NFL Power Rankings Week 3 – What Are the Latest Team Power Rankings 2021

Last Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Week 2 of the NFL season is over, and we had some wild games. There were multiple upsets, including a few shockers like the Las Vegas Raiders beating the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens finally taking down the Kansas City Chiefs.

So how much should we weigh those wins for the Raiders and Ravens in this week’s power rankings? Let’s dive in.

All playoff lines and odds used in the NFL power rankings series are provided via BetMGM Sportsbook as of Tuesday, September 21.

NFL Power Rankings for Week 3

32. Jacksonville Jaguars (0-2) ↔️

  • Playoffs Odds: +1200
  • Super Bowl Odds: +50000

It would be an upset if any team was ranked at No. 32 at this point in the season other than the Jaguars. Trevor Lawrence is incredibly talented, but he is throwing way too many interceptions right now.

Don’t be surprised if this team remains winless for a while.

31. New York Jets (0-2) ↔️

  • Playoffs Odds: +1600
  • Super Bowl Odds: +50000

Zach Wilson just isn’t ready right now, and the Jets know that. The offense is among the worst in the NFL, and it probably won’t get better anytime soon.

New York will struggle to win more than a few games this season.

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30. Detroit Lions (0-2) ⬇️ 2

  • Playoffs Odds: N/A
  • Super Bowl Odds: +30000

The Lions are the best bad team in the NFL. They are good enough to compete for a half or so, but they aren’t good enough to close out games. They are going to be competitive all season long, but that likely won’t translate into many wins.

However, Jared Goff does look good so far in two games with the Lions, so maybe they can steal a few games here and there against some better teams.

29. Houston Texans (1-1) ⬆️ 1

  • Playoffs Odds: +1100
  • Super Bowl Odds: +50000

The Texans were beating the Cleveland Browns before Tyrod Taylor went down with a hamstring injury. Now, he is projected to miss up to a month, which means rookie Davis Mills will take over.

Mills will likely struggle with a poor offensive line and a defense that can’t stop anyone. It’s too bad Taylor had to get hurt, or this team could have been 2-0 going into a Week 3 Thursday Night game against the Panthers.

28. Atlanta Falcons (0-2) ⬆️ 1

  • Playoffs Odds: +700
  • Super Bowl Odds: +15000

Atlanta certainly looked more competent in Week 2 against the Buccaneers, but the same problems remain for this team. Matt Ryan continues to look like a quarterback who is past his prime, and the offensive line can’t hold up.

Add on a defense that doesn’t have many playmakers, and this is a recipe for another 4-13 season. 2022 might be the year the Falcons actually consider drafting Ryan’s eventual successor.

27. New York Giants (0-2) ↔️

  • Playoffs Odds: +650
  • Super Bowl Odds: +12500

Daniel Jones played arguably the best game of his NFL career in Week 2, but it still wasn’t enough for the Giants to win. This team has major problems on the offensive line, and the defense still can’t get a stop when they need it.

The Giants are only a game back in the NFC East, but this team feels a long way away from being a contender in the NFC.

26. Miami Dolphins (1-1) ⬇️ 11

  • Playoffs Odds: +120
  • Super Bowl Odds: +5000

Given the current state of the offensive line for the Dolphins, we may never know if Tua Tagovailoa is a franchise quarterback. He is hurt once again, and this team has scored just 17 points on offense in the first two weeks of the season.

The defense is fine, but the offense will likely hold this team back from making the playoffs once again.

Betting Tips: The Dolphins are (-145) to miss the playoffs. With the questions at quarterback and on the offensive line, it’s tough to see this team getting to 9 or 10 wins.

Plus, there are just several teams better than Miami in the conference. Don’t expect Miami to earn a Wild Card berth, making “NO" a good bet here.

25. Minnesota Vikings (0-2) ⬆️ 1

  • Playoffs Odds: +200
  • Super Bowl Odds: +6600

The Vikings are an extremely talented team, but they struggle to find ways to close games. Kirk Cousins played incredibly well in Week 2, but the defense and special teams let him down once again.

If Mike Zimmer can’t find a way to start slowing down opponents, he could be on the hot seat sooner rather than later.

