Aaron Rodgers Is Going WHERE? (The Game Day Podcast)

Last Updated: May 7, 2021

Aaron Rodgers is going WHERE?! | The Game Day Podcast​

On the latest episode of The Game Day Podcast, Adam Kramer and Marcus Mosher play fill in the blank and answer:

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0:22​ ➡️ Aaron Rodgers is a ___ next year

2:18​ ➡️ _______ will be the Bears’ starting QB in 2021

3:11​ ➡️ Tim Tebow back in the NFL is ___

4:07​ ➡️ McGlinchey comments that both Lance and Garoppolo are “our guy” are ___

5:15​ ➡️ The #1 Pick in the 2022 Draft is ___ Listen to the podcast to hear the latest on Aaron Rodgers’ future, and the 2021 NFL draft takeaways.


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