How to Prop Bet on Caesars Sportsbook | Complete Guide

ByPat Pickens

Sep 16, 2023

The Caesars Online Sportsbook is an elite betting option for online sports gamblers. It produces a robust number of betting markets with elite odds and exceptional lines on North American sports every day.

Caesars is also an exceptional option for betting prop wagers, which are bets that are not specifically tied to a game or match’s outcome. Caesars features a slew of player and game props for each game each day, with the favorable numbers and elite odds it provides for other every other bet.

If you’re interested in dipping your toe into betting props, specifically on Caesars, but are anxious about what it may entail, don’t fret. Here’s a crash course in how to bet props with Caesars.

How to Do Prop Bets on Caesars

Placing a prop bet is super easy — certainly as easy as placing any other type of bet on the sportsbook. Here’s a look at the steps.

Step 1: Create an Account or Sign In

If you don’t have an account with Caesars, start by creating one. Click on one of our Get Bonus buttons above or on the Caesars Sportsbook review page and enter the promo code to unlock the best offer.

If you have an account with Caesars or William Hill, simply log in and begin perusing the prop bets you wish to wager.

Step 2: Deposit

Enter your money. Remember that the method with which you deposit is typically the method you must withdraw — unless you deposit via credit card then typically any withdrawal must be check. If you put money in via ACH or PayPal, you’ll be able to withdraw money much more quickly.

Step 3: Find Your Bet

Peruse prop bets for the game you wish to wager. Remember to do your homework by consulting our blog analysis, since The Game Day produces analytical content for every game every day.

Step 4: Place Your Bet

Tap the bet you wish to place. Enter the amount you wish to wager. Click place bet.

Step 5: Root for it to Hit

Watch the game/match and root for it to hit!

Types of Caesars Prop Bets

There are two different types of prop bets: player props and game props. Game props are any bets that are not necessarily tied to the outcome. Player props are wagers that are related to player stats and performance.

Player Props

Player props are extremely popular since it is fun to cash in to a star player’s other-worldly performance, especially in games where you aren’t sure what the outcome will be.

For instance, if the Golden State Warriors are playing the Los Angeles Lakers in a playoff game, and you aren’t certain who will win but want to still bet, you can wager on Steph Curry or Klay Thompson to go over their three-pointer, points or assists prop and cash in even if the Lakers win.

Caesars offers an array of player prop bets for all sports, especially football, where there are dozens of bets to make in player stat categories every day.

Plus, if your favorite team has a tough game that you’re not sure it can win, you can wager on a player prop and still cash in even if your team loses. If you are a Baltimore Ravens fan and aren’t sure they can defeat the Cincinnati Bengals in a game, you can still take Lamar Jackson to go over in his rushing or passing prop and still cash in even if the Ravens fall.

Game Props

Game props are any bets that aren’t tied to the final outcome. For instance, you can bet on a team to cover a point spread in the first half or first quarter. A fledgling prop trend is betting on no runs to be scored in the first inning of an MLB game.

But there are thousands of betting props each day across all sports. Golf has player and tournament props — like whether there will be a hole-in-one over the course of an individual tournament. They are fun and exciting and can be a great hedge against upsets.

Novelty Props

Novelty props are typically tied to the Super Bowl, since the big game is a prop bettor’s paradise. Novelty props can be whether the coin toss will land heads or tails. Or what color of Gatorade the winning coach will be doused with.

Caesars offers wagers on all these, but also end-of-season and postseason award betting, like which player will be named MVP and will win other awards. These are novelty props that are offered throughout the year.

Team Props

Team props, or team futures, are bets that are tied to a team’s performance during a season. For instance, you can bet on an individual team to make the playoffs. Or you can bet on an individual team to go over or under a certain number of wins.

One of my all-time favorite wagers was taking the Minnesota Timberwolves to make the NBA playoffs at +610 before the 2021-22 season. The T-Wolves made the playoffs, and I cashed in.

Draft Props

Caesars typically offers draft props for the NFL and NBA drafts. For instance, bettors can take a player to be selected over or under a certain draft slot. They can bet over or under a certain number of players to be selected in the first round from a specific college or for a specific player to be picked first, second and third as well.

Does Caesars Have Player Props?

