How to Bet Totals on SI Sportsbook | Complete Guide

ByPat Pickens

Nov 14, 2022

Totals betting is one of the best ways to wager on sports.

Sportsbooks predetermine a number of points in a game, and bettors are tasked with determining whether there will be more or fewer than that with corresponding odds. Or gamblers may be asked if a team or player will surpass a stat total than the number that is listed in prop betting.

The Sports Illustrated Sportsbook is one of the budding brands in online sports betting. Though you undoubtedly know the SI brand thanks to its decades of award-winning journalism, it has jumped into the sports-betting game after completing a partnership with British-based sportsbook 888 Sports. The SI Sportsbook is a leader in totals betting, with numbers listed for every game every day.

Here’s a look at how to bet over/unders at SI Sportsbook.

How to Bet Totals on SI Sportsbook

Step 1: Create an Account or Sign In

Visit the SI Sportsbook review page and follow our custom “Get Bonus" link that will take you to the sign-up page for the SI Sportsbook. If you’re in one of the states where the SI Sportsbook is operating, sign up using your real information and enter any necessary promo codes to unlock the sportsbook’s best new-user offer.

Remember that any information is secure and used only to affirm your age and identity.

Step 2: Deposit

Insert funds. Remember that credit-card deposits include a cash-advance fee, that withdrawing via credit card is not allowed. Use an e-wallet like PayPal or online banking so you can withdraw via that method and avoid needing to wait up to two weeks for your money to arrive via check.

Step 3: Find Your Bet

Consult the sportsbook’s sports-specific betting page to find the game you wish to wager on. If you’re unsure which totals bet you want to make, peruse the betting options on the sport you’re interested in wagering and find the bet you wish to make.

Step 4: Place Your Bet

Tap or click the over/under bet you wish to wager. Put in the amount you want to bet. Press “Place Bet," and root for your wager to hit!

What Is Over/Under Betting on SI Sportsbook?

Over/under betting is when a gambler wagers on the total number of points in a game or match. Sportsbooks, like SI, will produce a number of total points they expect in each game, and bettors will wager on whether there will be more (over) or fewer (under) than that number.

Sports bettors may know that over/under bets are available in college football and the NFL, but sportsbooks assign totals to every game across sports. Gamblers can bet over/unders in baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer or even global sports like handball and much more.

Typically, football totals are in the 40-60 range, with higher or lower potential depending on the offenses, defenses or weather conditions. College basketball totals are usually around 140, and the NBA is about 200. Baseball totals are almost universally 8, unless the game is played at Coors Field, and hockey totals are usually between 5-7.

Over/under odds are almost always set between +100 and -120, depending on the likelihood of the total, which make them one of the most consistent bets in terms of payout. Hockey over/unders might have slightly longer and shorter odds but typically no shorter than -140 or longer than +125.

How Do SI Totals Work?

SI Sportsbook sets competitive totals designed at enticing betting on both sides. The sportsbook does also offer alternate totals for games with corresponding odds based on if the total is higher or lower than the likeliest final amount.

For example, if in a game between the Washington Commanders and Philadelphia Eagles, the predetermined over/under is set at 45.5 at -110 odds, SI will offer betting on that. If you, as a bettor, believe there will be about that many but aren’t sure, you can wager on there to be over 43.5 at about -140 odds. A -110 bet, which pays out $0.91 profit for every $1 bet and is the sportsbook version of a coin flip, will be more lucrative than the -140 bet, which will pay out $0.71 per $1 wagered, but the lower total is more likely to be successful.

SI also offers live, or in-game, betting, and is constantly fluctuating the final total based on the potential of it to hit. In-game betting is a staple of the online betting experience, and betting the totals live is a great way to get more lucrative odds or a lower number than the one initially listed.

SI Over/Under Rules

The SI Sportsbook has a few rules about betting over/unders.

  • Voids: Some games will have whole-number totals, and if the final game total lands on that amount that is a push and the initial stake is returned. Also, most player prop wagers are listed as over/unders, and in the event the player’s final stat number lands on the number posted then that bet will be voided as well.
  • Teasers: As referenced above, SI offers some limited alternate totals options, both for over/under betting as well as player props. Bettors will not be able to customize their totals on the SI Sportsbook though.

Types of Sports Illustrated Totals

Totals are mostly known as over/unders for points, but that’s not always the case. Here’s a look at all the types of totals bets available:

  • Points: The standard for over/under bets. As referenced above, you can wager on whether there will be more or fewer than a predetermined number of points in an individual game.
  • Futures: Futures bets are known mostly as which team will win a championship, but some futures wagers also center around an over/under number of wins or points (NHL/soccer). For example, if you believe the Cleveland Browns will finish with more than 9.5 wins, SI Sportsbook will invite you as a bettor to wager on that happening.
  • Player Props: As referenced above, player props are typically listed as over/unders, meaning you can wager on Steph Curry to finish with over or under 28.5 points or 3.5 3-pointers in a game or for Austin Ekeler to surpass 98.5 all-purpose yards in an individual game.

