MLB Betting Sites

Your Guide to the Best MLB Betting Sites

Below are the best MLB betting sites in your area on desktop computers and laptops. This is based on the sportsbook’s welcome bonus, its MLB betting options, user experience, special promotions, payment options, and more.

ByFrank Ammirante

Jul 22, 2024

MLB betting is one of the most popular events to wager in the United States. Bettors can choose from bet types like moneylines, totals, point spreads, and props.

Baseball is filled with different types of stats, which aligns perfectly with prop betting, which has exploded in popularity in recent years due to fantasy sports.

When betting on MLB, it is important to choose the best sportsbooks. Welcome bonuses and bet type selection are vital, but you should also look into the site’s promotions related to MLB.

In this article, you’ll find an in-depth look to help guide you in choosing an MLB betting site.

Benefits of Betting on the MLB Online

The best way to bet on MLB is to do it online on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Wagering online is a much more convenient way to place a bet, since you don’t have to travel to your sportsbook — you can do it while at home or on the go.

Online sportsbooks provide new users with welcome bonuses, which include free bet credits. This is a great way to build a bankroll and get started on the right track in MLB wagering. There are also weekly promotions available throughout the season, providing more expected value on potential bets.

Wagering online is perfect for live betting, which requires users to make quick decisions during stoppages in play, since odds change at a fast pace. Live betting is a great way to find value, but users can only take advantage of this opportunity when betting online.

Betting sites feature a plethora of payment options with quick processing times, so there’s no need to worry about making a deposit or withdrawal. They also feature a helpful customer service team that is available round the clock on multiple platforms, including live chats.

Whether you are an experienced or novice MLB bettor, choosing an online betting site is the way to go.

Best MLB Betting Sites

DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings started off as a daily fantasy sports site in 2012 before creating a sportsbook in 2018. The company is the exclusive DFS partner for MLB. After years of success in DFS, the company has become one of the leaders in the sports betting industry as well.

Playing DFS and betting on sports go hand in hand, so it’s a useful perk to be able to engage in both activities on DraftKings. The site features every bet type you’ll need, including a vast selection of team and player props, which is particularly useful for MLB.

The desktop site is simple to use and there are several payment options to keep your mind at ease. There is also a generous welcome bonus along with weekly promotions, such as odds boosts.

FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel was the first major daily fantasy points platform, dominating the industry since 2009. They moved into the sports betting industry in 2018 and have grown to become one of the most popular betting sites in the United States.

The sportsbook was the first to create Same Game Parlays, which allow users to combine bet types in the same game, including props. Parlaying props were not usually offered by sportsbooks before Same Game Parlays were introduced.

As an authorized gaming operator of MLB, FanDuel is a reputable brand that is great for MLB betting. They have some of the best selections of player props in the industry. The site provides a user-friendly experience with plenty of promotions available.

Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars became a giant in the sports betting space after purchasing popular sportsbook William Hill in August 2021. This has helped Caesars spread across the United States, becoming one of the first operators to establish a foothold in new markets.

The sportsbook features some of the best welcome bonuses and promotions available, including those focused on MLB. There are multiple bet types available, making this another great choice for MLB bettors.

In addition to this, Caesars has some of the most expansive VIP rewards programs in the industry. Be sure to join in to take advantage of cool perks like hotel accommodations and fine dining.

BetMGM Sportsbook

BetMGM is a casino resort company that entered the sports betting space with the creation of a sportsbook in 2018. They have become one of the most popular betting sites in the United States and are one of the first to set up shop in new markets.

The site features a user-friendly interface, which helps optimize the sports betting experience. There is a detailed live-betting platform with live-streaming options for some events. This is a great tool to let bettors follow their wagers in real-time.

BetMGM boasts competitive odds with fair pricing, giving you an opportunity to get strong value on your wagers.

BetRivers Sportsbook

BetRivers was developed in 2018 by Rush Street Interactive, one of the more reputable companies in sports betting and casinos. It is now one of the most popular sites in the country, expanding across several states.

Bettors will find a vast selection of bet types and payment methods with quick processing times. There is live-streaming available and the desktop site is easy to use.

The sportsbook features favorable playthrough requirements on bonuses, allowing users to convert it to cash quickly.

Betway Sportsbook

Betway launched in the United Kingdom back in 2006, establishing itself as a popular sportsbook. It expanded operations to the United States in 2021 and we can project continued growth in the foreseeable future.

The sportsbook features a number of deposit and withdrawal options with a helpful customer support team that is available on multiple platforms. There are also welcome bonuses and useful promotions to help put users in a better position to succeed in sports betting.