24. Cincinnati Bengals (1-1) ⬇️ 2

  • Playoffs Odds: +500
  • Super Bowl Odds: +20000

The Bengals earned an impressive Week 1 win, but struggled on offense in Week 2. Joe Burrow did not look comfortable in the pocket and threw 3 interceptions against the Bears.

The defense actually played well, and it might be an improved unit over last year, but the offensive line continues to rear its ugly head for this team every week.

23. Indianapolis Colts (0-2) ⬇️ 2

  • Playoffs Odds: +150
  • Super Bowl Odds: +5000

The roster for the Colts is much better than this ranking would suggest. However, the quarterback and his durability are not.

Carson Wentz continues to struggle to stay healthy, and even when he does play, the turnovers and lackadaisical plays have hurt this team.

After two weeks, it looks like the Colts might have made the wrong decision at quarterback this offseason, especially when you consider the price they paid to acquire Wentz and his contract.

22. Chicago Bears (1-1) ⬆️ 1

  • Playoffs Odds: +240
  • Super Bowl Odds: +8000

The Bears had less than 90 total passing yards against the Bengals in Week 2 and still managed to scrape out a win. That doesn’t happen very often in the modern NFL.

Matt Nagy continues to stick with Andy Dalton, even though the offense does not have any rhythm at all when he is on the field. The quicker this team turns to Justin Fields, the better.

The Bears desperately need some sort of life in this offense.

Justin Fields, QB, Chicago Bears

A heavier dose of Justin Fields may be exactly what the Chicago Bears need to succeed in 2021.

21. Washington Football Team (1-1) ⬇️ 2

  • Playoffs Odds: +200
  • Super Bowl Odds: +6600

For a team that is supposed to have a great defense, the Washington Football Team can be exposed through the air pretty easily. That will be a concern when they play some better teams over the next couple of weeks, no matter who is at quarterback.

Will teams figure out Taylor Heinicke, or did Washington just stumble onto their next franchise quarterback? We should have a pretty good idea soon.

20. Philadelphia Eagles (1-1) ⬆️ 4

  • Playoffs Odds: +200
  • Super Bowl Odds: +6600

The Eagles have been very impressive in the first two weeks of the season, as they hung with the 49ers in Week 2. Jalen Hurts still has some questions to answer as a passer, but his leadership and athleticism are undeniable.

Their Week 3 matchup against the Cowboys on Monday Night Football should give us a good idea of who will win the NFC East this season.

19. Denver Broncos (2-0) ⬇️ 1

  • Playoffs Odds: -160
  • Super Bowl Odds: +400

The Broncos sit at 2-0 and Teddy Bridgewater is playing some of the best football of his career. But Denver always starts well, and their first two opponents haven’t been great.

Still, this team has all the makings of an 8- or 9-win team, assuming Bridgewater can stay healthy and continue to play at this level.

18. Carolina Panthers (2-0) ⬆️ 7

  • Playoffs Odds: +130
  • Super Bowl Odds: +5000

One of the most surprising outcomes of Week 2 was the Panthers completely dominating the Saints. Not only did Sam Darnold and D.J. Moore play really well, but the front seven harassed Jameis Winston all day.

The Panthers might not be a great team, but they could be competitive in the NFC and potentially earn a Wild Card spot this year. Carolina is a fun sleeper team this season.

17. Tennessee Titans (1-1) ↔️

  • Playoffs Odds: -250
  • Super Bowl Odds: +3000

The Titans got back to their winning formula in Week 2, which is a ton of play-action passes from Ryan Tannehill and getting Derrick Henry involved on the ground. When they stay balanced on offense, they are one of the most difficult teams in the NFL to stop.

Still, the secondary is a major concern, as Russell Wilson picked apart this defense. But that was certainly an impressive win for the Titans against a really good Seattle team.

16. New Orleans Saints (1-1) ⬇️ 6

  • Playoffs Odds: +105
  • Super Bowl Odds: +3000

Despite their loss to Carolina in Week 2, no one should panic about New Orleans. They’ve lost a number of defenders to injury, but they all should be back in the near future.

