Best Bitcoin Sweepstakes Casinos

Learn all about the best bitcoin sweepstakes casinos, including which sites have Bitcoin available, where you should sign up, and which are the preferred signup bonuses.


ByChav Vasilev

May 1, 2024

Bitcoin has gained a lot of popularity in recent years and is now available as a payment option at sweepstakes casinos.

One of the biggest advantages of using Bitcoin is the processing times, as purchases and redemptions often take only minutes.

In this guide, we will review the best Bitcoin sweepstakes casinos, including promotions, processing time, user experience, and anything else sweepstakes players might need to know about using the cryptocurrency.

Sweepstakes Casinos That Accept Bitcoin is one of the most famous sweepstakes casinos that accept Bitcoin, making it one of the top choices for sweepstakes cryptocurrency casinos. If you want to purchase Gold Coin offers, you can pick several options starting at $20.

Meanwhile, the minimum redemption varies based on Bitcoin’s price. We have seen it as low as 48 Stake Cash up to 75 Stake Cash. Additionally, there is a transaction fee of about 2-3 Stake Cash.

Once you submit your request, you will see your Bitcoins in your wallet within a few minutes, but note that you must play through Stake Cash at least 3x before you can redeem.

Sweeptastic Casino

Sweeptastic is a new sweepstakes casino that accepts Bitcoin for purchases. You can buy Lucky Coin offers (equivalent to Gold Coins) with Bitcoin for as little as $1.

Unfortunately, redemptions are only possible via online bank transfer or gift card at this time. However, given that the site is relatively new, that might change in the near future.

Before redeeming, you must play through your Sweepstakes Coins 5x, which is higher than usual. The minimum redemption is 100 SC, redeemable for $100. Once you submit your request, expect to receive it within a few business days.

Chanced Casino

Chanced is another popular sweepstakes casino that accepts Bitcoin for purchases. Gold Coin offers can be purchased with Bitcoin for as low as $5. The site processes redemptions with the same payment method as purchases, so you can redeem Sweepstakes Coins with Bitcoin.

Before redeeming, you have to play through your SCs at least 3x and meet the minimum requirement of 100 SC, redeemable for $100. Once you’ve verified your account, redemptions via Bitcoin are fast, taking only a few minutes.

We should add that you must verify your account at Chanced before you can receive bonuses, daily rewards, or other promotions.

Vegas Gems

Vegas Gems is another relatively new sweepstakes casino. However, it accepts Bitcoin for purchases and redemptions, making it an excellent option. The minimum Shard offer purchase (Gold Coin equivalent) is $4.99.

Before you can redeem, you must play through Gems (equivalent to Sweepstakes Coins) at least 1x, which is a reasonable requirement to get through, especially compared to other options.

Additionally, you need to collect at least 100 Gems, redeemable for $100. Bitcoin is the fastest redemption method, making it the most convenient at Vegas Gems.


LuckyBird is a similar operator to Stake, using cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, as the only option for purchases and redemptions, with Gold Coin offers starting at $10.

Like Stake, minimum redemption varies based on the daily price of your chosen cryptocurrency. We’ve seen it as low as 20 SC and as high as 100 SC. When you proceed to redeem, you can check the current rate to make sure it works for you.

Once you submit your request, your Bitcoin redemption will be transferred to your wallet within minutes. Please note that you have to play through Sweepstakes Coins 1x before redeeming.


DingDingDing is a unique sweepstakes casino that uses a progression-style gameplay where you unlock games as you play. It also has a rewards system and other ways to earn FREE coins.

In terms of banking options, the site accepts Bitcoin for purchases but not redemptions. There are various Gold Coin offers ranging between $2.99 and $1,789.99. Redemptions are limited to an online bank transfer and digital gift card.

The minimum redemption is 100 SC, redeemable for $100 with a 1x playthrough requirement. After you submit your redemption request, expect up to 48 hours for a gift card and seven days for a bank transfer in terms of processing time.

Punt is one of the newest sweepstakes casinos in the US, having launched in 2024. What’s great about this site is that it offers Bitcoin as both a purchase and redemption method.

Purchases can be completed for as low as $5, where the minimum redemption is 50 SC, redeemable for $50. The one downside is that you must play through each coin 3x, which is on the higher end.

You can request a redemption once you’ve met that criteria and verified your account. Once you submit your request, expect it to be processed within one hour.

Best Bitcoin Sweepstakes Casinos is often ranked as one of the best sweepstakes casinos that accept Bitcoin for purchases and redemptions. Some reasons include a no-purchase bonus and other promotions like a daily login reward, social media offers, and even a birthday bonus.