Yes! As referenced above Caesars offers player prop bets for all North American team sports. Here’s a look at some of the player props you can bet at Caesars:

  • NFL Over/Unders
    • Quarterback/running back rushing yards
    • Quarterback passing yards/passing touchdowns/interceptions
    • Running back/wide receiver/tight end receiving yards
    • Kicker field goals
  • NBA Over/Unders
    • Player points/assists/rebounds/3-pointers
  • MLB Over/Unders
    • Batter hits/total bases/RBIs/runs scored
    • Pitcher strikeouts/runs allowed/hits allowed
  • NHL Over/Unders
    • Skater points/assists/power-play points/shots/shot blocks
    • Goalie saves

Where Are Player Props on Caesars?

Finding player props is easy. Simply click on the game you wish to wager, click the “player props” tab at the top of the screen then peruse the options.

If you aren’t sure what game or prop you wish to wager, you can simply assess the field of prop bets by clicking on any game and clicking through to the player-props section and perusing them.

Caesars Player Props Rules

Typically all props are live whenever a player is in the lineup, and Caesars typically will not offer betting markets if a player’s status is in doubt. However, if you bet a player prop and he does not enter the game at all, that bet will be voided and your initial stake is returned.

However, if the player you wagered plays any time — even a second — and leaves the game via injury, your prop bet is live.

Caesars Prop Bets for NFL

Caesars has a partnership with the NFL, which makes it an elite option for football betting, especially NFL props. Caesars provides player and game props for every NFL game all season long. Here’s a look at a few popular options:

  • Player Props: As listed above.
  • First Half Moneylines/Spreads/Totals: Bet on a team to win the first half or cover a spread in the first half, first quarter and more. You can also bet on whether there will be over or under a certain number of points in the first quarter or half.
  • First Drive Result:Pick whether each team will punt, score a touchdown, kick a field goal or have a turnover on its opening possession
  • Time Of First Touchdown: You can wager on whether the first touchdown will be scored in the first six minutes, the first quarter or farther out
  • Alternate Player Props:If you don’t think a player can top 80.5 receiving yards but want to bet him to post 70-plus, Caesars will let users wager those as well

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is the marquee betting event of the sports season with tons of options to choose from and additional Super Bowl promos. Caesars offers elite odds and markets for prop bets for the Super Bowl, including novelties like the coin toss, the color of Gatorade the winning coach will be doused with and much more.

Plus, Caesars has odds on player props for just about every skill-position player and competitive game props with the elite odds that the sportsbook has become renowned for. Caesars is an elite option for Super Bowl prop betting.

Best Caesars Prop Bets

Caesars will boost props in various sports each day, and those are great options if you’re targeting a specific prop wager, since it’s essentially the bet you were hoping to make only at more lucrative odds.

The best prop bets are the ones that are smart and likely to hit. For instance, if you know Kyler Murray is facing the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium, take advantage of his rushing and touchdown-pass prop, since Murray feels right at home playing in his hometown.

Fortunately, Caesars has elite betting options and odds, especially on prop bets. Most Caesars prop bets will feature more lucrative odds and a more attainable over-under than the competition, which makes betting props with its sportsbook a great choice.

How to Find the Best Prop Bets

Finding the best prop bet is a matter of doing your homework. Does a certain player excel against a certain opponent? Does a particular team struggle at defending a player’s strength? Does a batter have a successful history against the pitcher he is facing?

Be sure to stay abreast of updates throughout the day too. Is there a pitcher scratched due to a late injury? Is a game-time decision being ruled out that could adversely affect an opposing team’s player? If so, take advantage as quickly as possible.

If you don’t have the time, feel free to consult our game analysis that covers the best bets to make, including props. We won’t steer you wrong (too often).

And of course, you should search all prop betting apps for the best available options.

Prop Bet Strategies

The best advice to target market inefficiencies. Is there a rushing prop that looks too low? Is there a points prop that is begging you to hammer? Is there something your brain is telling you that is off that you should try to bet on. If so then go ahead and mash it and reap the rewards.

Football betting is basically a science at this point, meaning sportsbooks have gotten exceptionally good at setting lines and odds that are enticing but could also fail. But other sport prop bets are still riddled with openings to cash in, particularly tennis, hockey, soccer and basketball.

