WWE WrestleMania 39 Predictions & DraftKings Props

Gio AnnatelliDigital & Social Content Manager
Last Updated: Mar 29, 2023

The biggest sports entertainment event of the year is right around the corner, and it might be the biggest one we’ve had in years. Millions of professional wrestling fans will be tuning into both nights of WrestleMania 39 this year.

Since WrestleMania 36 in 2020, WWE has adopted a two-night format for the PPV. This was done so the event wouldn’t drag or run too long, but also to give wrestlers opportunities to compete.

As of right now, there are 13 matches announced for WrestleMania, and I’m sure one or two more will be announced this week.

Roman Reigns will defend the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against Royal Rumble winner Cody Rhodes. Fellow Royal Rumble winner Rhea Ripley chose Charlotte Flair as her WrestleMania opponent for the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

This will be a WrestleMania to remember, so let’s dive right into it.

WrestleMania DraftKings Betting Pool Picks

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Continuing a run in recent years, the main event of WrestleMania Night 2 is featured in a WWE DraftKings Betting Pool.

This year, Roman Reigns, the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, will take on Cody Rhodes in a title match.

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DraftKings Roman Reigns vs. Cody Rhodes Pool Predictions

Here are the questions and options for the WWE DraftKings WrestleMania 39 Pool: Roman vs Cody. My predictions are in bold:

  • Will either participant drive a vehicle during their entrance • Yes or No
  • Who will attempt the first pinfall? • Roman or Cody
  • Who will be the first to use a foreign object? • Cody or Roman or Neither
  • Which part of the set will break first? • Announcers Table or Ring Stairs or Ring Ropes/Turnbuckles or None Break
  • Which will happen? • Roman hits Cross Rhodes or Cody hits Superman punch or Neither
  • Who, if anyone, will interfere for Cody? • Solo Sikoa or Sami Zayn or Other or None
  • Who, if anyone, will interfere for Roman? • The Usos or Solo Sikoa or Paul Heyman or None
  • How many spears will Roman hit? • Less than Four or Four or More than Four
  • How many Cross Rhodes will Cody hit? • Less than Three or Three or More than Three
  • Will the match spill out into the crowd? Yes or No
  • Who will win? • Roman or Cody
  • How will the match be decided? • Pinfall or Submission or DQ or Other
  • How many titles will Cody have at the end of WrestleMania? • 2 or 1 or 0
  • How many titles will Roman have at the end of WrestleMania? • 2 or 1 or 0

WrestleMania 39 Pick of the Day

When is WWE WrestleMania 39?

WrestleMania 39 is on Saturday, April 1, and Sunday, April 2. WWE’s premier PPV will be a two-night event for the fourth straight year.

Where is WWE WrestleMania 39 taking place?

WrestleMania 39 will take place in Inglewood, Calif., at SoFi Stadium. This is the first time WrestleMania will be taking place at SoFi stadium and the seventh time in California.

WrestleMania was originally slated for March 28, 2021, at SoFi Stadium but was moved due to California state regulations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

WrestleMania 39 Match Card

WrestleMania Night 1 Card: Saturday, April 1

  • Charlotte Flair (c) vs. Rhea Ripley • WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship Match
  • Austin Theory (c) vs. John Cena • WWE United States Championship Match
  • Seth “Freakin" Rollins vs. Logan Paul
  • Trish Stratus, Lita, & Becky Lynch vs. Damage CTRL (Bayley, Dakota Kai, & Iyo Sky) • 6-Woman Tag Team Match
  • Brock Lesnar vs. Omos (w/ MVP)

WrestleMania Night 2 Card: Sunday, April 2

  • Roman Reigns (c) (w/ Paul Heyman) vs. Cody Rhodes • Undisputed WWE Universal Championship Match

WrestleMania Card: Night TBD

  • Bianca Belair (c) vs. Asuka • WWE Raw Women’s Championship Match
  • Gunther (c) vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Sheamus • Triple Threat Match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship
  • The Usos (c) vs. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn • Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship Match
  • Edge vs. Finn Bálor • Hell in a Cell Match
  • Rey Mysterio vs. Dominik Mysterio
  • Braun Strowman & Ricochet vs. The Viking Raiders vs. The Street Profits vs. Alpha Academy • Men’s WrestleMania Showcase Fatal Four-Way Tag Team Match
  • Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez vs. Natalya & Shotzi vs. Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler vs. Chelsea Green & Sonya Deville • Women’s WrestleMania Showcase Fatal Four-Way Tag Team Match

WrestleMania 39 Match Predictions

Roman Reigns (c) vs. Cody Rhodes - Undisputed WWE Universal Championship Match

Let’s go ahead and start with the WrestleMania main event for our WWE picks. This match will take place on Night 2, and it’s the match everyone is looking forward to.

Cody made a triumphant return at WrestleMania 38 after leaving WWE six years ago, working the indie circuit, and starting WWE’s rival company, AEW. In his return, he talked about wanting to win the WWE Championship not just for himself but for his late father, Dusty Rhodes, who never won the title.

