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By Frank Ammirante

Jun 16, 2022

Sports betting has taken the country by storm. With more and more states opening up their doors, operators are flocking as they try to secure market share. We’ve seen sportsbooks offer lucrative welcome bonuses like first-deposit matches and risk-free bets. There’s also been an influx of useful promotions like odds boosts and parlay insurance.

But one way that betting sites have attempted to entice new users is the introduction of a new and popular bet type, known as the Same Game Parlay. This is where users can combine several of their favorite selections from a single game as they search for that big payout.

In this article, we’ll provide an in-depth overview of Same Game Parlays. After reading it, you’ll have a better understanding of how they work and which sportsbooks offer this wager. You’ll also learn about strategies to optimize your parlay along with how the odds are calculated. We’ll get you prepared for a profitable venture with Same Game Parlays.

What Is a Same Game Parlay?

Same Game Parlays are when you can build a bet of two or more selections from one game. Like regular parlays, this type of wager offers higher payouts than straight bets, depending on the odds of each pick and the number of legs.

What makes this so appealing to users is not only the high payouts but the correlation that you can create as you build your parlay. For example, imagine you take the Over 56 points in the Los Angeles Chargers and Buffalo Bills game. You can combine this with Justin Herbert and Josh Allen to eclipse their passing yards props. There’s a great chance that if the game is high-scoring, each quarterback will go Over the number.

However, keep in mind that this will be baked into their projection. In this case, it’s likely that Herbert and Allen will each have higher than average for their passing yards prop. Perhaps Herbert was usually at 275.5 in an average matchup but is at 301.5 for this game. This is something to consider when creating your Same Game Parlays and we’ll get into that more later in the article.

What Sportsbooks Offer Same Game Parlays?

Previously, US Online Sportsbooks had been reluctant to provide Same Game Parlays due to the ability to select correlated outcomes that are easier to win.

However, given its increased popularity, we’re seeing more sites provide this option on their platforms. It also helps that users love to make longshots, which are hard to win and help increase a sportsbook’s hold, which is the percentage of money kept per dollar.

FanDuel was the first operator to introduce Same Game Parlays and we now see that it has emerged across the industry. There are several sportsbooks that offer this bet type, but here are some of our favorites.

FanDuel Online Sportsbook

FanDuel established itself as a leading daily fantasy sports provider before expanding to the sports betting scene with a sportsbook that is now considered the most popular in the country.

As the creator of Same Game Parlays, the platform offers everything you need with this bet type. Not only do they have an abundance of player props, but there are alternate versions that have higher odds. For example, if you like Gerrit Cole Over 7.5 strikeouts, you can parlay him to get nine or 10 for a better payout. FanDuel also introduced Same Game Parlay+ where you can combine multiple Same Game Parlays into one bet.

DraftKings Online Sportsbook

DraftKings started out as one of the leaders in the daily fantasy sports space, but it now has a sportsbook that is among the best in the industry. You’ll often find DraftKings as one of the first operators to set up shop in new markets.

You’ll find various bet types to include in your Same Game Parlay, each with their odds listed next to them, which makes it easier to build your wager. There are escalator props available, which allows you to take higher picks at better odds or vice versa if you want to play it safe.

DraftKings does seem to have a more limited menu for Same Game Parlays, but there is still plenty of available bets that you can add to your betslip.

BetMGM Online Sportsbook

BetMGM is renowned for its user-friendly platform and expansive live-betting section. It carries the reputable MGM Resorts brand, so you can always feel at ease when depositing money into your account through the site’s numerous banking methods.

The site features Same Game Parlays but terms it One Game Parlays. You can either choose from their pre-packaged combinations or build your own wagers. The platform is easy to navigate through its organized layout and search bar function, making it accessible to each type of player.

Caesars Online Sportsbook

Caesars is a titan in the iGaming space, especially following its acquisition of successful European sportsbook William Hill in 2021. You’ll find a robust VIP Rewards system and lucrative promotions here.

The Same Game Parlays section is comprehensive, with several bet types at your disposal. For example, if I created an NBA combination, I can choose from total points, assists, rebounds, three-pointers, and more. You can also take a shot on a player to get a triple-double at longer odds.

BetRivers Online Sportsbook

BetRivers features an interactive platform that caters to each of your sports betting needs. They have a terrific welcome bonus that has some of the lowest wagering requirements throughout the industry.

You’ll be able to create your Same Game Parlay by clicking on your preferred game. While there aren’t any escalator props, there are still enough bet types to keep you satisfied. For example, MLB includes total bases, strikeouts, and home run props.

bet365 Online Sportsbook

bet365 prides itself as the “World’s Favorite Sportsbook,” and quite frankly, they’re not far off. The platform has a robust selection of betting markets along with live-betting that features live-streaming of selected events. You’re able to cash out of most of your wagers and there are even live player props.

