How to Bet Totals on PointsBet Sportsbook | Complete Guide

ByPat Pickens

Oct 25, 2022

Totals, also known as over/unders, are among the most popular markets to bet in online sports gambling.

In the traditional over/under betting format, you simply wager on whether there will be more (over) or fewer (under) a certain number of points in a game or match.

There are prop wagers that also feature over/unders, which we will discuss below too. But at the heart of over/under betting is betting on whether there will be a lot or a few points.

If you’ve ever wanted to bet on totals, particularly with the fledgling Australia-based online sportsbook PointsBet, we’re here to help. Here’s a guide to over/under betting on the PointsBet Sportsbook.

How to Bet Totals on PointsBet

Step 1: Create an Account or Sign In

If you have an account, sign in. If you don’t, you will need to sign up for one in order to wager real funds with PointsBet.

Use the custom link on our PointsBet full review page and add any necessary promo code to unlock the best new-player promo.

Keep in mind that all information is secure and only used to affirm your identity and age.

Step 2: Deposit

Put in playable funds. Keep in mind that the payment method you use to deposit is usually how you will also be required to withdraw and that credit-card deposits come with a cash-advance charge, typically $10.

Also, credit-card withdrawals are usually not allowed, which means if you deposit via that method and than want to take your money out, you’ll have to wait to receive a check by mail.

Step 3: Check Over/Unders

Peruse betting markets you are interested in wagering. PointsBet gives users totals to bet on in just about every team sport from around the globe every day, which means if there’s a game total you want to bet you’ll be able to find it.

Step 4: Place Your Bet

Add the wager you wish to make to your bet slip. Enter the stake you wish to wager. Press place bet and hope it hits.

What Is Over/Under Betting on PointsBet?

Betting over/unders, otherwise known as wagering on totals, are a popular way to bet on sports. Online sportsbooks like PointsBet will set a predetermined number of points beforehand then invite bettors to choose whether the game will have more or less than that as the final outcome.

If there are fewer points than the number listed, the under is successful. If there are more points than the number posted then the over hits. If the final total lands exactly on the number posted then it is a push.

For example, if the Denver Broncos are hosting the Seattle Seahawks, and the total number listed is 42.5, the clubs would need to combine for 43-plus points for an over bet to be correct. If there were 42 or fewer then the under would be right.

How Do PointsBet Totals Work?

PointsBet will establish odds for multiple totals numbers, but the standard over/under number listed will generally have -110 odds on both sides, meaning bettors on the winning side will profit $0.91 for every dollar wagered.

A -110 wager is considered a coin flip on sports-betting sites.

PointsBet Over/Under Rules

PointsBet has a few rules about betting over/unders. For instance:

  • Voids: Since player props are often listed as an over/under, bets where a player doesn’t dress or enter a game will be voided. However, if the player enters even for a second then leaves due to injury the bet is live.
  • Pushes: As referenced above, a push is when the final score is the exact number of points listed as the total. In the event of a push, the wager is voided and the bettor receives his/her initial stake back

Types of PointsBet Totals

Though totals generally revolve around the total number of points in a game or match, that’s not the only method of over/under betting.

Futures, player props and even novelty props are often listed as totals where bettors are asked to determine the over/under.

PointsBet has more available betting totals than the average online sportsbook due to its unique and custom PointsBetting style.

In every PointsBet-style wager, a total will be listed and bettors will be rewarded with a multiplied stake based on how successful their bet is. Users will lose a multiplied stake if their wager is incorrect based on how wrong it is.

Futures bettors can wager on a team to finish with over or under a certain number of wins (NFL, MLB, NBA) or points (EPL, NHL) before the season.

There are also over/under wagers centered around the NBA and NFL drafts, where bettors are asked if an individual player will be selected higher or lower than a certain slot or the number of players from a specific college to be selected in the first round.

Game and player props are often also listed as over/under wagers that invite bettors to wager on whether a specific player will surpass a pre-determined stat total or if a team will surpass a points threshold in a game.

So as an example, if a bettor wanted to wager on the Indianapolis Colts to finish with more than 10.5 wins in their season, he or she could place that as a futures bet.

If the same bettor wanted to wager on the Colts to score more than 27.5 points in their game against the Houston Texans, he or she could place that wager.

If that bettor wanted to gamble on Jonathan Taylor to finish with more or fewer than 100.5 rushing yards in that game, he or she could do so too.

PointsBet NFL Totals

PointsBet offers over/unders for every NFL game each week, plus invites bettors to choose an alternate total — generally a range of over/under within five points of the pre-determined number with corresponding odds.

Alternate totals generally make great parlay legs, since it’s really hard to create a successful multi-leg wager with more than one -110 odds bet.

