easiest wagers one can make in just about any sport. Essentially, all you’re doing here is picking the winner of a game. If the team you pick wins, you win your bet.

The team that’s favored in the matchup will have a minus symbol (-120) next to their odds. In this specific example, you would need to bet $12 to win $10. However, if your team is the underdog, you’ll see a plus symbol (+150) instead. Here, a $10 bet would win you $15.

Because the favorite is more likely to win the game, you have to bet more money to earn a larger profit than you would if you choose to back the underdog.

  • 2021-22 Nets Moneyline Record: 44-38

How to Bet Nets Spreads

Spread wagers are another favorite of NBA bettors, and it’s likely something that you’re already familiar with. If you’ve ever paid attention to how much a team was “picked by" to win or lose the game, well, congratulations! You already understand spread betting.

If not, allow me to explain. Before each game, oddsmakers will set a line that serves as the expected margin of victory. This number is the same for both teams, but the favorite has a minus symbol attached, and the underdog gets the plus symbol. At a betting site, it may look something like this: Nets -8.5 (-110) @ Knicks +8.5 (-110).

In this case, the Nets would need to win the game by at least 9+ points to cover the spread. If the Knicks win the game or lose by fewer than eight points, then they would cover the spread instead. Generally speaking, teams that exceed their pre-season expectations (or at least keep games close) are better against the spread.

  • 2021-22 Nets Against the Spread Record: 32-48-2

How to Bet Nets Over/Unders

If you’re unsure about who will win a game, you can always choose to bet on the Over/Under instead. This wager — which is also known as the total — allows you to pick whether a game will be higher- or lower-scoring than is anticipated.

For example, if the Nets are playing the Knicks, the total might be set at 234.5 points. From there, you’d choose whether the actual combined scoring total of the game will come in above or below that number.

Several factors play a role in the scoring outcome of a game, including pace, points per game, and player availability. Before betting on a total, you should always make sure that you’re as up-to-date as possible on each team’s injury report.

  • 2021-22 Nets Over/Under Record: 40-41-1


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