You can build your own Same Game Parlays with a plethora of options at your disposal. This even includes betting markets that are more popular outside of the United States, like tennis. This helps differentiate bet365 from the competition, as these sports aren’t always available for Same Game Parlays on other platforms.

PointsBet Online Sportsbook

PointsBet started in Australia but has been able to establish a foothold in the U.S. market due to its innovative platform. They created their own bet type, known as “PointsBetting,” where users can win more if their selection has a greater winning margin and vice versa.

The sportsbook enables you to create both pre-game and live Same Game Parlays. There are several options to choose from, including escalator props which are a great way to find more value. It’s also helpful to have a betting preview with a description of the game and players involved to help guide you in your selection.

Best Same Game Parlay Sportsbooks in Your State

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How Are Same Game Parlay Odds Calculated?

Parlay odds are calculated based on the odds of each selection. For example, let’s say that each bet had a -110 moneyline. Here’s out the payout would look:

2 legs (+260) = $100 bet pays $260
3 legs (+600) = $100 bet pays $600
4 legs (+1000) = $100 bet pays $1,000
5 legs (+2000) = $100 bet pays $2,000

As you continue to add picks, the payout increases. However, it’s important to remember that the odds will change if each pick has varying moneylines. Sportsbooks usually cap your parlays anywhere from 12 to 20 legs.

Same Game Parlays are a bit different because you lose a bit of value due to correlation. Sportsbooks recognize that choosing such bets gives users a bit more of an advantage compared to a regular parlay, so you’ll see this reflected in the odds.

Let’s look at two examples, courtesy of FanDuel Sportsbook.

Parlay 1:

Here we have a three-teamer with +114 odds because the Blue Jays (-300), Bo Bichette (-330), and Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (-290) each have heavy juice. If we use a Parlay Calculator, we see that normally, this combination would pay at +133 odds, so we’re losing 19 cents of value due to the correlation.

Parlay 2:

Despite the fact that this parlay has one fewer leg, it pays at much higher odds because we’ve combined two longshots with Gleyber Torres (+340) and Nestor Cortes (+260). We’re losing value here as well because the Parlay Calculator shows that this would normally pay +1484, but we’re getting it at +1357.

This loss in value is the main drawback with Same Game Parlays, but we can consider it as a trade-off to the advantage we’re getting by having the ability to combine correlated outcomes. Keep in mind that this can vary across different platforms. Some sites may take away more value than others.

Are There Any Differences Between Sportsbooks?

There are differences between each sportsbook that you need to be mindful of when creating your Same Game Parlays.


In order to build your Same Game Parlay, you’ll see an option there after you click on your desired game. Alternatively, you can click multiple wagers from the same game and you’ll have a choice to parlay them on your Bet Slip.

There are some picks that cannot be combined, such as taking a team to go Over their total and win the game. However, FanDuel mostly allows you to parlay anything within the game. It’s one of the best sportsbooks in this regard.

FanDuel has a SGP+ feature for selected events, which allows you to combine it with another game in either the same or different sports. For example, I can parlay my Yankees-Rays SGP with a Blue Jays-Orioles one or even go with another sport and add in Warriors-Celtics.


Creating your wager on DraftKings requires you to navigate to your preferred betting market and select your game. You will see a Same Game Parlay mode, which will need to be turned on to enable this feature.

The bets that are applicable will be shown on your screen. Those that cannot be combined will not be seen here. Although somewhat more limited than some others, there will be plenty to choose from and each bet will have its odds displayed.


When you click on a game, you’ll see the One Game Parlay feature available. The props are presented in the form of questions. For example, with MLB, it will ask “Who will hit a single?” and then you’re given an assortment of options. Alternatively, you can choose from BetMGM’s pre-arranged combinations.

The selection is a bit more limited compared to other platforms, but there is still enough bet types to make this enjoyable. The other issue is that you won’t see the odds displayed while you’re building your One Game Parlay, making it harder to know about your potential payout.


Caesars is similar to other platforms in that you need to click the game to find the Same Game Parlay feature. It’s nice to have each bet have its odds displayed there, so you can see the potential odds as you build.

There are several bet types available, including strikeouts, hits, singles, doubles, and total bases for baseball. The key is to give users choice when creating their parlays and Caesars excels in this area.


BetRivers features Same Game Parlays under that name on some events, but others will show it as Match Parlays. The former gives you more selection, as seen in the Twins-Mariners game, where you can take both hitting and pitching props. The latter only has preset choices, like with the Celtics-Warriors game, where you can take them on the spread and total.

