Super Bowl Bonuses & Betting Offers

Your Guide to Super Bowl Betting Bonuses

Below are the best sportsbooks with Super Bowl betting bonuses.

ByKevin Davis

Jan 31, 2023

The biggest day in the North American sports calendar is unquestionably the Super Bowl. It’s the championship for the most popular U.S. sport, and many people watch the big game simply for the entertainment and commercials.

In the two-week buildup to the Super Bowl, everyone is sharing their opinion on the game. For bettors, this means that the options are endless on what to bet. From the winner of the Super Bowl to the result of the first drive, there is not a shortage of wagers to be made.

With so much interest and so many sportsbooks, they are competing for the NFL betting audience. The result of this competition means two things: a myriad of betting options, and a cascade of sportsbook sign-up offers.

Benefits of Super Bowl Betting Bonuses

The house always wins in sports betting, but with betting offers, the customers can have an edge. The Super Bowl is the busiest day of the year for sportsbooks, so they can afford to lose some money in attracting new customers.

In theory, the customer will take advantage of a bonus and then become a loyal customer who, over time, will give their money back to the sportsbook in the form of losing bets.

Some common benefits of Super Bowl betting bonuses include:

  • A larger bankroll to be used for the Super Bowl or other sports
  • Boosted odds
  • Free bets
  • Risk-Free Bets

Best Betting Sites With Super Bowl Signup Bonuses

FanDuel Sportsbook

America’s most popular sportsbook is FanDuel, so for America’s most popular sport, they are going to have the best deals with the Super Bowl. With availability in virtually every state with legal mobile sports betting, there is no excuse to not have a FanDuel sportsbook account.

For the Super Bowl specifically, FanDuel has had intriguing sign-up offers in the past. From betting $5 to get $150 in free bets, to $1,000 bet insurance offers, FanDuel is worth keeping an eye one. Currently, you can get the FanDuel No Sweat Bet promo for this year’s Super Bowl.

Existing users also benefit from Super Bowl offers such as boosted odds, same-game parlay insurance, and other offers.

Betting-wise, FanDuel is probably the best sportsbook for prop bets. Outside of the Super Bowl, FanDuel is usually the first book to post prop odds, and other sportsbook usually copy them. From coin flips to Gatorade dumps, FanDuel should be your destination for Super Bowl prop bets.

Traditional bettors also benefit from FanDuel having old school wagers for the Super Bowl such as spread, moneyline, and point-total wagers. If you plan on betting on the big game, you can’t go wrong with FanDuel.

DraftKings Sportsbook

Behind FanDuel, DraftKings Sportsbook is the second-most popular American football. FanDuel is like Coca-Cola, and DraftKings is like Pepsi. Both are extremely popular, and both generate debate on which sportsbook is the better platform.

Between both DraftKings and FanDuel, are are usually at least a 1000 different bets that can be made on the big game, so I encourage all bettors to have accounts with both books.

In the past for the Super Bowl specifically, DraftKings has had enticing sign-up offers. These have included doubling your money up to $50 if a touchdown is scored, profit boosts, or +300 moneyline odds on either side. But right now you can get the DraftKings Bet $5 Get $200 promo.

One way to keep track of what they are offering leading up to the big game is to bookmark this page and check back closer to the big game.

BetMGM Sportsbook

Like DraftKings, BetMGM is a well-known company that is trying to be the most popular sports betting app. In recent years, the MGM betting app has increased its offering to its new and existing users.

The BetMGM app has great features, such as being able to use the search bar in their menu to find the game that you are looking for. Additionally, they have an easy-to-navigate betting menu for each game.

Specifically for the Super Bowl, BetMGM in the past has offered 100-1 odds on either team. This meant that for every dollar bet on your team in the Super Bowl, you would have received $100. Unfortunately, the most that you could have bet on this offer was only $1.

For a more lucrative sign-up offer, BetMGM typically has a generous sign-up bonus in the form of bet insurance up to $1000.

Here’s how bet insurance (“risk-free bet," in some circles) works: You can bet up to the maximum amount cited in the terms. If your bet loses, you get your bet back in the form of a free bet. If your bet wins, you win your designated sum of money.

In BetMGM’s bet insurance offer, if your first bet loses, you get multiple free bets rather than one free bet. If your first two bets lose, you still have a chance to recoup some of your losses.

BetRivers Sportsbook

Like a river that doesn’t stop moving, the BetRivers app never shuts down. With 24/7 betting on all sports (not just NFL), the options on BetRivers are endless.

