NBA Top Shot Hype: Everything To Know (The Hedge Podcast)

Posted: Mar 1, 2021Last updated: Mar 1, 2021

NBA Top Shot Hype: Everything you need to know about the NBA’s newest cryptocurrency trading marketplace.

The Hedge is back to give you skin in-game!

NBA Top Shot Hype

Host Steve Inman talks to Senior Member of the PointsBet trading team Andy Mannino on how PointsBet goes about setting odds for games plus what is the next innovation for in-game betting? Next Steve talks to Forbes Sports Desk Staff Writer Tommy Beer about NBA Top Shot. How do new people get involved and why it’s about to get even bigger.

Steve & Tommy also discuss the surging Knicks and are they focused enough on the long-term plan. Leave comments below on what you want Steve to discuss in next week’s episode!

Andy Mannino on how PointsBet sets lines 0:30 - 2:39

How much research goes into creating NBA Player Props? 2:40 - 3:53

Are live player props next in the betting landscape? 3:54 - 6:32

Is there an appetite for more obscure sports gambling in the future 6:33 - 9:05

What is NBA Top Shot and how do we get involved? 9:38 - 13:21

Can an NBA Top Shot highlight moment hit a million bucks this season? 13:22 - 15:10

How much do NBA Top Shot moments fluctuate on a game-to-game basis? 15:11 - 18:21

Are the Knicks focused enough on their future? 18:22 - 23:05

Is Julius Randle a long term fit in New York 23:06 - 26:15

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