Make sure to do your homework and consult The Game Day’s robust amount of analysis for every game in just about every sport. We curate props and boosts that you should take advantage of for most games every day. You don’t want to bet a running back to top a 95.5 over rushing prop against the No. 1 defense in the NFL.

Try not to bet props whose odds are -150 or shorter, unless it is being used as a parlay leg. The payout isn’t worth the risk in a straight prop wager.

The best strategy though is to trust your gut and have fun. The best bets are the ones we love, especially prop wagers that can be tricky given injuries and game-to-game inconsistencies. Play smart, be responsible and hope for the best.

Prop Betting for Beginners

The best advice for newbies interested in betting props is to jump in and try it. Bet a player prop you really like in a game you are interested in and bet a small sum on it. If your bet hits, see how you feel about trying a different prop.

Trusting your instincts as a fan and keen sports observer is important, but you also should do your homework. There are market inefficiencies if you know where to look, but in the vast ocean of prop options it can be overwhelming to select just one.

Fortunately, we have a robust amount of info for you to consult that is likely to affirm what you think will happen or cause you to think twice before putting a large sum on an iffy prop.

Don’t rush to place your bets right off the bat, again, do some research. Shop around different sports betting sites and find the best odds to make the most out of your money.

Have fun, be smart and before you know it you’ll be placing same-game parlays and multi-leg prop parlays like the rest of us!

How to Calculate Prop Odds?

Most prop bet odds for football and basketball are -110, which means a bettor must wager $110 to win a $100 bet, which is the sportsbook equivalent of a coin flip.

Player props can periodically vary between depending on the stat that needs to be filled. For instance, to wager on an anytime home run from a baseball player could be +300 in a single game — meaning a $300 profit on a $100 bet — since betting on a player to hit one home run in a single game is risky. An anytime goal prop in a hockey game might be +500 or longer, since goals are hard to come by in hockey.

An anytime touchdown could be anywhere from -200 to +1000 depending on the player. An over/under for passing touchdowns or rushing touchdowns might be 2.5 and 1.5 depending on the player and those odds might fluctuate too.

But all things considered, if you’re betting an over/under for points in a basketball game or rushing yards in a football game or total bases in a baseball game, the odds are usually between +100 and -120.

As with all bets, we don’t recommend making a straight bet with shorter odds than -150. The value just isn’t there.

Why Are Props a Good Bet?

Because you are never sure when a game outcome might go sideways. But a prop bet might still hit even if the outcome doesn’t go in your correct favor.

For instance, if you wanted to bet the New England Patriots to win Super Bowl LII and cover 4.5 points you would have lost since they were upset by the Philadelphia Eagles. However, if you bet on Tom Brady to go over his pregame passing-yards prop (289.5), you would’ve cashed in since Brady threw for a Super Bowl-record 505 yards in that game.

If you bet on the Kansas City Chiefs to roll in Super Bowl LV, you would’ve been sorely mistaken since they lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. But if you bet Brady’s under passing-yards prop (295.5) you would’ve been correct since Brady threw for just 201 yards in Tampa Bay’s 31-9 win.

Can Props Be a Bad Bet?

One word: injuries. If you bet a player to surpass his single-game prop, and he gets injured in the first series/inning/period/quarter, you’re out of luck. If you’re an under bettor in a player prop, an injury is the gift that keeps on giving. But that’s a coin toss situation.

Also, props can be a slippery slope. There are hundreds of available prop bets every night, and some nights guys are off. They shoot 3 for 19 from the field or hit the post twice or go 0 for 4. It happens.

What Sports Are Available for Props?

All sports have props. In fact some sports, like golf, are made up mostly of props. Since picking a winner in a golf tournament is so hard, betting on props makes it more easy to win.

But every team sport has both game and player props for each game each day. Some events, like the Super Bowl, have more. But every game has them.

Is There Bet Insurance on Props?

Sometimes. Caesars will often give bettors insurance on certain wagers, including props. The sportsbook will periodically offer boosts like extra profit or credit betting on props or markets in a certain marquee game.

Don’t forget to look for bonus bets from which you can place longshot wagers.

Make sure to consult the sportsbook’s options.


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