Is Damian Lillard A Better PG Than Stephen Curry?

Last Updated: May 31, 2021

Is Damian Lillard A Better PG Than Steph Curry? The NBA has so many wildly talented Point Guards, but who is actually the best PG in today’s game? Is it Damian Lillard? Is it Stephen Curry? Madelyn Burke and Marcus Mosher weigh in on who it might be.

0:00 Best PG in NBA?
0:30 I Trust Lillard More Than Anyone
1:00 Give Steph His Flowers
1:31 Damian Lillard Has The Blazers In The NBA Playoffs
2:00 CP3 the Point God
2:56 Ben Simmons and His DPOY Case
3:51 Luka & LeBron
4:38 Ja Morant?


Marcus Mosher

Marcus Mosher is an NFL analyst at The Game Day, residing in Erie, PA. He covers the NFL from a betting and fantasy perspective, producing written and video content. Marcus currently hosts multiple football-related podcasts and is a managing editor at USA Today’s Sports Media Group covering the Las Vegas Raiders. He has previously worked at The Athletic and Bleacher Report.

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