Caesars Promo Code – Best Caesars Sportsbook Bonus Code in Michigan, Indiana, NJ, CO, & More

Your Guide to the Caesars Bonus Code: GAMEDAY

By Jason Radowitz

Sep 4, 2021

Caesars Sportsbook has become one of the more notable sportsbooks in the industry. Caesars acquired William Hill in 2021 and is now going above and beyond for its loyal customers.

Like all legal sportsbooks, Caesars gives new and existing customers unbelievable offers that you must know about before depositing at the site. Caesars easily has the best offers that you won’t want to miss.

You can also join Caesars with confidence as they are currently proud partners of the NBA, NFL, NHL, CBS Sports, and ESPN.

Caesars Promo Code

Upon visiting the Caesars Sportsbook, enter our promo code “GAMEDAY” which provides you with a huge risk-free bet I will touch on more below. This promotion is available in all states where Caesars has launched.



  • Intuitive App

  • Plenty of Markets & Bet Types

  • VIP Rewards System

Get Up To $5000 FREE

Risk-Free Bonus

GAMEDAYGet bonus

New Customers Only, 21+. T&C’s Apply.

Caesars Signup Bonus

Caesars Sportsbook’s promo code provides a big sign-up bonus and is available only for new users of the platform. Again, this is a risk-free bet of up to $5,000. During September, you will also receive a $150 gift card to use at if you place $100 worth of bets in the month.

Caesars No-Deposit Bonus

Caesars Sportsbook does not currently offer a no-deposit bonus. We will update this page should one become available.

Caesars Deposit Bonus

Caesars does not reward anyone for depositing money into their account but does reward those who wager money.

Caesars Risk-Free Bet

Caesars Sportsbook offers a $5,000 risk-free bet, available in 10 different states. Users must place their first bet within 30 days of registering to be eligible to receive a risk-free bet of up to $5,000.

And as noted earlier, in September, you will also receive a $150 gift card to get an authentic NFL jersey if you place $100 worth of bets during the month. Use promo code GAMEDAY to get this excellent offer.

With Caesars’ risk-free bet offer, users won’t have to worry about permanently losing their first wager, even if it’s unsuccessful.

For example, if your first bet is a $200 wager on a losing outcome, you will receive the full amount of your original bet in site credit. The maximum wager that will be returned in this offer is $5,000.

This bet must also be settled within 30 days of being placed, so be sure the results of your risk-free bet are finalized within that time.

And as noted earlier, in September, you will also receive a $150 gift card to get an authentic NFL jersey if you place $100 worth of bets during the month.



  • Intuitive App

  • Plenty of Markets & Bet Types

  • VIP Rewards System

Get Up To $5000 FREE

Risk-Free Bonus

GAMEDAYGet bonus

New Customers Only, 21+. T&C’s Apply.

Benefits of the Caesars Bonus

With the $5,000 risk-free bonus from Caesars, you can guarantee that you’ll have a large amount of money to work with whether your first bet at the sportsbook is successful or not.

As for the benefits, you can add more money to your monthly or annual earnings and so much more. There’s no site giving out this much risk-free money.

On top of that, you can find more ways to make money after using your bonus due to all of the other promotions that are offered.

Below, I will explain the best way to use the Caesars promotion bonus.

  • The bonus increases your bankroll. You can earn thousands off this promotion if done correctly. I’ve explained how below.
  • You can double, triple, or even quadruple your money if your wager wins depending on the odds you select.
  • Your bet is risk-free. You’re basically given two chances to win a bet. With the proper research, we believe in you!
  • Once the risk-free bet is used, there are no rollover requirements.
  • You can guarantee a profit by using arbitrage and the free bet calculator. This is what I recommend using when given risk-free bets as a first-time depositor.

The Best Way to Use the Caesars Promo

Caesars gives new users a $5,000 risk-free bet, meaning if a customer wagers $5,000 and loses, they’ll get the entire wager amount back in site credit. As such, the best way to use this promotion is to wager the full $5,000.

It’s understood that not everyone has the capital to afford betting $5,000, but do as much as you’re comfortable with.

If you’re looking to guarantee money, the best way of going about this is using a free-bet calculator. From there, you would find a conversion of at least 60 percent between two books using the same game. On Caesars Sportsbook, you would bet the underdog side and on another book, you would bet the favorite.

If the underdog wins, you would earn anywhere from 60 percent or more of that $5,000 guaranteed. If the favorite wins, you would lose a little bit more because you’d have to do the process all over again with your actual free bet at Caesars. Still, you would end up being very profitable and making thousands off this strategy.

If you’re looking to get risky, you can look for a Caesars line that is off compared to other books. Sometimes these independent books forget to change lines or are just too slow to change lines. You can find serious value if you look hard enough!

You can be alert when sharp money comes in on a particular wager. Once you see that sharp money is on a particular wager and one book changes its line, the other books are likely going to change their lines as well.

