Washington Football Team’s (Daniel) Snyder Cut (Odd Man Sports)

Posted: Apr 2, 2021Last updated: Apr 1, 2021

Washington Football Team’s (Daniel) Snyder Cut: This week on Odd Man Sports: Brandon pokes fun at Matthew Stafford‘s farewell “speech" to the Lions, reminds people of their busted March Madness brackets, and takes a jab at Dan Snyder for… just watch the show.

Let Brandon Perna take you on a not-so-typical, humorous stroll through the world of sports betting by hitting on some of the weeks biggest wins and latest headlines

  • 0:00​​​​​ Intro
  • 1:07 ​Dinks and Dunks
  • 5:54​​​ Money Talks
  • 8:34 Odd Man Out

The Dan Snyder Cut

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Brandon Perna

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