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Your Guide to the Monkey Knife Fight Bonus

By Chris Wassel

Sep 11, 2021

Operators always offer a variety of bonuses to attract new customers to their service. For example, Monkey Knight Fight uses the match bonus via deposits. This gives users the ability to get a little extra credit while putting in their initial deposit.

Monkey Knife Fight even tosses in a small play bonus for new users. Never deposit your money or sign up without at least looking to see what is being offered.

Continue reading for more details on Monkey Knife Fight’s latest offerings.

Monkey Knife Fight Promo Code

New users at Monkey Knife Fight are eligible to receive $5 free and a first deposit match of up to $100 when using the promo code “TGD” upon signing up. This offer is also accessible by clicking “Get Bonus” on this page.

Monkey Knife Fight

Monkey Knife Fight

  • Tons of Player Props

  • DNP Refund Model

  • Softer Player Pools

Get $5 FREE

On Signup

TGDGet bonus

New Customers Only, 21+. T&C’s Apply.

Monkey Knife Fight Sign Up Bonus

New users will receive both a $5 free play and a first deposit match of up to $100 when signing up at Monkey Knife Fight. Find more details on these bonuses below.

Monkey Knife Fight No-Deposit Bonus

Monkey Knife Fight is not currently offering a no-deposit bonus, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep an eye out for one in the future.

Monkey Knife Fight Deposit Bonus

Yes, there is a first deposit bonus available at Monkey Knife Fight. To earn it, bettors must add funds in a one-time method. Monkey Knife Fight will then match that bonus in full up to $100. The wagering requirements dictate that you must exhaust whatever you deposit before any winnings can be withdrawn.

For example, one can basically accumulate $105 extra by depositing $100. However, that means you would have to wager $105 at some point in time before being able to withdraw your funds. Keep in mind that Monkey Knife Fight will not let a bettor withdraw anything less than $20.00 US from their account. That is their bare minimum.

Additionally, this can only be done through a check or banking account (checking or savings). Monkey Knife Fight can take as long as 3-5 business days (more like 1-3) to credit the appropriate banking account or send a check.

Monkey Knife Fight Risk-Free Bet

Monkey Knife Fight is not currently offering a risk-free bet, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep an eye out for one in the future.

Benefits of the Monkey Knife Fight Bonus

The benefits of the Monkey Knife Fight Bonus are pretty straightforward.

    • It is a 100% match up to $100
    • You can choose how much you want your first deposit to be
    • It easily converts into Monkey Knife Fight dollars
    • When wagering requirements are met, one can take the winnings and use them in the MKF shop or withdraw money if one meets the $20 minimum.

The Best Way to Use the Monkey Knife Fight Promo

Monkey Knife Fight is a unique site in the sense that with so many different sports and props, the best way to use the promotional deposit bonus is to explore the site.

Some do have strategies of sorts, but one recommendation is to take small amounts of money ($5 or $10) and string some longer, higher-paying props together. Then, take some easier props.

Ultimately, the best method is to spread this money around. Most importantly, use common sense. The initial match is for up to $100, which is not a ton of money. Have a little fun and mix things up.

Monkey Knife Fight Risk-Free Bets vs No-Deposit Bonus

Free bets are usually what’s given with a risk-free bet or a first-deposit bonus. No-deposit bonuses are strictly meant as signup offers. Risk-free bets offer insurance in case one should lose a bet. They essentially give the player a second chance on the site to wager, with site credits, on another prop.

The difference between this and a no-deposit bonus is simple. That no-deposit bonus is truly free money that has to be utilized. Once it is fully exhausted or the wagering requirements are met, one gets to keep any winnings and at that point can withdraw them as well.

Both bonuses come with their own pros and cons, but if you find yourself eligible for one, it’s in your best interest to take advantage of it.

How to Redeem the Monkey Knife Fight Bonus Code

The steps are pretty simple in setting up an account with Monkey Knife Fight and acquiring the deposit bonus.

  1. Go on the Monkey Knife Fight website.
  2. Sign up and fill out everything.
  3. Wait for the verification of your personal documents.
  4. Once verified, deposit funds using the promo code.
  5. Start playing and make some money!

Do Monkey Knife Fight Promos Expire?

No, there is not a time limit on the welcome bonus. However, do note that Monkey Knife Fight site credit (MKF dollars) may be reclaimed by the platform if they go unused after one month. With that said, it’s best to act fast when using these types of promos.

For timed promotions, users can typically use it right up until the beginning of the said event. For example, there was a knockout promotion for UFC recently and when the event started, the promotion was removed from the site.

What Are Wagering Requirements?

Wagering requirements are simply a multiplier of anything from 1x to as much as 100 or 200x that a bettor has to exhaust before they can withdraw any winning from a bonus. Examples are deposit bonuses or some promotional bonuses.

For example, if there is a 1x requirement, a bettor would have to wager $100 if they receive a $100 bonus from a deposit. If it is 2x, then $100 means wagering $200, and so on.

