The Game Day’s Adam Kramer and Marcus Mosher dive into all the action across the NFL for the upcoming week, analyzing matchups, storylines and bets that you can place your money on. Featuring a weekly guest from the NFL world.

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Does Matt Stafford Make The Rams Leaders in NFC West? | Breaking Down The NFC West

The Game Day’s Adam Kramer (@KegsnEggs) and Marcus Mosher (@Marcus_Mosher) discuss the biggest topics of the week and dive into their fourth divisional analysis (NFC West) of the offseason.

🗣️ Debates/Discussions

➡️ Current Events (Fill in the Blank)

  • 17 Games Is __ for NFL bettors
  • __ Is Favorite FA Signing So Far
  • 49ers Starting QB Week 1 is __
  • __ had the most impressive pro day thus far
  • Michael Strahan’s New Teeth Are _
  • Pro Day throws get __ hype

➡️ AFC South Breakdown

  • Biggest Team Needs
    Starting QB Questions
    Buy/Sell Playoff Teams

➡️ The Future: Favorite futures bets