Hop on a line that isn’t the same as the competition, and that’s one way to beat the books with your free bet.

Caesars Free Bets vs No-Deposit Bonus

Caesars gives plenty of free bets out. They’re frequently starting new promotions and giving existing customers a chance to earn free bets. Remember, though, that you’re only earning back the profit of the free bet. You’re not getting that free bet money plus the profit.

A no-deposit bonus gives you free money when you open an account. For example, after registering, you could be provided with $10 just for signing up. Most sportsbooks used to use this tactic, but now go the risk-free bet route as it seems to be more of an attention-grabber.

While no-deposit bets sound exciting, these rarely have as much value as risk-free bets. For beginners who don’t necessarily trust a sportsbook or want to try it out, no-deposit money is great, but you’re only going to be offered around $10 from the books that actually offer this.

Unless you’re hitting a (+10000) bet with $10, a risk-free bet of up to $5,000 is a much better offer.

How to Redeem the Caesars Bonus Code

Caesars makes every risk-free bet and promotion simple. All you have to do is deposit money and wager on your first event. If all rules are followed, your free bet will be waiting for you within 72 hours of the wager losing.

In the event your wager wins, you won’t be getting a free bet from the $5,000 risk-free promotion. The risk-free bet is looked at as insurance for those who lost.

  • To use the risk-free bet, click on a wager when logged in
  • Once you click the wager, you will see below the selection that you have a free bet available
  • Click the free bet and agree to use it on your wager before submitting the wager
  • Double-check to verify you’re using your free bet and not cash

It can get confusing to start, but it’s actually quite simple. Caesars makes it easy to understand once you figure out how to find the free bet.

Do Caesars Promos Expire?

A free bet must be used by the participant within 30 calendar days from the date it is awarded. That means you have essentially one month to make the first wager once you are signed up.

What Are Wagering Requirements?

Some promos will come with wagering requirements, meaning you have to fulfill a certain set of tasks or rules before you receive your reward. Fortunately, there are no wagering requirements for the $5,000 risk-free bet, so you’ll earn your reward almost immediately after your first wager wins/loses.

Is There A Way to Track Your Bonus Progress?

Because Caesars Sportsbook’s bonus offer is a risk-free bet, the best way to keep track of it is to check your bet slip after placing the wager. If you bet on the result of a game, you can watch that game to keep track of how your bet is doing.

When Will I Receive My Caesars Bonus Credits?

It can take up to 72 hours from the time the wager loses to when you receive your free bet on Caesars. If you don’t see your free bet in your account once the 72 hour wait period is up, contact support. They’re very helpful and will make sure you are taken care of if you don’t have the free bet in your account.

Most people get their free bets way before the 72-hour mark, but for some, it could take up to 72 hours.

Caesars Promotions

If you’re looking for a sportsbook with great promotions, it’s Caesars. Be sure to check out the promotions tab to see what the exact promotions are each day.

Caesars NFL Promotions

Caesars is kicking off the NFL season with free NFL jerseys for the people. In September only, Caesars is giving a $150 digital gift card toward an NFL jersey of your choice via

All you have to do is make at least $100 worth of NFL bets and the code will be sent after the month is over.

This is a fun way to get people into the action. If you lose your $100 when betting, at least you know you’ll be getting a $150 value at the NFL online store to purchase an authentic jersey.

Caesars NBA Promotions

In addition to NBA promotions, Caesars has already had different promotions for basketball in the Olympics and so forth. We can imagine that they’ll have some awesome promotions when it’s time for basketball season again.

Caesars MLB Promotions

Caesars has been very clever during the MLB season. They’ve had promotions where they give out free bets for teams scoring in the 7th inning, and they’ve also had promotions giving double the earnings if you select the MLB team that wins.

They’ve also handed out free bets if you pick the team that wins and the player that hits a home run, and so forth. Caesars’ MLB promotions keep all of their customers engaged and excited for what’s next.

Caesars NHL Promotions

Just like the NBA, NHL is currently not in season but when the league gets underway, you can be sure that Caesars will include some NHL promotions for its customers.

Caesars Sports Promotions

Caesars has debuted promotions in college football most recently, asking customers to select a team in the first half. Then, however many points that team scores, bettors get a free dollar for every point scored by your team as a free bet.

Caesars, again, does the best job out of any other sportsbook when it comes to promotions. Day after day, Caesars is creative and fun and gives its fanbase something to cheer for at a small price.

State Specific Bonuses

Each state has the same promotions and the same requirements. Here are the states where the bonus is currently offered. Caesars is currently legal and licensed in these states.

  • Colorado
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Michigan
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Tennessee
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia


  • Intuitive App

  • Plenty of Markets & Bet Types

  • VIP Rewards System

Get Up To $5000 FREE

Risk-Free Bonus

GAMEDAYGet bonus

New Customers Only, 21+. T&C’s Apply.


By Jason Radowitz

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