Most Monkey Knife Fight promotions are 1 to 1, which makes them more attractive to the average prop bettor. Generally, Monkey Knife Fight is a smaller wager site as well, so this makes lots of sense.

Is there a Way to Track Your Bonus Progress?

The best way is the same way one would do it via computer or app. Go to your account and then log in. Click on My Account and one can monitor the progress and take any appropriate actions needed. This way, one can transition that bonus from MKF dollars to real cash as soon as possible.

When Will I Receive My Monkey Knife Fight Bonus Credits?

The timeframe to receive the bonus is pretty instant once one has their information verified and makes their deposit. At the very worst, it took a few minutes. Overall, that part of the process was added quickly to accounts.

Monkey Knife Fight Promotions

Monkey Knife Fight has a few promotions. That includes some which do not fall in the big four sports. The fun part is there are usually one or two big seasonal ones that stick out, including football.

Monkey Knife Fight NFL Promotions

Full season NFL Football 

This one is a lot of fun. Keep in mind with some formats like RapidFire that the spreads are for the entire season. Also, the NFL season is 17 games this year, so that will come into play as well.  There are dozens and dozens of season-long props and bets to choose from.

The only category this does not include is their “Stat Shootout” game. If one wants to bet Patrick Mahomes versus Tom Brady, they can. There is a kicker. Tom Brady is getting +449.5 yards on their RapidFire format.

RapidFire gives one the ability to bet on two sets of props at once. If you win, you get three times your wager. It’s a fun and unique way to combine spreads with props.

Expect it to be heavily featured in other sports promotions as they are rolled out.

Touchdown Dance

This NFL contest is part of Monkey Knife Fight’s jackpot series. The premise of the game is simple enough. Most forget that this has been around for three seasons on the site.

The cool thing here is the multiplier. One is chasing touchdowns, and the idea is to look for games where scoring will be high. Also, as long as there are three touchdowns, it does not matter which three players score. One could score all three and you still win.

Wagers for this game range from $5 to $100. Multipliers are 2x for 2.5 TD’s, 4x for 3.5 TD’s, and 6x for 4.5 TD’s. This is one of the more fun contests because of the strategy involved.

Monkey Knife Fight NBA Promotions


The creativity of some of the prop contests is infinite with Monkey Knife Fight. This one is as simple as it sounds. A bettor gets the choice of picking three players. After that, you pick the best prop. Choices are between 0.5, 1.5, and 2.5 triple-doubles. The 0.5 hit comes in at 1.2 times and then goes up exponentially.

If your trio gets two triple-doubles, that triples your wager. However, if one maxes out and three triple-doubles occur, then you just increased your bankroll that night by tenfold.

Again, not all of the players have to get a triple-double, it is just the combined total. The minimum bet is $5 also. There is that jackpot to share as well.

Monkey Knife Fight MLB Promotions

Home Run Blast

There had to be a game focused on home runs, since home run props are quite a hit among bettors these days. The same rules apply here as with the NFL touchdowns and NBA triple-doubles.

On Fridays, if all three of your players homer, you automatically get a piece of the prize pool. It requires no additional entry other than the minimum $5 bet. One home run prop pays double, two pays five times the wager and three pays tenfold.

Monkey Knife Fight NHL Promotions

Goal Rush

Goal Rush will be available again for the upcoming NHL season. Pick three players from any slate or individual game to score goals. Choose your prop accordingly, bet, sit back, and root them on.

The multipliers are 1.5, double, and triple your wager for one, two, and three goals, respectively. The same rules apply, including the jackpot, so bet away and root for your players to light the lamp!

Monkey Knife Fight Sports Promotions

Monkey Knife Fight does have some unique sports promotions, including a recent one for UFC which was called Knockout Kings.

Knockout Kings

If a bettor picks from a $5 or more Knockout Kings contest, and all three of their fighters win by knockout or a TKO, they are eligible for a share of the jackpot prize. That share will be determined by the number of players that win.

All Knockout Kings contests were featured from the UFC and CSGO cards. Bettors had the chance to win up to about six times their wager (Range was 1.25 to 6x).

Referral Bonus

If users can get their friends to sign up, there is a $10 referral bonus that goes into your account in MKF dollars. All you have to do is send a $10+ prize using a link that includes your account. When that person again signs up and deposits, $10 of MKF dollars goes into the account. However, it’s important to remember that these funds could expire in 30 days.

State Specific Bonuses

Monkey Knife Fight does not have a unique state bonus. Their bonuses are uniform straight across the board.


By Chris Wassel

Chris Wassel is an NHL Writer and Betting Analyst for The Game Day. He is also a frequent guest of the NHL Fantasy On Ice podcast along with hosting his own Fantasy Hockey X podcast. Chris is a jack of all trades writer who covers the NFL, NCAA Football, Auto Racing, and so much more. He is a fantasy sports veteran of nearly three decades in all.