Those dreams were halted when Cody tore his pectoral muscle, had an incredible Hell in a Cell match against Seth Rollins, but then was sidelined for months. Cody made another big return at the Royal Rumble, winning the Rumble match and earning a title shot.

Sadly, he’ll be facing the dominant Roman Reigns, who hasn’t been PINNED since TLC 2019. And if you were wondering by who, it was Baron Corbin.

Reigns has been on a historic tear as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, going through every single person in his path. Doesn’t even matter if it’s his own family, you will have to deal with the Tribal Chief if you disrespect him.

However, even with all that said, I still think Cody comes out on top in this match. The storyline is absolutely terrific with the relationship Roman had with Dusty before his passing. This is going to be a banger of a match in which David will take down Goliath, and the WWE Universe will have a new champion.

  • PREDICTION: Cody Rhodes defeats Roman Reigns

Charlotte Flair (c) vs. Rhea Ripley - WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship Match

It was no surprise that Rhea Ripley won the Royal Rumble match this year, as she’s one of the most dominant wrestlers on the roster. However, I honestly thought she would challenge Bianca Belair for the championship. Both are the future of the women’s division.

Instead, we’ll be getting a WrestleMania 36 rematch, in which Charlotte won that year’s Rumble match and defeated Ripley for the NXT Women’s Championship.

This will be a very good match, as two of the best superstars go head-to-head for the title. Charlotte is always in the title conversation because, well, it’s Charlotte Flair. She’s run the women’s division for the last decade. But now it’s time for Ripley to take on the mantle.

Ripley has established herself on her own before, having won the Raw Women’s, Women’s Tag Team, NXT Women’s, and NXT UK Women’s Championships. Now all she needs is the SmackDown Women’s Championship to complete it, and that she will get.

  • PREDICTION: Rhea Ripley over Charlotte Flair

Bianca Belair (c) vs Asuka - WWE Raw Women’s Championship Match

Bianca Belair was left without an opponent for WrestleMania for a bit when Rhea Ripley challenged Charlotte Flair for the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

That changed when a No. 1 contenders match was announced for Elimination Chamber inside the Chamber. Asuka defeated Liv Morgan, Carmella, Raquel Rodriguez (my pick to win), Nikki Cross, and Natalya.

Asuka missed about a month before returning at the Royal Rumble, and fans were excited to see her again. And they’re equally excited to see her taking on Belair for the championship.

Both superstars are at the top of their game, and this should be a terrific match to watch. But we can’t have every major champion lose at WrestleMania, so Belair will continue her run and retain.

  • PREDICTION: Bianca Belair defeats Asuka

Austin Theory (c) vs. John Cena - WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

This match has been teased to happen since last year around the same time. They came close at John Cena’s 20-year anniversary celebration on Raw, but nothing came of it.

Austin Theory and Cena came face-to-face in Boston, and Theory challenged him to a Mania match, which the Boston crowd helped Cena decide before he destroyed Theory on the mic.

I don’t care what anyone says - John Cena is the greatest WWE superstar of all time. So whenever the GOAT is in a match, it’s going to be a banger, especially for a title that said GOAT is known for.

If Theory beats Cena, this win will put him on a trajectory for the world title. This has the potential of being the match of the night, depending on which night it’s on. Theory will ultimately overcome his idol and retain his title.

  • PREDICTION: Austin Theory defeats John Cena

Gunther vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Sheamus - Triple Threat Match for the Intercontinental Championship

This match is going to be the most brutal match of the weekend. Putting Gunther, Drew McIntyre, AND Sheamus in a ring against one another is absolute chaos. They are going to wear each other down, and I can’t wait.

The three of these superstars might break the record for most chops ever recorded in a single match.

Gunther has been dominant since joining the main roster and has had a very strong run as the IC champion. However, I think it’s time for him to focus his sights on becoming the World Champion.

After an absolutely grueling match, the three men will show respect for one another. And Sheamus will FINALLY grab the only title that’s eluded him in his career.

  • PREDICTION: Sheamus defeats Gunther & Drew McIntyre

The Usos vs. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn - Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship Match

Every single person that watches WWE knew this match was coming, and what a slow and beautiful burn it’s been. The finish of this match might get the biggest pop of the weekend, but more on that finish later.

The storytelling has been terrific. Sami with The Bloodline and then turning on Roman to protect his former best friend and give up everything he’s built with The Bloodline. Then it seemed like Jey Uso was on Sami’s side until he turned on him.

Zayn will get his biggest WWE moment to date once he’s the one to secure the pin to win the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship. This is the feel-good story that will start the end of The Bloodline as we know it. Hopefully, it will be the main event of Night 1.

  • PREDICTION: Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn defeat The Usos

Brock Lesnar vs. Omos (w/ MVP)

Bobby Lashley would’ve been a WAY better opponent for Brock Lesnar here, but alas, we get Omos in a clash of titans.

This is going to be the quickest match of the weekend, with a couple of big moves thrown in between a few standoffs.

Lesnar will show much more dominance than he already has by hitting the giant Omos with an F5 for the win. Always love a quick victory.

