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Last Updated: Jul 13, 2022

The Game Day’s Steve Inman takes a deep dive into all the action across the NBA for the upcoming week, analyzing matchups, storylines and bets that you can place your money on. Featuring a weekly guest from the basketball world.

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Is Victor Oladipo A Rental In Miami+ Game Of Zones Stories

Steve Inman is joined by Miami Heat insider Ira Winderman and Game of Zones co-creator Adam Malamut. They discuss the future of the Miami Heat as well as the best stories from creating The Game of Zones.

What has gone wrong with the Raptors season? 0:15 - 3:12

  • Thoughts on the Oladipo trade? 0:36- 2:14
  • Is Oladipo in the Heat’s long-term plans? 2:15 - 4:00
  • Heat options this summer to replace Oladipo? 4:01 - 5:44
  • Are the Heat good enough to get back to NBA Finals? 5:45 - 10:57
  • Great Florida Man stories 10:58 - 17:10
  • How did Game of Zones predict so many future NBA storylines? 18:10 - 19:31
  • Adam’s favorite Game of Zones episode to make 19:32 - 21:46
  • Could a new Game of Zones be created? 21:47 - 24:20
  • Sixers chances against Nets and Bucks in playoffs 24:21 - 27:30


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