Michael Fabiano’s Most Important Fantasy Football Tip (Take The Points)

Last Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Sports Illustrated’s Michael Fabiano joins The Game Day’s Adam Kramer (@KegsnEggs) and Marcus Mosher (@Marcus_Mosher) to talk about all things fantasy football including who is the best player in the league, and where you should draft a defense.

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➡️ Fill In the Blank

  • ___ is the No. 1 Fantasy Player (get his top 10 after this)
  • ___ is the Top Fantasy QB
  • I should take a defense no earlier than the ___ round.
  • ___ is the top fantasy rookie
  • ___ is the best fantasy team names I’ve ever heard

➡️Guest Segment

  • How did you get your start in this?
  • What are fantasy football experts up to right now?
  • What’s your prep process
  • How does he treat DFS
  • 17 game season
  • Rookie impact
  • Guys in new places that will impact

➡️ Futures

  • Quick futures you like


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