Would You Shave Your Best Friend’s Stache? | Dollar Bets

Last Updated: Feb 1, 2022

We hit the streets of Los Angeles to ask LA Kings fans what they would do for CASH. Would you call your ex and introduce them to your current partner? Eat a sushi roll covered in wasabi?

Kevin Klein gets fans to do it in this episode of Dollar Bets!

Would You Shave Your Best Friend’s Stache?

Episode Rundown

  • 0:00 Dollar Bets
  • 0:30 Name That Stain
  • 0:54 Dollar Bets Roll
  • 2:06 Call An Ex
  • 3:40 Hat Trick
  • 4:22 Shave The Stache
  • 5:42 Eat A Hot Dog Off The Grill

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