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Your Guide to March Madness Betting Sites

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Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars Sportsbook

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  • VIP Rewards System

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Betway Sportsbook

Betway Sportsbook

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By Frank Ammirante

Nov 8, 2021

March Madness is one of the most exciting sporting events of the year.

Not only are the games entertaining with crazy finishes, but we also get several going on at the same time in the early rounds of the tournament. With all the action, this is a perfect event for sports betting.

When betting on March Madness, it’s important to choose the best sportsbook to put yourself in the best position to succeed while betting on this wild tournament.

Benefits of Betting on the March Madness Online

Betting on March Madness online is great because it’s so convenient. You can place a wager directly from your phone or computer instead of having to line up at your local casino to fill out your bet at the sportsbook.

This is especially important with March Madness because the games are going on all day, so it’s a lot easier to bet quickly on the sportsbook app when you have decided on your preferred wager.

If you’re interested in live wagering, betting online is the only way to go. Live betting requires a quick decision, as odds are updated in real-time during stoppages in play.

This form of betting can be profitable because you can take advantage of some value if a heavy favorite gets off to a slow start, you can take advantage of the odds shift before they come back to win.

Betting online also allows you to take advantage of the useful promotions provided by the sportsbook, which are usually only available on their apps.

Best March Madness Betting Sites

It’s important to choose the best betting sites to make the March Madness experience not only more enjoyable, but more profitable as well.

Here are my favorite betting sites for March Madness betting:


DraftKings provides daily fantasy and sports betting and features a comprehensive selection of bet types for March Madness, such as moneylines, point spread, same game parlays, player props, totals, and futures.

The desktop and mobile app are easily accessible. There is also a VIP rewards system and useful promotions.


FanDuel offers both daily fantasy and sports betting, making it one of the more versatile outlets available. They provide a wide range of bet types as well, including moneylines, point spread, same game parlays, props, futures, and more.

FanDuel also has a sleek interface that makes the app easy to navigate. Their useful promotions, like odds boosts, can help make it easier to win your bet.


Caesars is one of the giants in the sports betting industry, offering a variety of bet types for March Madness betting, among many other sports.

The sportsbook has an app that is easy to use along with a VIP Rewards system that can be used at the hotel for dining, entertainment, shopping, and much more.


Bet365 offers moneylines, point spreads, totals, props, futures, and more. It is especially well-known overseas.

Bet365 also offers in-app live streaming, which is great because you have a chance to watch your March Madness bet as the action unfolds.


BetMGM combines a large variety of betting markets, bet types, useful promotions, and live betting with live streaming.

The sportsbook offers moneylines, point spreads, props, futures, totals, and more.


PointsBet is unique because of its Points Betting system, where you can win more if your team wins by more and lose more if your team has a larger losing margin.

For example, if you take Gonzaga to win by a 7-point spread and they win by 20, you could win more money on your bet.

This is an innovative style that makes this sportsbook appealing.

How To Pick the Best March Madness Betting Sites

The following criteria can help guide you on choosing the right betting site for March Madness betting:

Welcome Bonuses

Check to see what type of welcome bonus is offered.

First deposit bonuses are when the sportsbook matches your first deposit up to a certain amount. Risk-free bets are when your first bet is reimbursed up to a certain amount if it loses.

These are helpful to allow you to increase your bankroll.


You’ll want to also try to take advantage of any March Madness promotions. Some sportsbooks offer promos that include odds boosts on the games.

This helps increase your chances of winning, so you need to take advantage here.

Bet Types

It’s also a good idea to try to choose a sportsbook that features same-game parlays, which are great because you can parlay several outcomes in the same game and try to correlate your bets, giving you a better chance at winning.

These college basketball bets also come with massive payouts, but note that you have to get all of your picks right to cash!

User Interface

User interface is another key component when choosing a March Madness betting site.

You want it to be easily accessible since there are so many games going on at the same time. If you’re engaging in live betting, you won’t want to get caught up in the clutter.

Best March Madness Bets You Can Make

There are several bet types to focus on when placing a March Madness bet.

My first advice would be to try to find an underdog that you like since there are several upsets during the tournament. You can place a bet on the underdog to cover the point spread and sprinkle a smaller bet on the moneyline in case that team wins outright.