The PointsBet Online Sportsbook will also produce a huge assortment of player props as totals for every NFL game, including rushing yards, passing yards, receiving yards, interceptions or touchdown passes by a quarterback and much more. This makes it one of the best sportsbooks to place prop bets.

Again, most player prop odds are -110 but could vary based on the likelihood of the wager to play out — and based on the range of numbers.

For instance, an extremely good quarterback’s INT prop total might be listed at 1.5 with odds like +150 for the over and -170 for the under.

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is essentially Christmas for sports bettors, and PointsBet has all of your presents with a huge array of bonuses and promos centered around the big game each February.

PointsBet offers a game total and the typical assortment of alternate overs but will produce prop numbers and odds for just about every important skill-position player in the game.

Plus, as referenced above, bettors can partake in PointsBetting in Super Bowl betting and earn extra profit if their wager hits.

Over/Under Bet Strategies

Chase value. Is there a number that looks too low based on the teams participating? Is there a prop that seems really confusing — Tom Brady’s over/under rushing prop is generally 0.5 yards, which is tantalizing based on the prospect of him either sneaking or scrambling.

When chasing value, it is integral that you do your homework.

You won’t want to bet an over in baseball if there are two elite, or hot, starting pitchers on the mound.

You won’t want to bet the under if a high-octane offense is squaring off against a hapless defense, or the over if an ineffective offense is meeting the second coming of the 2000 Baltimore Ravens.

Check weather conditions. Typically there won’t be many runs in baseball when the temp is below 50 degrees.

There won’t be too many points in football if the field conditions are unmanageable due to snow or rain — or if there are gale-force winds that affect the passing game.

Do as much research as you can then leave the result up to fate. Even the most perfectly curated over/under bet can be done in by an off night, a bad beat or some terrible luck. That’s why it’s called gambling.

Over/Under Betting for Beginners

Start small with a wager you love. Totals betting can be dicey based on a number of factors, including the dreaded off night on an over. But if there’s a total you feel is way off, and your research further affirms that, take advantage.

Make sure to do your homework. The factors listed above, like weather or the opposing defense/pitcher/goalie, are usually the biggest deterrent of points scored, including player props. Try to get a sense of the game too — will there be a feeling-out period that negates points? — before placing your bet.

Trial and error are your friends. You’ll make mistakes — we’ve all done it — but if you stay within your means, especially at first, you’ll learn fast and have a great time.

How to Calculate Over/Under Odds?

Over/unders typically have odds ranging from +100 to -120, which means bettors can win between $0.83 and $1 profit per dollar wagered.

Sometimes, when betting on totals while the game is going on, the odds will swing a little longer depending on the sport — a live hockey over wager may be +200, but generally the max is about +120 since totals are constantly evolving especially in a sport like basketball.

Fortunately, PointsBet, like most online sportsbooks, give users the exact odds and payouts for their wagers before they are placed, so bettors will know their exact payout ahead of time.

Why Are Over/Unders a Good Bet?

Totals can be the perfect bet to wager when the circumstances are right for them.

For instance, if you know the weather is going to make scoring tricky in baseball or football, the under is a perfect wager.

If there’s a pitcher’s duel, or battle of extremely good defenses, the under also makes sense.

If you’re betting a game that has perfect conditions for scoring then the over is a great wager.

Plus, totals can be a good hedge when you aren’t sure what the final outcome will be.

For instance, the total for a playoff hockey game — which are notoriously low-scoring — might be 5.5 goals, which might seem freakishly low if the final score ends 2-1 or 3-1.

Maybe the winning team isn’t what you expect, but you would still have the story right by betting the under.

Can Over/Unders Be a Bad Bet?

They can certainly die a quick and painful death, especially when the number is high and two teams get off to a rocky start. Or if you bet the under, and a team puts up a couple of fast and early scores you could be in for a tough time.

Again, player props are live once the player enters the game, and if the start you wagered on an over on gets injured it can feel personal. But those are the natures of the best, and again why it’s referred to as gambling.

Totals betting in basketball can be extremely uncertain. Betting the under in the NFL or college football can be a slippery slope based on the high-octane offenses and schemes — not even to mention the rules that are skewed in favor of offense.

What Sports Are Available for Over/Unders?

Every one.

Football, basketball, hockey, soccer, baseball all feature game point/run/goal over/unders, and any sport that offers prop betting will also give users the option of betting an over or under, especially in terms of player props.

Is There Bet Insurance on Over/Unders?

Rarely, but sometimes. If you, as a bettor, use one of your initial five second-chance bets as an over/under wager, and it is unsuccessful, then that would trigger a reimbursed wager.

Otherwise, there isn’t often a reimbursement option for over/under betting.


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