Trey Lance Draft Position Bet & Prediction for the 2021 NFL Draft

Last Updated: Apr 25, 2021

With the 2021 NFL Draft approaching, here’s our tip on any Trey Lance Draft Position Bet opportunities that may be available for 2021 NFL Draft futures betting. Use this Trey Lance 2021 NFL Draft prediction to place a bet at one of our partner sportsbooks.

Check our 2021 NFL Draft Guide for our 2021 Trey Lance draft position prediction and bet tips, plus our full 2021 NFL Mock Draft and more tips.

Trey Lance Draft Position Bet

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  • Over 6.5 (+110)
  • Under 6.5 (-140)

Trey Lance: 2021 NFL Draft Potential Landing Spots

San Francisco 49ers (Round 1, Pick 3)

The 49ers have been rumored to be interested in Lance and why wouldn’t they be? Lance would add a dimension to this offense that could make Kyle Shannahan‘s zone scheme unstoppable. The only problem is, another QB in this draft, Justin Fields, is also very likely to be available at Pick 3 and is a much more NFL-ready talent. Fields, like Lance, has the athleticism to match his speed to create an absolute threat on the ground. Both QBs possess demonic arm strength but Fields’ pedigree and production against higher levels of competition give him the edge here.

Atlanta Falcons (Round 1, Pick 4)

The Falcons make sense as a landing spot for Lance due to their organizational flux this offseason. With a new coaching staff, GM, and possibly, team outlook, there is a chance that the pick at fourth overall is QB. Incumbent QB Matt Ryan is not getting any younger but he also is not THAT old. The team just restructured Ryan’s contract to pay him upfront while allowing themselves an out after the 2021 season via cut/trade. Lance would be a wholesale shift from a Matt Ryan-led to a more run-heavy, Arthur Smith offense that is led by Lance and his future backfield mate (whomever that may be).

Detroit Lions (Round 1, Pick 7)

The Lions are a fit for Lance in more ways than one. First off, they need a franchise QB. Jared Goff is clearly NOT the guy for any organization. He was in the best possible situation for a QB and getting babied by Sean McVay in a great offense yet still couldn’t muster more than mediocrity the past few seasons. Goff is only there because the Rams gave him away along with picks. He is merely a stop-gap.

Secondly, the coaching staff in place could behoove management to select a QB like Lance and groom him for Anthony Lynn’s offense. Coach Dan Campbell famously stated that they want to play smash-mouth football and bite off kneecaps and no better way than a QB like Lance whose physically shines in every play. Lynn has a history with run-heavy offenses and dual-threat QBs. He would be the perfect coach to get Lance acclimated and create a system that eases him in his first few seasons.

Read our full Trey Lance 2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report & Player Profile for our prediction on how his career will unfold.

Trey Lance Draft Position Bet for the 2021 NFL Draft

Detroit Lions (Round 1, Pick 7)

While SF and Atlanta *could* take Trey Lance, it looks as if both teams will look elsewhere. SF likely opting for current favorite Justin Fields while Atlanta seeks to maximize current offense with someone like Kyle Pitts who can provide not only a third-option but also, help with blocking and add versatility to a miserably predictable offense. The Falcons could see Tom Brady winning Super Bowls in his 40’s and think Matt Ryan (who still has juice in the tank) is good enough for the near future.

Trey Lance Draft Position Best Bet

Over 6.5 (+110)

It’s very possible teams look at Lance as a project QB who cannot help them in year 1 or even year 2. While I disagree with this sentiment due to Lance’s physical profile and what he displayed on film *to me*, an NFL coaching staff is much more prepped than I in this evaluation and maybe there is a mechanical/mental issue that I missed. With teams drafting this high in the draft typically looking to turn a ship quickly, Lance slipping past No. 6 is very possible and the best bet here.


Kev Mahserejian

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