Same Game Parlays usually open up as we get closer to the event, but it would be better if BetRivers released their props markets earlier, so that we didn’t have to wait until closer to game time to build our bets.


bet365 allows you to build Same Game Parlays by selecting your preferred game. Next, you’ll find the different bet types organized into sections, such as Pitcher Props, Player Bases, and Team Totals.

Unlike other platforms, you’re able to parlay Team Totals with player props, which is helpful for correlation. Keep in mind that your odds will be reduced in this case. You’re also able to create parlays with in-game wagers.


PointsBet conveniently has “SGP” next to games that qualify for this feature. While virtually every game enables SGPs, it’s still useful to have it listed there.

The great thing about this platform is that there are escalator props at varying prices. For example, I can take Nestor Cortes to get 11+ strikeouts at +1600 odds. Other sportsbooks don’t allow you to go this much higher than his actual prop (5.5 strikeouts), so it’s nice to have this option for a higher payout.

What Sports Can I Bet on With Same Game Parlays?

You’re able to create Same Game Parlays with several sports, including baseball, football, hockey, basketball, soccer, and more.

When building your bet, be sure to create a narrative that makes sense with your wagers. You’re essentially projecting a game script, that is, how you expect the result to play out. Your props should match this projection. For example, if you take the Boston Celtics to win, it may be a good idea to add in Jaysom Tatum Over on his total points prop. This is because the picks are correlated.

While it’s not always going to play out this way, after all, Boston could still win with a down game from Tatum, but combining these outcomes increases your probability of winning your bet.

Let’s take a look at each sport, including a description of the props that are available along with a sample parlay.

MLB Same Game Parlays

These are some of the options you have with MLB SGPs:

  • Run Line
  • Money Line
  • Totals
  • Total Bases
  • Strikeouts
  • Hits
  • Home Runs
  • Singles
  • Doubles
  • Runs
  • RBI

Sample Parlay: Tampa Bay Rays in a low-scoring game

Here we’re going with Rays’ ace Shane McClanahan to rack up eight or more strikeouts. For this to happen, he would likely need to pitch at least six innings. If he goes that deep into the game, there’s a great chance that he’s pitching well and the Yankees haven’t scored many runs.

This is where the Under 7.5 total runs come into play. Since McClanahan is tossing a gem, we’re projecting a low-scoring game. We add in the Under 0.5 runs in the 1st inning because if McClanahan has a strong outing, there’s a good chance that he shut the door in the opening inning. Nestor Cortes is on the mound for the Yankees, which is a bonus for this parlay since he’s pitched so well.

We’ve created a narrative of a pitcher’s duel between two of the best pitchers in baseball here.

NFL Same Game Parlays

There are no shortage of choices for NFL SGPs, such as:

  • Money Line
  • Point Spread
  • Totals
  • Passing Yards
  • Rushing Yards
  • Receiving Yards
  • Receptions
  • Touchdowns

Sample Parlay: 49ers win in a run-heavy game script

This was one of my winning parlays during the 2021 NFL Playoffs. The 49ers are a run-heavy offense, so if they won the game, there was a good chance that  Elijah Mitchell would have more volume because running backs get more carries while their team plays with the lead. If Mitchell had more carries, there was a good chance that he’d surpass the 82.5 rushing yards total.

Since the Niners would be playing with the lead, that would mean fewer pass attempts for Jimmy Garoppolo, putting the Under on his passing yards in play. That directly correlates with George Kittle, who is often used as a run-blocker. If San Francisco was running well with the lead, they would not need to target their tight end.

Finally, we capped it off with an Ezekiel Elliott Under because we projected the Cowboys to be playing from behind, where they would not give the ball to their running back. Instead, they would be airing it out while trying to make a comeback. The game ended up going exactly as was projected here.

NHL Same Game Parlays

NHL SGPs are less common across all platforms, with some not even offering this option. Those that do will have the following choices:

  • Goal scorer
  • Match Result
  • Total Goals
  • Exact Score
  • Shots on Goal
  • Points
  • Assists

Sample Parlay: Avalanche win in a high-scoring game

In this parlay, we’re taking the Avalanche to win at home. This is a high-flying offense that can seemingly score at will, which means that if they’re victorious, there’s a great chance that the game will go Over 5.5 goals.

Nathan MacKinnon is the team’s best player, scoring 32 goals in 65 games this past season. There’s a good chance that he’d be able to find the back of the net with this narrative, so we add him to score at anytime in the game.

NBA Same Game Parlays

You can expect to find a robust selection in the NBA market:

  • Point Spread
  • Money Line
  • Totals
  • Points
  • Assists
  • Rebounds
  • Points + Assists
  • Points + Rebounds
  • Points + Rebounds + Assists
  • Three-Pointers Made
  • Triple Doubles
  • Double Doubles
  • Steals
  • Blocks

Sample Parlay: Celtics win in a defensive game

The Celtics are a good defensive team, so if they’re able to cover the four-point spread (win by four or more), there’s a good chance that the game ends up as a low-scoring contest. That’s why we’ll combine the Under 210 points with this selection.