For new users, BetRivers has had 100% first-time deposit match offers in the past up to $250, or bet insurance offers up to $250.

While in the past BetRivers has not had specific sign-up offers for the Super Bowl, their general sign-up offer can apply for the big game as well. Additionally, if you bet on sports on other days of the year besides the Super Bowl, you can start an account with BetRivers before the big game and slowly build your bankroll leading up to the Super Bowl.

One year, BetRivers offered a deposit match for existing users for the Super Bowl, so if someone created their account before the big game, they could have benefitted from the new user offer earlier in the season and the existing user offer for the Super Bowl.

Caesars Sportsbook

If you have cable in a legal sports betting state, chances are that you have seen one of the Caesars ads on TV. Not only are the ads compelling to watch, but there is truth behind the advertising: Caesars Sportsbook is an app worth signing up for.

For sign-up bonus offers, Caesars is arguably the king, just like Caesar is the emperor. Not only do they typically have the most generous bet insurance offer in the industry, but they frequently have other great sign up offers as well.

From UberEats gift cards to free jerseys, the Caesars marketing team has cranked offers like Patrick Mahomes is cranking out passing touchdowns.

For the Super Bowl, Caesars typically has an endless selection of props with their odds. As a Caesars user, I recommend signing up for the app.

bet365 Sportsbook

With a presence in New Jersey and Colorado, the world’s most popular betting site is starting to make waves in North America.

Residents in states with bet365 have seen the TV ad featuring Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad fame mentioning that bet365 Sportsbook is the world’s most popular betting site. As a Jesse Pinkman fan, I had to check out Bet365, and I was not disappointed.

In the past bet365 has not had a Super Bowl-specific sign-up offer, but their general welcome offer is generous.

Bet365 has had a mix of deposit match and bet-and-get offers for the Super Bowl. Whether it is betting $1 to get $200 in free bets or having you first deposit matched up to $500, bet365 is worth keeping an eye on for the Super Bowl. Currently, you can get the bet365 Bet 1 Get 200 promo for the upcoming Big Game.

Best Super Bowl Betting Bonuses

Super Bowl No-Deposit Bonuses

No-deposit bonuses are rare when it comes to sportsbooks, but if you can find welcome bonus or a Super Bowl deal that gives you a no-deposit offer, it’s clearly one to take advantage of.

No-deposit bonuses are the most simple to earn since all you have to do is sign up to a sportsbook. Once you do that, the betting app will give you a free bet without even the need to make a deposit.

Super Bowl Deposit Bonus

In my opinion, the best Super Bowl betting offers are deposit bonuses. As a bonus, they are the easiest to understand: You make a deposit and get a percentage of it matched.

Additionally, it is most beneficial to bettors: They can choose how to use it whether it is conservatively as multiple small bets (my preference for beginners), or as one large bet.

Bet & Get

Bet and get offers are also great as the terms are as simple as the name.

If you make a bet, you get a bonus. Unfortunately, bet and get offers are less common than risk-free bet offers. However, for the Super Bowl specialized bet-and-get offers are more common than usual.

Bet-and-get offers have one big drawback, though: Being awarded $200 in free bets is not the same as a $200 deposit bonus. Typically, with the latter, you get your stake back in addition to your winnings.

Contrarily, for $200 in free bets, you only get your winnings — but not your stake.

For example, if you bet on a +100 money line with a $200 bonus, if your bet wins you would get $400 (your stake plus your winnings). However, if you did the same with a $200 free bet or free credit, you would only get $200 in winnings but only if your bet wins.

For the Super Bowl specifically, if you have a bet and get offer such as betting $1 and getting $200 if a point is scored, it is a great way to build your bankroll with virtually no money.

Risk-Free Bet

Risk-free bets are the most common welcome offer for football betting apps. While risk-free bets are good for the customer, in my opinion, their name is as misleading: It sounds as they are risk-reduced bets rather than completely risk-free.

With sportsbooks referring to risk-free bets as bet insurance or other names, bettors need to be on the lookout if those offers are the same as a risk-free bet.

Up to a certain amount, usually at least $100 and up to $1250, if your first bet loses, you are rewarded with credit for a “risk-free bet" prize. Typically, that credit is rewarded in the form of one single free bet, which cannot be broken up.

If that free bet loses, then you lose your whole risk-free bet.

That is why I prefer to use the term risk reduced. It’s reducing the risk of your bet — but not eliminating it.