The offense is still finding its way, but someone in the wide receiver room needs to step up until Michael Thomas comes back. Otherwise, this offense is a bit one-dimensional and easy to gameplan against.

15. New England Patriots (1-1) ⬆️ 1

  • Playoffs Odds: -110
  • Super Bowl Odds: +3500

The Patriots could be 2-0 right now had it not been for a Damien Harris fumble against the Dolphins. Still, this is a team that is going to struggle at times due to their offensive line and defense.

As long as Mac Jones isn’t the problem, the Patriots should be a 9- or 10-win team.

Betting Tips: If you believe the Patriots are the second-best team in the AFC East, then betting on them to make the playoffs at (-110) is a good bet. It just doesn’t feel all that likely that Bill Belichick isn’t going to make the playoffs in back-to-back years.

Plus, a win over the Saints in Week 3 will likely move this line to (-175). This is a good value right now.

14. Los Angeles Chargers (1-1) ⬇️ 5

  • Playoffs Odds: +120
  • Super Bowl Odds: +3000

While the Chargers weren’t able to put away the Cowboys in Week 2, the biggest takeaway from that game is that Justin Herbert is a superstar. He made several outstanding throws that maybe only Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers could make.

The offensive line isn’t quite as good now without Bryan Bulaga, but if Herbert continues to play at this level, it won’t matter. The Chargers are going to be in every game because of their franchise passer.

13. Dallas Cowboys (1-1) ↔️

  • Playoffs Odds: -175
  • Super Bowl Odds: +3000

The Cowboys got a much-needed win in a game where they did not play well. The defense continues to give up yards at will, but they have made some timely plays.

If Dallas can run the ball as well as they did against Los Angeles, they are going to be a tough out for anyone. The Cowboys should be the heavy favorites to win the NFC East right now, considering how great Dak Prescott and the offense has looked so far.

12. Pittsburgh Steelers (1-1) ⬇️ 4

  • Playoffs Odds: +220
  • Super Bowl Odds: +3500

Mike Tomlin just had his typical home stinker as the Steelers failed to beat a team where they were 6.5-point favorites. Derek Carr shredded their defense, and the offense continues to look stale.

Is Ben Roethlisberger completely finished, or is he just shaking off the rust? The Steelers hope it’s the latter as they’ve pushed all their chips into this season for one more Super Bowl run.

Betting Tips: Tomlin has never had a losing season with the Steelers, and this defense should still be among the best in the NFL. Don’t rule out the possibility that they win the division, but Pittsburgh should find a way to sneak into the playoffs once again.

11. Las Vegas Raiders (2-0) ⬆️ 9

  • Playoffs Odds: +110
  • Super Bowl Odds: +3500

The Raiders are 2-0 for the third season in a row, but this one feels legit. They’ve beaten the Ravens and the Steelers with Derek Carr throwing for over 800 combined yards in those two games.

Moreover, with Gus Bradley as the defensive coordinator, the Raiders finally have a competent defense. Up next is another winnable game, as the Miami Dolphins visit Las Vegas in Week 3.

10. Arizona Cardinals (2-0) ⬆️ 4

  • Playoffs Odds: -150
  • Super Bowl Odds: +2500

Are the Cardinals the most surprising 2-0 team in the league? Maybe. But Kyler Murray looks healthy again, and they are finding ways to sneak out victories.

The Cardinals might be the fourth-best team in the NFC West, but that is still the best division in football by a mile.

Kyler Murray’s Arizona Cardinals are rising in the rankings after improving to 2-0 with a win over the Minnesota Vikings.

9. Baltimore Ravens (1-1) ⬆️ 3

  • Playoffs Odds: -225
  • Super Bowl Odds: +1400

We all might have written the Ravens off a bit too soon. Despite a ton of injuries, Baltimore got a huge win in Week 2 over the Chiefs.

With John Harbaugh and Lamar Jackson paired together in Baltimore, it’s tough to envision this team ever being out of contention. They aren’t one of their favorites in the AFC, but that seems perfectly fine with them.