The site includes competitive odds with a comprehensive selection of betting markets. MLB bettors will enjoy using Betway due to the multiple bet types available.

How To Pick the Best MLB Betting Sites

You need to establish a criteria to help you choose the best MLB betting site. You’ll find a list of important factors below.

Welcome Bonus

Sportsbooks offer welcome bonuses to new users with free bet credits. These can be no-deposit bonuses (no deposit required), first-deposit bonuses (matched up to a certain amount), and first bet insurance (first losing bet is reimbursed up to a maximum). These are great ways to build a bankroll.


There are weekly promotions that add expected value to bets. This could come in the form of odds boosts, which change the odds to a more favorable price for users.

It might also be tailored to specific sports, like MLB, where users can get additional bet credits for every home run that their team hits. Keep an eye out for MLB promos when choosing a sportsbook.


It’s important that the betting site has an appealing interface with an organized layout of information. This will allow users to place their wagers efficiently. Mobile apps are another essential piece of functionality, as mobile betting is becoming the preferred method for users due to its convenience.

Customer Service

The betting site should have a customer service team that provides prompt support and is available on multiple platforms, like email and live chat. There needs to be multiple payment options for both deposits and withdrawals as well as quick processing times.

Betting Markets

The sportsbook should also have a vast selection of bet types within MLB, especially player props. Every site features the traditional bet types like moneylines and totals, but what sets them apart is their prop selection. Keep this in mind when selecting your site.

Best MLB Bets You Can Make


Moneyline bets are when you select a winner in the game. The winning margin does not matter, your team just needs to win. The favorite has minus odds (-), which means that your stake exceeds the payout. The underdog offers higher payouts than risk with plus odds (+).

For example, I could take the Yankees at -120, risking $120 to win $100, or I might choose the Orioles at +160 with a $160 payout on a $100 bet.

Run Line

The run line is the name for the point spread in MLB betting. The standard run line is 1.5 runs. The favorite has -1.5, which means they need to win by two or more, while the underdog has +1.5, so they can either win outright or lose by one.

There are also alternate spreads, like -2.5, where you can choose a team to win by more runs for higher payouts.

For example, if I take the Yankees -1.5 +120, I would get $120 on a $100 bet if they won by at least two runs.

Game Total

The game total is the combined runs for the game. Each game has an assigned total and bettors must choose Over or Under.

For example, I could choose the Red Sox/Blue Jays Over 9.5 runs. If they combine for 10 or more runs, I’d win my bet, but if they scored nine or fewer, I’d lose.

Team Total

Each team also has their own total, which aligns with the game total. You select Over or Under the total.

For example, if the Yankees/Rays are at 7.5 for the combined total and the Rays were favored in the game, the Rays team total would be around four runs.

First 5 Innings

First 5 innings bets are settled at the end of the 5th inning, or after the bottom of the 5th has concluded. They can be moneylines, game totals, or spreads.

Betting on the first 5 innings instead of the full game allows you to focus on the starting pitcher matchup without having to worry about bullpens.

First Inning Props

One of the most popular MLB bets has been Yes or No Run First Inning, denoted as YRFI or NRFI. This is where you wager on whether or not one or more runs will be scored in the first inning. It’s an exciting bet that settles quickly because there are only six outs.

Strikeout Props

Each starting pitcher has a strikeout prop, assigned based on their skill and matchup. Bettors select either Over or Under the prop.

For example, if I select the Over 8.5 strikeouts on Gerrit Cole’s prop, I would need him to rack up nine or more strikeouts

Total Outs Props

There are also total outs props available for starting pitchers. This is a good bet type to choose if you’re confident in how long a pitcher will last in his outing, but unsure about his total strikeouts.

An example of this can be if I bet on Luis Severino Under 14.5 total outs. This means that if Severino pitched 4.2 or fewer innings, I would win my bet.

Total Bases Props

Most hitters get total base props for each game. Bettors choose the Over or Under. This is good if you’ve noticed that a certain hitter is on a hot streak and you want to ride the wave.

For instance, I could bet on Trea Turner Over 1.5 Total Bases. He would need at least two singles or one double to hit this prop. Total bases do not include walks. A single is one total base, while a home run is four total bases.

Home Run Props

There are also home run props, where you win your bet if a player hits a home run. These props offer higher payouts because they involve an unlikely outcome.

I could take J.D. Martinez to hit a home run at +250. If he hits one, I would win $250 on a $100 bet.

Live Betting on the MLB

Live betting is when you place a bet after the game has already started. Odds are updated in real-time, depending on what has happened in the game. Bettors can place their wagers during stoppages in play.

