Texans Prop Bets 2021: Best Houston Odds + Betting Picks

Last Updated: Aug 6, 2021

The Houston Texans have broken their team down, hoping to re-build it the right way. However, with a disgruntled franchise quarterback still on the team and not likely to play, success in 2021 seems like nothing more than a pipe dream. The Game Day is here to preview some of the best Texans prop bets for 2021.

Texans Prop Bets 2021: Best Houston Odds + Betting Picks

Texans Prop Bets 2021: Team Bet Picks on DraftKings

All odds for Texans Prop Bets 2021 bet picks are courtesy of DraftKings. DraftKings offers a deposit bonus of up to $1,000 with your first deposit.

Under 4.0 Regular Season Wins (-115)

The Texans are entering this season with arguably the worst defense, worst receiving corps and worst starting quarterback in the NFL. If they are not dead-last in any of those categories, they are close to the bottom. They still have their franchise quarterback, Deshaun Watson, but he doesn’t want to play for the team, and the rest of the league is waiting for his legal issues to clear up before trading for him. The lack of talent, combined with a new coaching staff, is not likely to lead to much success. If they are not last in the NFL this season, it would be a surprise.

Division Finishing Position: 4th (-400)

Again, if they are not last in the entire league, it would be a surprise. It would be even more surprising if the Texans aren’t last in the AFC South. The Titans and Colts are the clear top two teams, and the Jaguars have much more talent on their roster than Houston.

Under 1.5 Division Wins (+125)

When looking at how the Texans match up with their division, it’s clear they have the best chance against the Jaguars. Unfortunately, they begin the year at home against Jacksonville, which would be their best opportunity to get a win. However, the Jaguars will be more prepared and ready to make a statement Week 1. So, with a presumed loss to start the year, it’s tough to ask the Texans to find two other matchups to get a win.

Texans Prop Bets 2021: Player Bet Picks on DraftKings

Brandin Cooks Receiving TDs: Under 4.5 (-110)

If you’re looking to bet Texans player props, there aren’t many options. In fact, Brandin Cooks is the only Texans offensive player with props on DraftKings Sportsbook. He becomes the lone veteran in this wide receiver room, with Will Fuller signing with the Dolphins and Randall Cobb being traded to the Packers. However, Cooks has done most of his receiving damage in his career has a deep threat.

With Tyrod Taylor expecting to be the starting quarterback, the Texans are likely to play a dink-and-dunk, conservative offense. Taylor hasn’t completed a pass over 50 yards since 2016 and his career-high for passing touchdowns has been 20.

Brandin Cooks Receiving Yards: Over 895.5 (-120)

While he will not likely find the end zone much, as he isn’t a massive red zone weapon and the Texans aren’t likely to have many explosive plays, he should still push for 1,000 receiving yards. Despite missing a game last season, he still totaled 1,150 receiving yards. Cooks has gone over 1,000 in five of his last six season, and adding another game to the schedule only helps him achieve this feat again.

Zach Cunningham Tackles: Over 150.5 (-115)

The Texans defense is going to be on the field a lot, and fourth quarters are going to be filled with teams taking a run-heavy approach. As was the case last season, this will lead to a ton of tackles for Zach Cunningham. The young linebacker led the entire NFL in tackles last season, with 164.

Adding another game to the schedule, Cunningham should have little trouble hitting over on this prop, assuming he doesn’t miss more than a couple games. He has stayed healthy recently, playing back-to-back 16-game seasons.


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