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Week 11 NFL Mailbag MVP: Patrick Mahomes the front-runner once again?
NFL Mailbag Mailbag

Week 11 NFL Mailbag: MVP race update

Mahomes back on top? Can fans change teams?

Marcus Mosher
Written by November 19, 2020 (5 days ago), Reading Time: 3 minutes

Welcome to the Week 11 NFL Mailbag! Here are your best questions from Twitter about the NFL and the MVP award race.

Week 11 NFL Mailbag: MVP race update

We’re almost three-quarters of the way through the NFL season. Who is the front-runner for the MVP award?

(@BangedUpBills — our very own injury analyst Kyle Trimble!)

Unlike most years, we don’t have an intriguing storyline for the MVP race.

While Kyler Murray‘s improvement has been fun to watch, there is a decent chance Arizona doesn't win its division and Murray's overall numbers are only sort of impressive.

Russell Wilson has fallen off, and Aaron Rodgers has had a few terrible games this season.

That is why I default to Patrick Mahomes, who has thrown just one interception this season.

Kansas City is likely to win 12-13 games once again, and Mahomes could very well lead the NFL in passing yards and touchdowns. He's the odds-on favorite to win the award despite everyone trying to find someone else to give the award.

Mahomes is the consensus top player in the NFL and will likely win his second MVP award this season. 

Do the Dallas Cowboys still have a legitimate shot at winning the NFC East?


Sadly, yes.

The rest of the NFC East is doing everything possible to give away the division and the Cowboys just won’t take it. But with a game against Washington on Thanksgiving, the Cowboys could legitimately put themselves into a position to steal the division after already beating New York once this year.

If they could win their next two games and improve to 4-7 on the season, it wouldn't be a surprise if they sat atop the NFC East by Thanksgiving evening.

As a Cowboys fan who wants to see his team tank, I can assure you that nobody wants to see that happen. 

How much bad football is being played right now?


A lot. While we do have a lot of exciting, young quarterbacks in the NFL, almost all of those quarterbacks are attached to bad teams.

Week 11 NFL Mailbag MVP: Steelers have been one of few teams to play near flawless football
QB Ben Roethlisberger's Steelers remain undefeated through 10 weeks. (USA TODAY Sports)

We have only a few really good teams this season (Kansas City Chiefs, Pittsburgh Steelers, New Orleans Saints), and those three teams haven’t and won’t play one another this year.

With so many teams dealing with more injuries than usual and with no real offseason, it’s not a surprise that football has been sloppy this season.

At what point can one apply for fan amnesty from rooting for an awful team?


This is a great question and one that I’m going to answer as seriously as possible.

For the most part, we don't choose who we get to root for at a young age. We end up adopting the team our parents or friends rooted for, or you root for the team that is located the closest to you.

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Every fan should be allowed the opportunity to switch teams once in their lifetime. But again, only once. If you switch more than once, you are in jeopardy of being called a “fair-weather” fan or a “bandwagon” fan if your new team has immediate success.

Sports are supposed to be fun, and it's not fun following an incompetent organization or a team that doesn't want to spend money to compete.

Here at The Game Day, we grant you a one-time use of a new Fan Card. Please use responsibly.

That is all the time we have today! You can follow us on Twitter at @Marcus_Mosher and @TheGameDayNFL, where you can ask me questions for next week's mailbag.

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