March Madness betting is also good for game totals, as you can take a look at which teams play at a fast pace and hit their free throws at a high rate. Teams that play slow and struggle to hit their free throws would lean more toward lower-scoring games.

You can also take a look at team props, such as three-pointers made and free throws made. Some teams are much better than others at hitting their shots from beyond their arc and at the free throw line, which is a major difference from the NBA.

Player props are good too, as you can bet on points, rebounds, assists, three pointers made, and much more.

Basketball is great with player props since there are so many different statistics, so be sure to take advantage of this with March Madness betting.

Live Betting on March Madness

Live betting is when you place a bet after the game has already started. The odds are updated in real time and you can bet when there is a stoppage in play.

This is perfect for March Madness, as there are always several games happening at once and, as such, a multitude of live betting options available.

The best way to approach live betting is to search for value. One way to do this is to look closely at a game where a heavy favorite gets off to a slow start. You would be able to get them at a much lower spread, probably around three or four points. This is great value.

You can also try a longshot live bet, where a team is down by 10 or more points in a game with a close point spread. You can take the team that is losing because the moneyline odds will be much higher, giving you a chance at a larger payout.

Betting Site Offers to Keep in Mind

Check out each of the different types of welcome bonuses below.

No Deposit Bonus

No Deposit Bonuses or free bets are when you receive some bet credits from a sportsbook without having to deposit any funds. This is usually between $5-$20, intended to give you a chance to explore the sportsbook.

Users are often given free bets as a loyalty reward for being an experienced customer.

First-Deposit Bonus

First-deposit bonuses are when a sportsbook will match your first deposit in bet credits up to a certain amount, which can vary between $100-$5,000.

This is a great opportunity to build up your bankroll, so be sure to take advantage.

Risk-Free Bet

Risk-free bets are when sportsbooks will reimburse your first bet if it loses, up to a certain amount, usually between $100-$5,000.

This is useful because you can take a shot on a bet with a higher moneyline because there isn’t any financial risk, since you’ll get the same amount in bet credits if you lose.

Bet & Get

Bet & Get is a bonus where users will receive rewards if they bet on a certain market, usually on a marquee event.

For example, a Bet & Get can be if a user bets on the NCAAB Semifinals, they might receive $5 in bet credits to use on the National Championship.

Where Can I Legally Bet on March Madness Online?

You can bet on March Madness online in the following states:

  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • Illinois (must sign up in-person)
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Michigan
  • Nevada (must sign up in-person)
  • New Hampshire (limited options)
  • New Jersey
  • Oregon (limited options)
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island (limited options)
  • Tennessee
  • Virginia
  • Washington D.C. (limited options)
  • West Virginia
  • Wyoming

However, some states don’t allow you to bet on the local college team, such as:

Illinois, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oregon, Virginia, and Washington D.C. You can’t bet on prop bets in Indiana, Iowa, and Michigan.

Why You Should Avoid Illegal Betting Sites

It’s important to avoid illegal betting sites for the following reasons:

  • Illegal betting sites have unreliable customer support, making it difficult to resolve any potential issues
  • They don’t provide you with the same promotions, such as odds boosts or welcome bonuses
  • The deposit and withdrawal methods can also be slow and hard to trust
  • When you deposit funds from an illegal betting site, it will show up as a different name on your bank statement
  • Odds are not as good as betting markets in legal sites, as illegal sites often inflate their odds

Choose More Than One March Madness Betting Site

It’s important to choose more than one March Madness betting site. For one, you can take advantage of multiple welcome bonuses, giving you a chance to build your bankroll.

You can also compare prices on different sportsbooks. For example, one site might have Illinois as 3.5-point favorites with another site at 2.5-point favorites. While that seems like a minor difference, it could make all the difference.

There are different promotions to choose from as well, so be sure to sign up for a few sites when engaging in March Madness betting.


By Frank Ammirante

I'm a sportswriter with a focus on betting, fantasy football, and fantasy baseball. I write about both daily and season-long fantasy as well sides, totals, and props betting. I enjoy providing my readers with concise, informative, and actionable analysis. My favorite teams are the Blue Jays, Raptors, Red Wings, and WFT. My goal is to continue to grow in the fantasy and sports betting industry.