There are multiple bet types involved with live betting, including moneylines, point spreads, game totals, team totals, and player props. Live betting is a great way to find value in MLB betting.

The best bet type to target is moneylines with MLB live betting, particularly favorites that are trailing early in the game.

For example, imagine the Dodgers were -250 before the game. It’s now the third inning and the Diamondbacks have jumped out to a 3-0 lead, causing the live moneyline to shift. The Dodgers are now +130 to win the game.

Teams can come from behind quickly in baseball. In this case, all it would take is a three-run home run and the game would be tied.

Instead of risking $250 to win $100 in a pre-game bet on the Dodgers, you can now take them to win $130 on a $100 bet. This is a good example of how to minimize risk with live bets.

You can also find value in game totals through live bets. For example, let’s say that the Mets are facing the Dodgers. It’s Max Scherzer facing Julio Urias. The pregame total was 6.5 runs, but each pitcher has allowed two runs after two innings.

The live total would likely increase to about 8.5 runs in this case, since the teams are already at four runs with seven innings remaining.

This would be a great time to bet the Under because aces like Scherzer and Urias often settle down after slow starts. There’s a chance that they don’t allow a run for the rest of their outing.

Moneylines and game totals are the best bet types to choose with MLB live betting.

Online Sportsbook Offers to Keep in Mind

Welcome bonuses provide users with bet credits (free bets) just for creating an account, making a deposit, or placing their first bet. These can be no-deposit bonuses, free bets, first-deposit bonuses, second-chance bets, and bet & get offers.

Below you’ll find an explanation of each type of welcome bonus.

No Deposit Bonus/Free Bet

No deposit bonuses are provided to new users just for registering for an account. There is no need for any deposits. These bonuses are usually smaller amounts intended to give users a trial run to test out the sportsbook.

Free bets are either given to experienced users as a loyalty reward or to draw interest to a particular betting market during a marquee event. For example, users might receive a free bet to use on an upcoming MMA fight.

First-Deposit Bonus

First-deposit bonuses are provided to users after they’ve deposited money into their account. Sportsbooks will match the user’s first deposit up to a certain amount, usually varying between $100-$1,000.

For example, if I put in $1,000 on a deposit bonus up to $1,000, my balance would be $2,000 ($1,000 in cash plus $1,000 in credits).

Second-Chance Bet

Risk-free bets allow users to place their first bet without as much financial risk. This is because the sportsbook will reimburse the bet if it loses, up to a certain amount, often around $1,000.

For example, if I used my second-chance bet on the New York Knicks -6.5 at -110, I would be risking $1,100 to win $1,000. If I lost, I would receive $1,000 in bet credits, which may be provided as a single token or dispersed into smaller denominations.

Bet & Get

Bet & Get offers are when bettors can get bet credits just for placing a wager on a specific market. This is intended to draw interest towards that particular sport. It may also be offered as a welcome bonus for new users.

One example of this could be “Bet at least $25 on the NHL, receive a $10 free bet on the MLB Championship round.”

Where Can I Legally Bet on the MLB Online?

Sports betting continues to spread across the country. Here are the states that allow users to bet on MLB online:

  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Tennessee
  • Virginia
  • Washington D.C.
  • West Virginia
  • Wyoming

Why You Should Avoid Illegal Betting Sites

Illegal betting sites need to be avoided for several reasons, such as:

  • They are located offshore and aren’t regulated to the same standards.
  • There are fewer platforms for customer support, so it’s harder to resolve any potential issues.
  • The odds are often overpriced and not in line with the market.
  • Illegal sites don’t have nearly as many promotions or welcome bonuses.
  • These sportsbooks have a limited selection of bet types compared to legal sites.
  • There are fewer payment options plus slower processing times.
  • It’s tough to feel secure depositing funds into your illegal account.

Choose More Than One MLB Betting Site

Bettors need to make sure that they choose multiple sites with MLB betting.

This is helpful to shop around for the best odds to find the best value. For example, the game total for the Yankees/Blue Jays might be 9.5 at one sportsbook, but 9 at another one. That extra half of a run can make the difference between a win and a push (voided bet).

Users can also take advantage of multiple welcome bonuses by choosing more than one site. Remember that these are one-time offers, so it’s important to save up enough bankroll to max out the first-deposit bonuses and second-chance bets.

There are also helpful promotions, like odds boosts, which give users more value on their bet. They differentiate between sites, so if you have more than one account, you could end up having multiple bets with odds boosts on any given night.

The bottom line is that signing up for more than one site gives you the best bang for your buck and helps you build your bankroll.


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