  • PREDICTION: Brock Lesnar defeats Omos

Seth “Freakin" Rollins vs. Logan Paul

I could’ve never predicted that Logan Paul would actually be a good wrestler. But yet, here we are, with him and Seth Rollins going head-to-head on Night 1.

Logan’s resume includes a tag match with The Miz against Rey & Dominik Mysterio (back when they liked each other), a match against The Miz after Miz turned on Logan, a title match against The Tribal Chief himself, and an incredible Royal Rumble appearance in which he eliminated Rollins.

Rollins has been dealing with Logan since then, having the United States Championship slip through his fingers at Elimination Chamber when Logan intervened.

This match is going to be absolutely electric. Both of these superstars will tear the house down, and the crowd is going to go crazy. Everyone will definitely be in Seth’s corner for this match, but there will be times when we root for Logan to win.

Seth’s experience will come into play in the match and will help him overcome the highly energetic Paul.

  • PREDICTION: Seth “Freakin" Rollins defeats Logan Paul

Trish Stratus, Lita, and Becky Lynch vs. Damage CTRL - Six-Woman Tag Team Match

Becky Lynch and Lita recently became WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions after defeating Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky on Raw with the support of Trish Stratus. So it only makes sense to add Bayley into the mix and have a nice ol’ match to tie a bow on it.

Trish and Lita ran the Women’s Division during the Attitude Era, while Becky and Bayley have run the division as of late. And now we have six of the Women’s Division’s top stars in the ring together.

This match will be centered around Becky and Bayley, with Becky ultimately getting the pin on Bayley.

  • PREDICTION: Trish Stratus, Lita, & Becky Lynch defeat Damage CTRL

Edge vs. Finn Balor - Hell in a Cell Match

This feud between Edge and Finn Balor has been going on for nearly a year now since The Judgement Day turned on Edge, their former leader. And after battling it out multiple times, hopefully, this puts an end to it.

It’s been almost two years since we last saw The Demon, but he’ll return at WrestleMania inside the cell. The issue for Edge is that The Demon has barely lost. The only two losses came from Samoa Joe in NXT and Roman Reigns a few years ago.

This is going to go down as one of the best HIAC matches in a long time, as both Edge and Balor know how to put on a classic. With Ripley winning the SmackDown Women’s Championship, it only makes sense for The Demon Finn Balor to win and elevate the stable even more.

  • PREDICTION: Finn Balor defeats Edge

Rey Mysterio vs. Dominik Mysterio

Man, do I feel for Rey Mysterio. The year he gets inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, he has to face his own son, Dominik, at WrestleMania. It’s tough being a parent nowadays.

Dominik has really come into his own from when he first wrestled on the main roster to now. He’s trying to emulate Eddie Guerrero as a suave, smart-mouthed high-flyer. Dominik is even going to the lengths of wishing Guerrero was his dad.

Dominik has continued to interfere with Rey’s matches and has pushed his father to the point of Rey attacking Dom. And after that, Rey finally accepted to a match at WrestleMania.

It’s going to be an emotional match, but ultimately Dom will walk away with the heel victory. The Mysterio legacy will continue with him.

  • PREDICTION: Dominik Mysterio defeats Rey Mysterio

Braun Strowman & Ricochet vs. The Viking Raiders vs. The Street Profits vs. Alpha Academy - Men’s WrestleMania Showcase Fatal Four-Way Tag Team Match

It’s only fair to assume that the winner of this match will be next in line to challenge for the Undisputed Tag Team Championship.

Alpha Academy is on the verge of a break-up with Otis leaving Chad Gable, while the Viking Raiders are not the tag team they once were. So this match will come down to The Street Profits and Braun Strowman & Ricochet.

The Street Profits are a seasoned tag team in WWE, as they are one of three WWE Tag Team Triple Crown winners, while Braun & Ricochet are beginning to mesh as of late. However, sometimes the new team can surprise you.

Braun & Ricochet are going to shock the WWE Universe by taking down one of the best tag teams in the company, giving them a WrestleMania moment.

  • PREDICTION: Braun Strowman & Ricochet defeat The Street Profits, The Viking Raiders, and Alpha Academy

Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez vs. Natalya & Shotzi vs. Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler vs. Chelsea Green & Sonya Deville - Women’s WrestleMania Showcase Fatal Four-Way Tag Team Match

These four teams are all relatively new on the scene, but that’s what makes this match great - the winner is unpredictable.

Liv & Raquel qualified by beating Tegan Nox & Emma. Natalya & Shotzi qualified by beating Xia Li & Lacey Evans. Green & Deville qualified by beating “Michin" Mia Yim & Candice LeRae. Rousey & Shayna qualified automatically, which should hint at which team will win.

Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler are the dominant tag team in this match and will prove that by running through the three other tag teams. This will still be a good match, but Ronda & Shayna will prove that they’re the best. They’ll be next in line to face Becky & Lita for the Women’s Tag Team Championships.

  • PREDICTION: Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler defeat Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez, Natalya & Shotzi, and Chelsea Green & Sonya Deville


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