In addition, the site has over 600 games, including a wide range of exclusive titles called Stake Originals. These vary from slots and table games to arcade games like Plinko and Crash. also offers live dealer games, which are rare at sweepstakes casinos. Lastly, redemptions are super fast, taking only a few minutes.


LuckyBird is another excellent choice if you’re looking for a site that offers Bitcoin for redemptions and purchases. The site allows players to earn coins via various tasks, including purchases, social media, e-mail verification, participating in chats, and more.

In addition, once you run out of coins, you can turn on the faucet and receive more so that you’re ready to play again.

On top of popular and exclusive slots, LuckyBird has other games like Mines, Coin Flip, Keno, Plinko, and Crash. Another area where the site ranks high is the 1x playthrough requirement and fast redemptions.

Chanced Casino

If you like playing live dealer games, Chanced Casino is one of the best Bitcoin sweepstakes casinos. The site offers 14 options, including blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and Teen Patti.

Additionally, Chanced has close to 600 slots from studios like Relax, Pragmatic Play, Hacksaw, and Slotmill.

The site offers various giveaways and challenges to keep players engaged. As for banking with Bitcoin, the site has low-limit purchase options and fast redemptions.

How to Choose the Best Bitcoin Sweepstakes Casinos


Before you register and can play, you must ensure your chosen sweepstakes casino operates in your state. If you’re in states like Idaho, Michigan, or Washington, you won’t be able to play. Make sure to heck the terms and conditions to ensure that you can legally play.

Welcome Bonus

Another important factor to consider before signing up is whether there is a welcome bonus and what it looks like. Look for sweepstakes casino no-deposit bonuses and make sure that they award you Sweepstakes Coins since they are more valuable. Operators offer various amounts, so compare the bonuses and opt for the highest available.


Pick sites that offer you additional ways to win FREE coins, such as daily rewards, leaderboards, tournaments, social media giveaways, loyalty programs, and more. Just like with welcome bonuses, make sure to compare promotions among different sweepstakes casinos to get the most freebies.

Game Selection

The best Bitcoin sweepstakes casinos offer many games in number and variety. For example, and Chanced have over 600 titles, including many exclusives. There are also other types of games on these two platforms, like table games, live dealer, and arcade games (Plinko, Hilo, Crash, and more).

User Experience

Many players overlook the gameplay and user experience when choosing a sweepstakes casino. The best sites have clean and organized layouts with links to various functions. The speed at which the site loads and how games perform are essential factors in your casino selection.

Mobile Play

Another critical attribute for many players is the mobile experience. While dedicated apps are rare among sweepstakes casinos, many sites function at a high level through their mobile web browser.

Conversely, other sites are not optimized for mobile play, meaning you might not have all the functions available, so make sure to choose a site that excels in this regard.

Bitcoin Payment Methods

Make sure to check how you can use Bitcoin. Some sites only allow cryptocurrency for purchases, but not redemptions. If you want to redeem back to your Bitcoin wallet, opt for sites like, which allow this feature.

Bitcoin Sweepstakes Casinos for Bonuses

Read the section below to learn about where you can find the best Bitcoin sweepstakes casino bonuses.

Also ranking high for its bonuses, where you can claim a Stake no-deposit bonus of 10,000 Gold Coins and one FREE Stake Cash as a new player. On top of that, the site offers one of the most generous daily login rewards, featuring one FREE Stake Cash and 10,000 Gold Coins, meaning that you can claim 365 FREE Stake Cash per year.

Vegas Gems

Vegas Gems approaches its welcome bonus a little differently than other sites. Instead of a standard new-player offer, users open a treasure chest following registration, which includes rewards up to 1,000 Gems (equivalent to Sweepstakes Coins). In other words, your bonus can vary and the upside is higher.

With only a 1x playthrough requirement, 1,000 Gems could translate to valuable cash prizes. In addition to the welcome treasure chest, you can also unlock daily and bejeweled chests to earn more promo funds.

DingDingDing Casino

While you can’t redeem using Bitcoin, DingDingDing is an excellent choice for its welcome bonus. As a new player, you can claim a no-purchase bonus of 100,000 Gold Coins and 5 FREE Sweepstakes Coins. You can also receive a first purchase bonus of 500,000 Gold Coins for $19.99.

This offer includes 30 FREE Sweepstakes Coins and a 70% discount on the regular price. As an operator with a 1x playthrough requirement, DingDingDing makes it easier to redeem Sweepstakes Coins.

How to Purchase Using Bitcoin at Casinos

Before you can redeem using Bitcoin, you must have a wallet, which can be created at one of the many cryptocurrency exchange platforms by following these steps:

  1. Sign up at a crypto exchange.
  2. Provide your personal information, including the last four digits of your social security number.
  3. Verify your identity by providing additional documents, such as a government-issued ID.
  4. Buy enough Bitcoin to cover your purchase at the sweepstakes casino.
  5. You are now ready to buy Gold Coin offers using Bitcoin.