Sports Illustrated NFL Totals

Because of the NFL’s incredible popularity in the United States, SI offers totals on every football game from the preseason through the Super Bowl, with competitive odds and numbers.

Here’s a glimpse at some of the totals wagers you can make at the SI Sportsbook:

  • Points: The most common total. NFL bettors love wagering on totals, especially in games where they have a good feel.
  • Player Props: SI offers player props for marquee players to surpass a predetermined stat total for each game each week. Bettors may take the over/under on rushing, receiving and passing yards for every starter/high-profile player for each game, and can even wager on defensive players to produce a certain number of sacks or interceptions too with corresponding odds.
  • Teasers: You can choose alternate totals within a small range of the total number of points listed.

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is like Christmas for sports bettors, and the SI Sportsbook produces a plethora of big-game wagers both year-round and each winter. Bettors can wager on a competitive over/under but also alternate totals and player props as well.

Placing a Super Bowl wager is as easy as a few clicks, or taps on your smartphone. Plus, you can place futures wagers like which team will appear in the Super Bowl at any time throughout the year.

Over/Under Bet Strategies

Start by doing your homework. You won’t want to place an over bet if there’s a marquee pitching matchup in baseball, or if the weather is cold or the wind is blowing in.

Consider all factors too. Is there a marquee defensive injury that’s going to lead to an offense exploiting? Is one team starting a backup quarterback that is incapable of moving the ball, or is the backup going against a dominant defense?

We at The Game Day put together analysis for just about every game so bettors can make the most informed decisions every day. We also give bettors a helpful totals comparison tool so they can get the most lucrative payout available. Sometimes SI will have the best total for the wager you’re hoping to make. Other times it’ll be a different sportsbook.

Trust what your gut is telling you too. It hurts double being coaxed into placing a wager we didn’t love, especially if there was a bet we loved that ended up hitting.

Have fun and be responsible too. We bet to add some juice to the games we wanted to watch or attend. There’s no sense in threatening your livelihood just to try and win big.

Over/Under Betting for Beginners

Dip your toe with a bet you love. The best way to get comfortable betting is by doing it and learning what works and what doesn’t. But we recommend starting with small with a wager you feel strongly about to establish a foundation for what you’ll want to wager in the future.

You’re going to make mistakes, which means trial and error are going to be your friends. Sometimes you’ll fall backwards into a bet that hits, but more often you’ll lose and need to learn from what you did. There’s no shame. We’ve all been there. Ideally, you won’t keep making the same mistakes over and over.

How to Calculate Over/Under Odds?

Over/under odds are usually between +100 and -120, which means you’ll need to bet that much in order to win $100 profit. Most totals listed will come with -110 odds, and if you see that it means you’ll win $0.91 profit for every dollar bet.

Again, some sports like hockey or baseball, will have different odds like -118, -130 or shorter on either side depending on the likelihood of the over or under to payout. In the event of a -130 over, the under will usually have odds of about +110, which means a bettor will win $110 profit on a $100 wager.

Fortunately, SI Sportsbook, like every other online sportsbook, will give you the exact payout of your totals bet before you enter your wager so you’ll know exactly what you stand to win if/when your bet hits.

Why Are Over/Unders a Good Bet?

Betting totals a great way to get in on the action if you’re uncertain how the outcome will play out. Typically, an under bet is easier to sniff out than an over, since elite defenses/pitching can predictably stymie a mediocre/bad offense. Or if the weather is bad, and the total doesn’t reflect the elements, mashing that number before sportsbooks adjust can lead to easy money.

If you, like me, are more interested in betting overs, there are ways to target that too. Overs are just more reliant on factors coming together, but I know I don’t want to root against points being scored, especially in a game where you may not have a rooting interest.

Can Over/Unders Be a Bad Bet?

Totals bets can be done in by a variety of factors, including the dreaded “off night." If you bet an over, and there’s a scoreless or low-scoring first half, your wager can die a quick and painful death. Or if you bet an under and the teams were scoring at will in early on, it’s usually a sign of a high-scoring game that will doom your wager.

What Sports Are Available for Over/Unders?

Totals bets are available in almost every sport, or at least every sport where there are games with points/runs/goals scored. But also, as referenced above, player props are generally listed as totals, and any sport that has props available for players feature totals too.

SI has a plethora of available betting markets from games and events from around the globe, which means there are totals to bet on those games too. There’s just more to wager on in North American-based sports since that’s where the interest lies.

Is There Bet Insurance on Over/Unders?

Sometimes. If a totals wager is part of a parlay, and SI is offering a promotion like parlay protection, then you’ll get your stake reimbursed if it fails to hit by exactly one leg. Or if you are placing a risk-free bet on SI Sportsbook, and the initial wager is unsuccessful, you can have your stake reimbursed.


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