Fantasy Football League Punishments

Last Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Want a unique way to punish the person who finishes last in your league?

These penalties add an extra layer of competition since nobody wants to face the consequences, plus you get a good laugh at your league member’s misery. 🤣

While I’m a fan of the more outrageous ones I’ve come across, let’s also explore some that are somewhat realistic.

Last-Place Punishments 1 to 5

1. The Diner Challenge

If you’re into fantasy football, you’re probably familiar with the notorious Waffle House punishment, also known as the diner challenge. This punishment involves spending 24 straight hours at a Waffle House or a diner of your choosing. The twist? Each waffle you manage to devour shaves an hour off your time spent there.

In the first hour, I think I could take down at least 8 waffles, but after that, it is up to god’s will and the miracle of Tums. 🤣

2. Blow-up Doll Date

In this hilariously cringe-worthy punishment, the loser has to escort an inflatable doll to a restaurant for a romantic dinner. They have to treat their blow-up date like a real person, making conversation and even ordering food for them.

Getting your league to approve of this one unanimously might be a bit tricky, but if you manage to pull it off, it’s bound to become one of the most unforgettable experiences you’ll ever witness.

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3. The Tanner, the Better

The league loser must go to the nearest tanning salon and get a noticeably bad spray tan. With the tan lasting 7-10 days, the league’s loser is in for a week of embracing their new comically bronzed appearance.

It’s hard to imagine doing this and then going to work the next day, that’s why I only win my fantasy leagues. Have never even sniffed a bottom-5 finish.

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4. The Waxenning

In this punishment, the last place individual must go to a nearby waxing salon for a complete body waxing. Within the realm of fantasy football penalties, few things elicit as much laughter and sympathy as getting a full-body wax.

Picture the person, the unfortunate loser, summoning up courage as they lie on the waxing table. I would most likely be crying with anticipation. League members gather around to observe the excruciating pain of this particular consequence.

5. TikTok Influencer

The loser has to perform and post viral dance trends on their social media account every day until they reach 1,000 followers or the end of the month, whichever comes first.

This is highly embarrassing, and the dances are far more complex than you might expect.

Last-Place Punishments 6 to 10

6. SAT

Picture someone long past their high school days casually strolling into a high school, getting ready to endure a four-hour standardized test alongside scared teenagers, all because they forgot to set their lineup a few times.

This penalty might be on the playful side and isn’t out to hurt anyone, but if it isn’t a waste of time and embarrassing. You’ve probably come across some leagues that added a twist, demanding a certain score, but personally, I’m not sold on that idea – I mean, taking a four-hour exam is already punishment enough!

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7. Lemonade Stand

The last place league member has to operate a fully-functional lemonade stand in a busy part of town for a full day. The stand’s name must clearly indicate that it’s part of a fantasy football penalty, ensuring that people are aware of the situation.

Remember to consider the local weather conditions, as some individuals might find themselves working in freezing 10-degree weather.

Furthermore, the earnings from the stand will be thrown into next year’s fantasy pool, adding a fun twist to the whole affair.

8. Comedy Night

You think you are funny? Well, here’s your chance to prove it – put together a stand-up routine and deliver it to an audience anticipating a genuine comedy show.

Fair warning, this challenge isn’t a walk in the park. Comedy audiences can be a tough crowd, and you’ll probably have to handle some heckling. But hey, if things get a little too rough, you’ve got a free pass to shed a tear or two later on.

9. Swiftie

For an entire month, you have to become the ultimate Taylor Swift stan. Your social media pages can only post about Taylor Swift and you have to post weekly content on why you love her so much. Changing your profile picture is not necessary but highly recommended.

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10. The Disguised 5K

The fantasy league’s unfortunate loser is tasked with completing a 5k run while donning the costume or outfit selected by the league. The challenge of running a 5k is already hard enough, but the added twist of doing it in a humiliating costume, surrounded by actual marathon participants, takes the embarrassment to a whole new level.


Brian Courcelle

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