Now you can go to your favorite sweepstakes casino and purchase Gold Coins offers by going through this process:

  1. Click “Buy" or “Purchase," which is often prominently displayed at the top of your home screen.
  2. Select your preferred Gold Coin offer.
  3. Choose Bitcoin as a purchase method. You may need to click cryptocurrency first, depending on the site.
  4. This will generate a code that must be copied.
  5. Go to your crypto exchange platform.
  6. Press “Transfer" and select “Send."
  7. Enter the amount and paste the code in the “Recipient" field.
  8. Review your transaction and press “Send."
  9. Return to the casino’s site and confirm the transaction.
  10. Transactions should only take a few minutes, and once processed, your coins will be added to your account.

How to Redeem Using Bitcoin at Sweepstakes Casinos

All sites require you to verify your identity before redeeming, which usually involves uploading a government-issued ID, proof of residency, or a selfie.

Once you’ve verified your account and created a Bitcoin wallet, you can redeem with these steps:

  1. Go to the redemption page, which can be found either by clicking a dedicated button or selecting “Wallet."
  2. Select the amount you wish to redeem.
  3. Note that many sweepstakes casinos will show your redeemable balance.
  4. Choose Bitcoin as your redemption method.
  5. Enter your Bitcoin address.
  6. Submit your request, which is often processed within minutes.

Bitcoin Terms and Conditions

Depending on the site you play at, you might encounter additional terms and conditions, but common Bitcoin terms include the following:

  • You must be over 18 years of age and reside in an eligible state.
  • Your account has to be verified before you can redeem using Bitcoin.
  • You need a Bitcoin wallet to make purchases or redeem rewards.
  • You must meet minimum playthrough and redemption requirements.
  • Some casinos impose a fee for redemptions using Bitcoin.
  • The maximum redemption in Florida and New York is $5,000, but it varies in other states.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure you enter the correct Bitcoin wallet.
  • You must ensure that your wallet can receive funds from the casino of your choice.

We recommend reading the terms and conditions as well as Sweeps Rules for more details, both of which are located at the bottom of your home page.

>Bitcoin Sweepstakes Casinos vs Offshore

When searching for a Bitcoin sweepstakes casino, you might find sites promoting real gambling using cryptocurrency. Be aware that these sites are not legal in the United States.

Legal sweepstakes casinos can accept Bitcoin as they do not offer real-money gambling. Instead, they operate under the sweepstakes model, where no purchase is necessary to play.

You will find sweepstakes information as well as terms and conditions at the bottom of every legal sweepstakes casino sites.

If you have come across a site that uses cryptocurrency like Bitcoin but are unsure if it’s a legal sweepstakes casino or an illegal offshore site, look for these signs:

  • Offering real money gambling using cryptocurrency or in a state that doesn’t allow it means the site is illegal.
  • Offshore casinos do not have US regulatory badges on their sites.
  • Illegal casinos promotion real money gambling do not have any responsible gaming badges and resources.
  • If an overseas regulator oversees a casino, it is illegal in the United States.

You must avoid these sites at all costs because playing there puts your personal and financial information at risk.

Additionally, since they are not regulated in the US, it’s hard to trust the integrity of their games, since they could be rigged. There is also a risk that the casino can sell your information or fail to provide your winnings.

Alternatives to Bitcoin

If you want to explore a sweepstakes casino that does not accept Bitcoin but are unsure of your banking options, we have summarized some of the popular alternatives to suit your needs, as follows:

Online Banking

The most common banking method at sweepstakes casinos is online banking. You connect your checking or savings account and purchase or redeem directly from there or via Trustly.

Trustly is a banking method that facilitates payments from your banking account without using a card.

Online banking is one of the safest banking methods, but the disadvantage here is that redemptions may take several business days to process.

Credit/Debit Card

Some sites allow you to use your credit or debit card for purchases. However, while this is one of the most convenient methods, it’s often unavailable for redemptions, which is a negative here. I would recommend using an alternative payment option at sweepstakes casinos.


PayPal is one of the most trusted and safe digital wallets. As a “middleman," PayPal helps protect your bank account or card. In addition to safety, you will find fast processing times here, allowing you to receive your redemptions quicker than online banking.

The disadvantage with this digital wallet is that it’s not always available at sweepstakes casinos.


Skrill is another digital wallet similar to PayPal, gaining popularity among sweepstakes sites, which makes it more readily available across several platforms.

While not as fast as Bitcoin, Skrill redemptions usually take one to two business days, making it a quicker alternative to online banking.


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