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By Gio Annatelli

Nov 4, 2021

If you are looking to start an NBA Finals office pool or just want to have some fun with friends, The Game Day has you covered with our free printable NBA Finals squares pdf template.

We have created this official NBA squares template in a printable PDF template for the 2022 NBA Finals so you don’t have to!

If it’s your first time participating, we have a step-by-step guide on how to play basketball squares further below, including the basic basketball square rules.

Official 2022 NBA Finals Squares Printable Template

NBA Finals Squares

NBA Finals Squares Printable PDF

Print and share our NBA Finals squares template!

How to Play Basketball Squares

1. Find an NBA Finals Pool

If you’re looking to join an NBA Finals pool, you won’t have much trouble finding one. Plenty of people and places may be starting a pool. It could be your coworkers in your office or some friends and family.

If none of those options are available, some local bars and restaurants will have pools available to join. If you don’t want to leave the comfort of your home, you can find NBA Finals Square contests on sports betting websites such as DraftKings!

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2. Get an NBA Finals Squares Template

If you’re looking for a template for an NBA Finals pool, you can download the one above or create your own.

One team will be placed horizontally on the x-axis and the other team will be placed vertically on the y-axis. The total number of boxes is 100 and the boxes will be numbered 0 to 9.

However, don’t place the numbers on the template right away. Once all the boxes have been filled, then the numbers will be randomized.

3. Buy Your NBA Finals Boxes

Depending on the NBA Finals pool, the number of boxes you buy is completely up to you. Some pools might have a limit, while others will not.

Don’t go out and buy every single box, however, as you’ll just break even.

Again, depending on the NBA Finals pool, you might not be able to choose where your box is on the grid. This depends on who’s running the pool.

You might be able to choose where you want your box to be on the grid. Otherwise, whoever is running the pool you’re joining might have you select random numbers 0-100, and then that’s where your box will be placed on the grid.

4. Assigning Numbers

Once the NBA Finals boxes are filled, whoever runs the pool will assign the numbers on the horizontal and vertical axis.

The numbers are drawn randomly to keep things fair. Each row and column will have a number assigned to it.

5. Picking Winners

There are two options for an NBA Finals pool to be played. The first is just doing one game of the NBA Finals, while the second option is to do the entire series.

If you’re doing the first option, then the winner is determined by the score at the end of each quarter. Usually, each quarter winner will be paid a quarter of the pot, but that’s all dependent on the pool you’re in. Some pools might pay more for getting the final score correct.

If you’re doing the second option, instead of the payout being at the end of each quarter, the winners will be decided by the final score of the game. Once the series is over, the payout will be determined by the number of games played.

So, if it was a 4-game sweep, each winner would get a fourth of the prize pool. If it goes the full seven, then each winner would get a seventh of the pool.

Official 2022 NBA Finals Squares Template

NBA Finals Squares

Download NBA Finals Squares Template

Download and share our NBA Finals squares template!

NBA Finals Squares Contests

Each year, online sportsbooks create NBA Finals squares contests around the time of the Finals. Some of the contests are free to join, while others cost money to enter.

One online sportsbook that does offer NBA Finals squares contests is DraftKings. They offer both free and paid contests.

Be on the lookout for the contests DraftKings has to offer. These contests have the opportunity for big prizes!


By Gio Annatelli

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