How To Pick the Best Super Bowl Sportsbook Bonus

During the Super Bowl, sportsbooks have special offers, such as bet $1 and get $200 in free bets if your team scores a point. The key to taking advantage of these low-cost offers is to be on the lookout for them.

Another key is to tailor your sportsbook welcome offers to your betting strategy.

Low Rollover Requirements

Regardless of your Super Bowl betting strategy, you want low rollover requirements.

Frequently, to withdraw all your account balance, you must meet the rollover requirements in order to have access to your bonus amount. This can include betting up to five times your initial deposit or only one times your initial deposit.

For the Super Bowl specifically, you don’t want to have high rollover requirements because that will require betting on other sports. If you only bet on NFL, that means betting on sports you aren’t familiar with to meet your rollover requirements as you will have to wait until September to bet on the NFL again.

Type of Bonus

If you are looking to place one high dollar bet on the Super Bowl, you are best served by the risk-free bet offers. These offers are particularly good if you are looking to bet on a longshot bet.

If you are practicing conservative bankroll management, you are best off with a deposit match or bet and get offer where you can spread your risk on multiple Super Bowl bets.

Fewest Requirements

Part of the reason why some of these bonus offers appear too good to be true is that they have a long list of requirements to have to be met to receive the bonus. That is why I like the sign-up bonuses that have the fewest requirements.

Best Super Bowl Betting Offers

As we get closer to the Super Bowl in Late January, we will have more specific information on what Super Bowl specific bonuses are being offered. In the meantime, here are some Super Bowl specific bonuses that have been offered in the past:

Deposit Match

In addition to the welcome bonuses offered during the Super Bowl, in the past sportsbooks like BetMGM and BetRivers have offered deposit matches for existing users. That is one of the benefits of signing up for a sports betting account in the lead up to the Super Bowl.

These deposit match offers range from 1x rollover at -200 or better at BetRivers or 5x Rollover within 14 days at BetMGM.

Boosted Odds

As a sign-up offer, many sportsbooks for the Super Bowl will boost odds for popular bets. One odds boost that was offered by BetMGM was to offer 100-1 odds on either team to win the Super Bowl. Additionally, FanDuel has offered $275 for a $5 bet for the Super Bowl on either team to win.

Another odds boost that was popular for the 2021 Super Bowl was when DraftKings offered +100 odds on either team scoring a touchdown. With a maximum bet of $50 and a touchdown scored in virtually every NFL game, that bonus was great for first-time depositors.

Bet $1, Get a Large Amount In Free Bets

A popular sign-up offer for the Super Bowl is when sites give you free bets in exchange for opening up an account and betting $1, you are given at least $100 in free bets. In 2020, BetMGM offered $200 in free bets if you bet $1 on the Super Bowl and at least one touchdown was scored.

Unique Super Bowl Bets

What makes the Super Bowl different from any other American sporting event is the number of wagers that you can place on the big game.

Not only can you bet on which team will win, but you can bet on the color of Gatorade dumped on the winning head coach, the number of fourth down conversions, the coin flip, the number of receptions for each receiver, the Super Bowl MVP, and more.

Where Can I Legally Bet With Super Bowl Bonuses?

Current Legal Online Betting Locations

  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • Michigan
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Tennessee
  • Virginia
  • Washington D.C.
  • West Virginia
  • Wyoming

Look for More Than One Super Bowl Betting Bonus

The great thing that any football bettor can do to limit the sportsbook’s advantage is to use multiple betting sites. Different sites offer different betting odds and as a result, you can get the best price by shopping around for the best odds.

For example, on Sunday, January 3, 2021, the Indianapolis Colts were heavily favored against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

On PointsBet, The Colts were favored by 15.5 points, while on BetMGM, the Colts were favored by only 14 points.

The final score was Jaguars 14, Colts 28. If you had bet on Indianapolis on PointsBet, then you would have lost. However, if you bet on Indy on BetMGM, then you would have gotten your bet back in a push.

Additionally, for bonuses, it is beneficial to have multiple accounts to take advantage of every single sign-up offer. If you are looking to make multiple longshot bets on the Super Bowl, you might be better off doing several different risk-free bet offers.


Kevin Davis

Kevin Davis is a Betting Analyst at The Game Day residing in Hoboken, NJ. Previously a Bronx resident, Kevin got his start betting on sports at his local Bronx barbershop. When sports betting was legalized across the river in Jersey, Kevin was there on the ground floor making regular trips to the Hoboken PATH station or for soup dumplings in Fort Lee. Previously, Kevin has written for The Action Network, and Vegas Insider.