What Is The Game Day Creator Network? 


The Game Day Creator Network launched in August 2021 with the goal of building a network of independent creators across YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, & Twitter that complement The Game Day brand and platforms.

In return for a monthly payment (based on the current size and success of creators’ channels), we are seeking ambitious partners who help drive traffic to our shows, our social platforms, and our website. Creators will also have opportunities to run sponsored content (for which they will be paid) to promote links to our commercial partners.

Benefits for Our Creators

  • Earn Real Money through monthly stipends and revenue share on commercial sponsorships
  • Build Audience through our network and social media platforms
  • Leverage best-in-class production resources to design content
  • Meet other creators in our vast network
  • Build a long-term relationship with us (get hired, be acquired)

Benefits for The Game Day

  • Network Growth
  • Traffic to Owned & Operated Properties
  • Sponsored Content Pay Out
  • Work with Top Talent in the Sports Creator Space

For more information, see our Game Day Affiliate Overview here or view further down below.

Who Is In Our Network


  • Frank Michael Smith: YouTube Creator
    • Frank Michael Smith, CEO, and Founder of FMS Productions, is a vibrant entrepreneur and content creator who has used his fervent passion for sports and his creative talents to generate a following of over a million across YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.
  • Sports Dissected: YouTube Creator
    • Sports Dissected, managed by digital media production company COISKI, is a one-stop shop for behind-the-scenes perspectives and access into the world of sports.
  • Rebound Rewind: YouTube & TikTok Creator 
    • Rebound Rewind is at the intersection of sports entertainment and art, providing thoughtful sports education through carefully designed animations that are edited and produced by an expert in Adobe Premiere.
  • Law Nation: YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook Creator 
    • Law Nation, Dallas Cowboys enthusiast and expert, has used his allegiance to the football franchise to amass a loyal following of football fans. Law Nation provides succinct film and prospect analysis through a multi-channel approach,  engaging communities across YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • ANK Football & NAK Basketball: YouTube Creator
  • Troxel’s Sports Streams: YouTube Creator
  • Alvini Linguine: YouTube Creator




  • Law Nation: YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook Creator 


  • Law Nation: YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook Creator 

How to Join

For more information on how to join our Creator Network Program, please contact:

Game Day Affiliate Overview

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About The Game Day

The Game Day is a digital media company for the next generation of sports fans and sports betting enthusiasts. Leveraging the leading influencers, athletes, and talent across sports, The Game Day is building a community of engaged sports fans through premium content formats that excite and educate.

The Game Day is positioned strategically at the center of live sports entertainment, providing its community with real-time updates and resources they need to immerse themselves in sports betting. The Game Day’s original content and social distribution strategies are designed to make the sports betting experience more accessible and entertaining so our community feels empowered in their gaming decisions.