8. San Francisco 49ers (2-0) ⬆️ 3

  • Playoffs Odds: -250
  • Super Bowl Odds: +1200

The 49ers are losing players left and right, but they have managed to find ways to win games. Their defense looked incredible in Week 2, and that’s even with Josh Norman starting at cornerback.

However, the biggest question here for the 49ers is how much longer will the team wait before unleashing Trey Lance. Unfortunately, it feels like we may still be weeks away given their hot start.

7. Green Bay Packers (1-1) ↔️

  • Playoffs Odds: -205
  • Super Bowl Odds: +140

Aaron Rodgers finally looked like the reigning MVP in Week 2. The offense put up 35 points and made it look easy.

However, Green Bay could not generate any type of pass rush against Jared Goff, as Za’Darius Smith is set to miss the next few weeks with an injury. That could be a problem as they will face the 49ers and Steelers in back-to-back weeks.

Once he’s healthy, the Packers are a Super Bowl contender right away.

Betting Tips: If you want a lock pick, take the Packers to make the playoffs at (-205). They are going to win their division with ease and should win 10-12 games.

This is probably the cheapest this line will be for the rest of the season, making this our pick of the day.

6. Buffalo Bills (1-1) ↔️

  • Playoffs Odds: -650
  • Super Bowl Odds: +1200

After a tough Week 1 loss at home to the Steelers, the Bills did what good teams do: Blow out lesser opponents.

The Bills shut out the Dolphins, 35-0. Josh Allen looked like a franchise quarterback once again, and the defense played a nearly flawless game.

Despite their 1-1 record, the Bills are a legit Super Bowl contender. Allen could still stand to be a more consistent passer, but they’ll be fine for the regular season.

5. Seattle Seahawks (1-1) ↔️

  • Playoffs Odds: -130
  • Super Bowl Odds: +2000

The Seahawks had no business losing in Week 2, as they held a 14-point lead in the fourth quarter over the Titans. Russell Wilson continues to play at an elite level, meaning that Seattle should make a deep run into the playoffs this season.

The defense needs to find some more depth at cornerback, but it’s not going to prevent them from winning double-digit games again this season.

4. Cleveland Browns (1-1) ↔️

  • Playoffs Odds: -225
  • Super Bowl Odds: +1600

The Browns started off slow against the Texans in Week 2, but bounced back and dominated in the final three quarters. Baker Mayfield leads the NFL in completion percentage, and the offense is clicking.

Cleveland still has a few things to clean up on defense, but this is a really good team.

3. Los Angeles Rams (2-0) ↔️

  • Playoffs Odds: -350
  • Super Bowl Odds: +1200

If there is any team in the NFC that might be able to knock off the Buccaneers, it could be the Rams. Matthew Stafford continues to shine in Sean McVay’s offense and is a legit MVP candidate.

The Rams will get a chance to take on the Buccaneers in Week 3, which will be must-see TV. Stay tuned to the NFL gameday odds ahead of this matchup.

2. Kansas City Chiefs (1-1) ↔️

  • Playoffs Odds: -1000
  • Super Bowl Odds: +500

The Chiefs sit at 1-1 after a tough loss to the Ravens, but there is no reason to panic. Kansas City still has the best offense in the NFL, and teams have to play a near-perfect game to beat them.

The Chiefs are still the favorites in the AFC to reach the Super Bowl, and no one else is all that close. In the long run, that loss might be exactly what the Chiefs needed to refocus for the next 15 games.

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-0) ↔️

  • Playoffs Odds: -1200
  • Super Bowl Odds: +575

The Buccaneers are the clear-cut best team in the NFL right now. They can score at will on offense, and their defense can find ways to put points up on the board as well.

Overall, this is a complete team with the greatest quarterback of all time under center. Tom Brady might be the current NFL MVP favorite after two weeks.


Marcus Mosher

Marcus Mosher is an NFL analyst at The Game Day, residing in Erie, PA. He covers the NFL from a betting and fantasy perspective, producing written and video content. Marcus currently hosts multiple football-related podcasts and is a managing editor at USA Today’s Sports Media Group covering the Las Vegas Raiders. He has previously worked at The Athletic and Bleacher Report.

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