Stephen Curry is the top scorer for the Warriors, so if Boston is successful, it’s likely because they’ve kept him at bay. It’s an added bonus that 28.5 points is a high bar to clear, which increases the probability of us hitting this wager.

Each of these selections go hand in hand, making it a strongly correlated parlay.

Soccer Same Game Parlays

While some sportsbooks have a greater selection than others, you’re likely to see some of the following:

  • Both Teams to Score
  • Goalscorers
  • Total Tackles
  • Assists
  • Game Total
  • Match Result
  • Corner Kicks
  • Yellow Cards
  • Total Passes

Sample Parlay: New England Revolution wins handily

We’re taking New England to take care of business in their match here, winning with a clean sheet (zero goals allowed). If the Revolution win this game, there’s a decent chance that Jozy Altidore finds the back of the net.

The favorite winning has a stronger correlation with selecting “No” on Both Teams to Score than the underdog because you’re projecting one team to control the game to a degree where they hold the opponent to zero goals. That’s more likely to be the favorite.

Other Sports Same Game Parlays

Some sportsbooks also allow you to create Same Game Parlays on tennis and MMA, but there will be fewer selections because these are still two growing betting markets. Bet365 is great for tennis, featuring a ton of different props available, while DraftKings and FanDuel are good choices for MMA.

Why Should I Bet Same Game Parlays?

You should definitely bet on Same Game Parlays for the following reasons:

  • Correlated outcomes have a higher probability of hitting
  • Optimizes the viewing experience because you have multiple bets on one game
  • Have a chance to hit a home run with a large payout
  • You’ll learn more about the sport because you’ll be immersed in data, understanding player production
  • This will help you improve as a bettor in all markets

Why Should I Not Bet Same Game Parlays?

There are some drawbacks to Same Game Parlays, such as:

  • You lose value in odds when selecting correlated results
  • These are high variance wagers with a lower probability than straight bets
  • One voided result could cancel out the whole parlay, depending on the sportsbook
  • If a player gets injured during the game and you have the Over on their prop, you’ll lose your bet

Same Game Parlay Strategies and Tips

Here are some Same Game Parlay strategies and tips to guide you towards profitability:

  • Keep a record to track your results and make necessary adjustments based on the data
  • Limit your risk by betting fewer units, since these are low-probability wagers
  • Stick to a maximum of five legs to make it easier to win
  • Create safer parlays with favored outcomes to act as insurance for your longshots
  • Come up with a narrative that projects the game script to guide your selections

Same Game Parlay Promotions and Boosts

You’ll find some of the following Same Game Parlay promotions

Parlay Insurance

This is where you are refunded your bet up a maximum amount (usually $10-$20) if your parlay (often 4+ selections) loses by one leg. This is a great consolation prize to help you get over your close call.

Parlay Bonus

Some sportsbooks may offer you additional winnings if your parlay hits, provided in a percentage that increases based on the number of legs within your wager. For example, you’d get a larger bonus if your five-teamer hit compared to a three-team parlay.

Odds Boosts

Sites will offer preset SGPs with boosted odds. For example, you could see the Celtics moneyline + Jayson Tatum 30+ points + Marcus Smart 3+ three-pointers at +900 instead of +800 odds. This gives you more value on your selection.

What Happens if One of the Legs Is Voided?

If one leg is voided, most sportsbooks cancel out that bet. Your parlay is still active, albeit at lower odds. However, there are some instances where a site will state that any voided bet makes the parlay marked as a push.

For example, one time I took five hitters in a Same Game Parlay. Each player had to hit zero home runs in the game for my bet to win. Four of them did not hit a homer, but one of them didn’t start in the game. That voided the entire bet because it was in the rules.

Check your sportsbook’s house rules for more information. It’s important that you’re fully aware of the terms and conditions within the Same Game Parlay.

The good news is that the only way a leg can be voided is if your player surprisingly does not suit up for the game. This is more of a common occurrence in MLB, where even the best players are given nights off from time to time.

A way to combat this issue would be to wait until lineups are posted before you lock in your Same Game Parlay.


By Frank Ammirante

Before joining The Game Day, Frank spent three years in the fantasy sports and betting industry, writing for websites like RotoBaller and 4for4football. Frank is an active member of the fantasy baseball and fantasy football community, participating in high-stakes leagues like NFBC/NFFC as well as industry competitions like Scott Fish Bowl, RazzBowl, and TGFBI. Frank is a member of the FSWA and IBWAA. Give him a shout to talk fantasy sports and sports betting.