Pistons Odds, Spreads, & Props 2023

Last Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Best Pistons Betting Lines 2023

The Detroit Pistons have been a bottom-feeder for some time now, but there’s reason to be optimistic about this team’s direction going into the 2022-23 season.

The youth movement is fully setting in, with Cade Cunningham and Jaden Ivey taking the floor in Detroit’s backcourt and Marvin Bagley III and Jalen Duren filling in up front.

The Pistons aren’t expected to accomplish much this season, but could they surprise and make a play-in push?

Let’s take a closer look at the Pistons betting odds for the 2022-23 NBA season.

Pistons Futures Betting Odds

Note: All NBA gameday odds and lines are current as of Thursday, Oct. 13, at 11 a.m. ET and courtesy of FanDuel Sportsbook. You can find more odds at these US betting sites. Be aware that these NBA futures odds may change as the season approaches.

  • Win Total: Over 29.5 (-122) / Under 29.5 (+100)
  • Make Playoffs: Yes (+880) / No (-1800)
  • Win Central Division (+21000)
  • Win Eastern Conference (+24000)
  • Win 2023 NBA Finals (+50000)

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Pistons NBA Finals Odds

Pistons Win 2023 NBA Finals (+50000)

The Pistons are still several years and roster moves away from competing for an NBA title, but they’re closer than some folks might think. With that said, there’s no point in betting on this prop. Don’t even waste a dime.

Pistons Eastern Conference Odds

Pistons Win Eastern Conference (+24000)

It goes without saying that the East is far too competitive for the Pistons to have a shot at winning the Conference Finals this year. Once again, there are much better wagers you can place on this team right now.

Pistons Central Division Odds

Pistons Win Central Division (+21000)

The Pistons wouldn’t really be in a position to clinch their division regardless of their region, but this is especially true of the Central. Between the Bucks, Cavaliers, and Bulls, there are better options available if you’re looking to bet on the Central division winner.

Pistons Make Playoffs Odds

Pistons Miss the Playoffs (-1800)

The East is just a touch too deep for the Pistons to compete for a playoff spot this season. I like this team’s talent and I think they’re in a good spot to push for a playoff spot in 2023-24, but for now, it’s just a bit out of reach.

With that said, I wouldn’t mind taking a flier on them to reach at (+880) odds. A sprinkle there might be a good use of your money if you’re especially confident in this team.

Pistons Win Total Bets 2023

Pistons OVER 29.5 Wins (-122)

Detroit’s win total for this season is set at 29.5, which feels like an overreaction to the fact that the Pistons went 23-59 last year. Cunnigham’s development alone is reason enough to be excited about this group, not to mention that the franchise brought in quality veterans in Bojan Bogdanović and Nerlens Noel this summer.

Whether it translates to wins or not, those are the types of moves that you want to see this franchise making, and it suggests that they’re more serious about competing this year.

I could certainly see the Pistons being a 30-win team this year as long as their top contributors stay healthy. Bet the Over with confidence.

Pistons Prop Bets 2023

Cade Cunningham Wins Most Improved Player (+3800)

Cunningham had a bit of a slow start to his rookie campaign, but the former No. 1 overall pick really stepped things up as the season progressed. Over his final 49 games, Cunningham recorded averages of 18.8 points, 5.2 rebounds, and 5.8 assists, which I believe is a sign of what’s to come.

The 21-year-old possesses incredible skills, and with a year of NBA experience under his belt, he should come back faster, stronger, and smarter in 2022-23. It wouldn’t shock me at all if he starts putting up All-Star caliber numbers as soon as this year.

At (+3800) odds, Cunningham is something of a longshot to win this award, which I can’t quite wrap my head around. He’s one of the most exciting young players in the league, and he appears poised to take the all-important next step.

How to Bet Pistons Moneylines

Betting on Pistons moneylines this season could be quite profitable, especially if they exceed expectations. All you have to do to win a moneyline bet is correctly choose the winner of a game, so there should be more opportunities this year than in seasons past.

Moneyline wagers involved favorites and underdogs, which can be identified by a minus sign (favorite) and plus sign (underdog). These figures and symbols help give you an idea of how much money can be won from your bet.

For example, if the Pistons are (+150) underdogs in a game that they win, a $10 bet would win you $15. On the other hand, you’d need to bet $15 to win $10 if they’re (-150) favorites.

  • 2021-22 Pistons Moneyline Record: 23-59

How to Bet Pistons Spreads

Spread betting can be a great way to make money on a team that isn’t as successful when it comes to wins and losses, but is great at keeping things close. Last year’s Detroit team was great in this regard, going 44-36-2 against the spread on the season.

Spreads are essentially the margin of victory that oddsmakers expect a game to be decided by. So if the Pistons are 10.5-point underdogs against the Bucks, they would cover the spread if they win the game outright or lose by less than 10.5 points.

Both teams will get identical (-110) odds against the spread for each game, so it isn’t necessarily better to bet on the stronger team in a matchup.

  • 2021-22 Pistons Against the Spread Record: 44-36-2

How to Bet Pistons Over/Unders

Over/Unders are another easy way to bet on NBA games. These involve the total number of points scored in a game — and nothing more — so this is a good option if you’re unsure how a game will turn out.

Let’s say the total between the Pistons and Pacers is set at 224.5 points. If more than 224.5 points are scored, the Over would hit. Otherwise, the Under would be the winning bet.

Once again, both options carry the same (-110) odds, so this can be a great way to become a profitable sports bettor.

  • 2021-22 Pistons Over/Under Record: 41-39-2


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